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Apple plans to enter auto market with an electric car

Apple is working on an electric car

Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the consumer electronics industry that have conquered the market with their well-known hardware products. After delivering advanced technology gadgets such as Mac line of computers, iPod media players, iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablets to their consumers, the Cupertino, California-based technology giants have turned their attention towards the automotive industry now. Yes, you read it right! The company is currently working on an electric car. According to reports, Apple have hired several hundred of people including some from the auto industry as well to develop an electric car which will resemble a minivan.
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Apple iPad Plus rumored to have a 12.9-inch screen

Apple iPad Air Plus

Apple is rumored to release its biggest iPad till date and most probably it is going be called iPad Plus. Earlier it was believed that the 12.9-inch tablet with 7mm thickness was going to be named Apple iPad Pro. The naming scheme is going to be along the lines of iPhone 6 Plus signifying the “Plus” keyword which will point to the line of big screen tablets.
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Apple’s approach to retail is truly inspiring

Apple retail store

It’s no secret that Apple has transformed itself into a juggernaut of the retail and tech world, building its customer base with staggering numbers each successive year. The real secrets to Apple’s success are in the minutiae of its operations, and the processes it employs to keep itself at the top of the scoreboards. With practices revolving around interconnected digital worlds, evolving tech, and paying attention to market demands; Apple has given itself a name and unmistakable brand in the eyes of consumers. The real question is how can you apply these genius tactics to your own business? What makes Apple’s operation so profitable? And is your business primed to take up the mantle with its own twist? Read below to find out what Apple is doing, why it works, and how you can implement these strokes of genius in your own business.
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Why are iPad Stands ideal for small businesses?

POS iPad Stand

We all enjoy our iPhone and iPads and we use them every day, especially if we run a small business. An iPad is perfectly compact, so it does not take up too much counter space and it is easier to move around or take with you around the shop. It also provides great accessibility for customers when you are out at shows or events for your shop, giving them the ability to order directly from your store. A perfect accessory for for iPad, an iPad stand lets you help move the iPad around easily and safely additionaly making the device aesthetically pleasing for both you and your customers. This article is going to take a look at why iPad stands are perfect for your small business and why you should consider purchasing one with your point of sale (POS) system. Read More…

Using augmented reality to transform medical mannequin into real person

Augmented reality turns medical mannequin into real person

To help medical students learn how they communicate, understand and show compassion to their patients, medical mannequins have been a good help. The only problem with medical mannequins is that training and interacting with them can feel very unnatural. To help alter this, Sheffield Hallam University researchers are using augmented reality to transform medical mannequin into a real person. Nurses and caretakers in Sheffield Hallam are spending a lot of time training with a mannequin that breathes, has blinking eyes and can give blood from his arm. Read More…

Groupon gets even better with iPad compatible Gnome service

Gnome iPad compatible service by Groupon

Groupon, the daily deal giant of the internet is expanding its vision further by introducing Gnome (pronounced GEE-nome), an iPad based point-of-sale solution for streamlining the experience for customers as well as local merchants. This new service will have an integrated CRM module to track the customers based on their purchase history and preferences, thereby making it a pleasing experiencing both ways and ultimately benefiting Groupon too. Gnome is basically a system that provides payment processing system and customer management tool for merchants offering Groupon deals locally.
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iXoost Radical6 iPhone and iPad docking station designed like an aircraft engine

iXoost Radical6 iPhone iPad docking station

It’s been a long time since designer Micro Pecorari came out with the amazing iXoost iPhone/iPad dock. But there was always a gut feel that Micro would better on his own hand-made docking station. Now we present to you iXoost Radical6, an audio dock for iPhone and iPad that draws its design inspiration from aeronautics design right from the radial engine to the flaps. The docking station has been designed in collaboration with Avirex, the iconic military apparel brand founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975. iXoost Radical6 can be machined to your preference from alloy of aluminum in velvet, satin or raw effect while the exhaust manifold can also be crafted in polished or chromed look. While the sound is of top notch quality with iXoost’s patented technology and the large tweeters and subwoofers induced in the dock design.
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Multiple tablet charging cabinet with in-built cooling mechanism

Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charger

Japanese company Sanwa Supply has come up with a Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charging cabinet which can charge up to 10 tablets and a laptop at any given instance of time. The cabinet is ideal for offices and professional environments where a constant need to charge gadgets arises. The cabinet can charge any sized tablets and separate controls for supplying the power to charge makes sure that maximum power is conserved. Additionally you can synchronize all the tablets at once with a single touch of button. For extra security the cabinet has a lock mechanism and a security wire so that you can be rest-assured of any unauthorized access. This charging cabinet has an in-built fan that provides cooling inside the storage area making sure your tablet’s battery is not damaged by heat.
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Draw iPad case and stand fuses classiness with usability

Draw iPad case and stand

If subtle elegance is your style number, the Draw iPad case and stand from Hard Craft is surely the way to go. Harking back to the retro classiness of stitched leather, the sleeve case also nonchalantly features inner felt lining for snugly keeping your device and a rope closure that adds to the exquisiteness of the scope. Of course, as always, cool designs are not just limited by their visuals; they also showcase their own brand of improved usability. In this regard, the Draw iPad case’s marl grey rope closure comes with a metal stopper to keep your tablet safe and secure. It also doubles up as a stand, when you fasten the rope around the tablet’s base and use one of the sleeve flaps as a back support (as shown in the above image).

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Thinner, lighter Apple iPad Air announced

Apple iPad Air

Apple has announced its latest addition to the prominent iPad tablet lineup as the iPad Air which is pitched as the thinnest and lightest iPad till date. iPad Air is a redesigned Apple tablet with an aluminum unibody design that surely promises to attract even more buyers and become part of the Apple legacy. Having a thickness of just 7.5 mm and a surprising weight of 1 pound, this Apple tablet has a 9.7 inch Retina Display (having 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution and over 3.1 million pixels) protected by a thin bezel glass. Powered by a 64-bit A7 processor, the tablet running on iOS 7 is almost two times faster in CPU performance and graphics when compared to its predecessor, and that too without any compromise in battery life.

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