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65 ° web radio by Christopher Kuhner has uber’ futuristic design

Those cool old radios will never lose their charm even though we are used to listening to a thousand radio stations more than what we used to listen in those golden days. But these days we rarely listen to the good old radio as internet radio has replaced it for good as users listen to their favorite music genres on limitless stations. Bringing the old retro feel to the new generation internet radio, designer Christopher Kuhner has come up with 65 ° web radio which combines all the vintage aspects of the old radio into a high tech internet radio playing jukebox. The controls are both tactile and controlled by knobs while you can change other options like HQ (high quality) filter, streaming etc. on the touchscreen interface at the top itself.

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Just Radio made from reclaimed wood takes you back to the good old days

In today’s time when we all have our gadgets loaded with our favorite music, somewhere down the line we have forgotten the good old radio. Bringing back the radio as we always knew it, Emily Hesslegrave has come up with the intuitive product called Just Radio which is made from reclaimed natural timber wood. The speakers are placed on the sides of the radio and the hand-crafted finish to the various components like the knobs reminds one of the age old heritage when radios were made from natural material. The leather finish combined with the organic wax finish makes this radio truly eco-friendly product for people who like to go the green way.
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