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Disabled Russian man invents self-propelled scuba-wheelchair

Scuba Wheelchair

Artist Sue Austine is known as the first man to create an underwater-wheelchair for disabled and had displayed what could be achieved with it. However, it was an expensive scuba-diving piece of hardware that was beyond common man’s reach. However, now, Igor Skikevich, a 51-years-old disabled Russian man, claims to have invented Submarine-Wheelchair – an affordable scuba-diving wheelchair.  He is seen giving a demonstration in a video.  Igor is seen doing all kind of underwater stunts and movements to show how flexible the ride is. The wheelchair features two propellers attached to rear of it. A strap is attached to the chair to keep the diver in place. Read More…

Jetpack Aviation JB10’s maiden flight is a success – Dream of commercially available personal flight is not far!

Jetpack Aviation JB10 jetpack

Jetpack Aviation is making some serious headway in the future of solo flying jetpacks with its intense development. Couple of days ago they gave a demonstration of their newly developed jetpack, the ‘JB 10’ in Principality of Monaco, assuring us all of personal flight in the not so distant future. This has to be one of the most reliable and practical jetpack in the world as JetPack Aviation CEO and Chief Test Pilot David Mayman again showed-off his prized jetpack.
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MIT researchers develop second skin that makes you look younger

MIT Second Skin

Everyone wants to maintain their youthful appearance till eternity, but that isn’t possible, is it? It is indeed possible if we are to believe what scientists at MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, Living Proof, and Olivo Labs have developed. Even though their invention is only a temporary fix to having youthful skin sans any wrinkles, sagging or marks. With almost 10 years into the research of this magic material, the researchers have finally created cross-linked polymer layer (XPL) which is almost invisible and comfortable to wear.
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Crazy Inventions: Colin Furze shows-off his Hoverbike in style

Hoverbike by Colin Furze

As our dream to fly solo lives on for so many decades, we are bound to witness attempts to do. And why wouldn’t we in such a technology dominated era. Colin Furze might have been one such person with dreams to fly off the ground. It is one thing craving for a dream, and completely other making it come true. The crazy brit has surprised me with his latest invention which has earned my respect. A Hoverbike that’s completed in a few weeks’ time and with no prior knowledge of engineering or aerospace, he has baffled the world again.
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8th grader builds a communication device for his paralyzed friend

Ethan Kadish communication device

Ethan Kadish who was struck by lightning at a summer camp back in 2013 has unfortunately been wheelchair dependent and unable to communicate ever since. The incident has limited the kid’s normal body functioning, since after the lighting strike his brain didn’t receive oxygen and damaged brain tissues. He is currently on road to recovery and only time will tell if he’ll be able to get normal life back. This has motivated his friend and classmate Jacob Smilg to create a device which helps him communicate with people.
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Research student develops Liquid crystal lens to restore sight in older people


An Indian origin, second year PhD student in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leads, Devesh Mistry has been developing new kind of lens, which could restore age-related long-sightedness. The new lens, developed from liquid crystals (material smartphone and TV screens are made from) can adjust and focus automatically depending on movement of the eye muscles – helpful in treating eye conditions known as presbyopia. Read More…

13-year old invents a device to detect drivers under the influence of drugs

krishna reddy device
People driving on the roads under the influence of drugs or alcohol are the major reason for road accidents and fatalities all around the world. Surely, there are breathalyzers which are capable of detecting the consumption of alcohol, but they are rendered useless if he person is under the influence of some drug or chemical. 13-year-old Krishna Reddy from Wichita Falls, Texas wants to plug this loophole with an invention.
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Teenager makes an easy-to-use wheelchair stroller for paraplegic mother

Wheelchair stroller

For 35-year-old paraplegic Sharina Jones from Detroid, Michigan using a conventional stroller to carry around her newly born baby was a major hassle. This is where 16-year old Alden Kane stepped-in and changed the way she used to carry her baby in her wheelchair. Sharina, who herself is a strong-willed individual helps deliver wheelchairs to disabled children who cannot afford it in developing countries, found herself in a situation where she needed someone else’s help to make a wheelchair-friendly baby stroller.
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Chinese man invents hands-free automatic hair washing machine

DIY hands-free automatic hair washing machine by  Chen Gongke

For some it takes quite a considerable time to wash, dry and style their hair; yes I know some of my friends who take ages to go through that regime. For them it is a luxury, but for those who cannot do it themselves due to some medical condition, the dependence on others is pretty evident. Chen Gongke, a 38-year-old Chinese inventor who saw his paralyzed grandmother unable to wash her hair or do other basic chores of life, came up with a unique idea to get over this problem. A hands-free washing machine that would wash and dry the hair automatically in just five minutes.
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Lexus Hoverboard is no more a concept, it is real and rideable (w/Video)

Lexus Hoverboard

The ultra-imaginative Lexus Hoverboard teaser which was too tech savvy to be real has finally been released and it still forces me to pinch myself hard. Such is the magic of superconductors and magnets cooled down by liquid nitrogen that it still seems like dream far-off to me. But Lexus Hoverboard is real and professional skateboarder Ross McGouran should feel like a god for riding it first-up. Equally lucky is Robb Holland, an American race drive and Jailopnik contributor who got the invite to ride this one of a kind Hoverboard.

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