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3 ways smartphones are helping us with more than ever before

best fitness apps

It’s only a decade since the iPhone came into our lives and, at the time, most of us couldn’t have imagined that in just a few years we’d be organizing our lives through these pocket-sized devices or their Android counterparts. Today, though, even the most non-tech-savvy amongst us can now do pretty much everything they need with their phone. Let’s take a look at just a few of the apps that have drastically changed the way we do things.

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WhatsApp for Windows and Mac PC’s is what all of us wanted

whatsapp desktop app

Whatsapp is one application that we all have on our smartphones. This simple communication app has taken the world by the storm and frankly speaking it has made life easier on the go. Facebook saw Whatapp as a real threat and acquired it for good, to avoid competition for its own Messenger app. Now the Facebook owned app is available for desktop, so that you can be more productive. The desktop app for Windows 8+ OS and Mac 10.9+ OS lets the user chat with friends without even taking out their smartphone. This saves time and helps you stay focused on the job at hand. Basically it cuts down the hassle for you.
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World’s first – Cancer surgery live streamed to public using VR headsets

Medical Realities cnacer surgery in VR using VR headsets

For the first time in medical history a live operation got streamed on VR glasses and anyone could watch it on their Samsung Gear VR or Goggle Cardboard VR headset. The operation of a 70 year old patient took place yesterday and the man behind this daring project ‘Medical Realities’ is Shafi Ahmed who performed the surgery at the Royal London NHS hospital in the UK at 1PM BST (8AM ET). Surgeons operated the patient suffering from cancer of the colon and 360 degree view of the operating theater made the VR viewers experience the surgery as if they were present at that moment.
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Contact-free Flo thermometer syncs with iPhone over Bluetooth

Flo thermometer

Thermometers have become digital but they are yet to become smart. Flo by Eddie Cheung of Zeraph takes the opportunity. Flo is one-of-its-kind social thermometer, which takes temperature without touching the body, sync with the iPhone and allows caretakers to share the data with doctors. Flo never touches the body, which means it doesn’t require constant cleaning, and can still provide very accurate temperature readings. Flo thermometer, developed over a period of two years is simple to use. The Flo needs to be placed about a centimeter from the patient’s forehead and with a simple press of a button, Flo can instantly record temperature. Read More…

Breitling Exospace B55 reinvents the meaning of connected watch

Breitling Exospace B55 Chronograph

At Baselworld 2015 there were many noticeable watches to come to the foray and one of them was the Breitling Exospace B55. The watch is now officially available for purchase and you can call it a hybrid watch and smartwatch. The reason for that being, it has primary watch functions and you can say added smartwatch connected functions. Targeted solely towards aviation professionals, the Swiss watch is connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth (not powered by Android OS) and gives you basic notifications including mails, SMS, WhatsApp, incoming calls or calendar alerts.
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Apple News deliberately blocked in China

Apple news app blocked in china

China’s internet censorship program has forced Apple to kill its new, iOS 9-friendly, news-reading app called Apple News. According to New York Times, Apple faced demands from Chinese government to filter articles on its news reading app; instead of trying to pass through the complex censorship system, Apple has taken the straightforward route and has disabled Apple News app in the country. Read More…

Breathe your way to good health with Zenytime’s tiny sensor and mobile games

zenytime breathing sensor from smartphones

Following the success of driving and flying simulators that have proven a boon to new age drivers and pilots; an Arizona-based startup Zenytime is developing breathing-based games to help people remain fit and healthy. The company claims, conscious and controlled breathing can lead to low stress level, strong immune system and better cardiovascular health, among other things. To allow people to breathe in a controlled and conscious manner, Zenytime has developed a little sensor, which allows players to play games in a dedicated app using their breath. Read More…

Track a football’s history with embedded microchip called gametag

gametag micro-chip football

Until now, a lengthy and expensive process is utilized to analyze collectable footballs, but in order to provide fans and football collectors an easier way to analyze footballs – Big Game USA and Prova Group have collaborated and developed smart chip to authenticate and track footballs. Dubbed gametag, the chip can be embedded into the football to track its life, history and authenticity. Read More…

iPhone-controlled Anki Drive cars make virtual racing absolutely real

Anki Drive

Have you begun searching gifts for Christmas already? Well, if you have, then here’s something that you’ll love. Toy car incorporated with artificial intelligence. This wholesome entertainment package, for young and old alike, is dubbed Anki Drive and is developed by consumer robotics company Anki. Slated to be made available in bundled package from Apple store for $199 beginning October 23, the Anki Drive will be accompanied with an Anki’s iOS app. Read More…

Elysium memorial spacecraft provides space funeral at just $2000

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

Nobody knows what happens after one dies, does the energy take another physical form or we simply waste our time in post death ceremonies morning for the deceased? This mystery will remain an unsolved query but since we are emotionally driven beings, having funeral ceremonies gives us a sense of warmth as we assume that the dead person is in another world all happy and satisfied. Some people go to great extents to show their love and in remembrance of the loved one, slashing out huge sum of money to make sure the deceased remains happy for eternity and probably in next life. One such example of memorial actions is sending the ashes of deceased into space but that costs a hell lot and can only be afforded by the superrich. But Elysium Space, a start-up based in San Francisco has other plans as it offers Memorial Spaceflight Services to its customers at just $2000 USD.
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