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iXoost Radical6 iPhone and iPad docking station designed like an aircraft engine

iXoost Radical6 iPhone iPad docking station

It’s been a long time since designer Micro Pecorari came out with the amazing iXoost iPhone/iPad dock. But there was always a gut feel that Micro would better on his own hand-made docking station. Now we present to you iXoost Radical6, an audio dock for iPhone and iPad that draws its design inspiration from aeronautics design right from the radial engine to the flaps. The docking station has been designed in collaboration with Avirex, the iconic military apparel brand founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975. iXoost Radical6 can be machined to your preference from alloy of aluminum in velvet, satin or raw effect while the exhaust manifold can also be crafted in polished or chromed look. While the sound is of top notch quality with iXoost’s patented technology and the large tweeters and subwoofers induced in the dock design.
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Multiple tablet charging cabinet with in-built cooling mechanism

Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charger

Japanese company Sanwa Supply has come up with a Sanwa Supply 100-CAB001BK multiple tablet charging cabinet which can charge up to 10 tablets and a laptop at any given instance of time. The cabinet is ideal for offices and professional environments where a constant need to charge gadgets arises. The cabinet can charge any sized tablets and separate controls for supplying the power to charge makes sure that maximum power is conserved. Additionally you can synchronize all the tablets at once with a single touch of button. For extra security the cabinet has a lock mechanism and a security wire so that you can be rest-assured of any unauthorized access. This charging cabinet has an in-built fan that provides cooling inside the storage area making sure your tablet’s battery is not damaged by heat.
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Draw iPad case and stand fuses classiness with usability

Draw iPad case and stand

If subtle elegance is your style number, the Draw iPad case and stand from Hard Craft is surely the way to go. Harking back to the retro classiness of stitched leather, the sleeve case also nonchalantly features inner felt lining for snugly keeping your device and a rope closure that adds to the exquisiteness of the scope. Of course, as always, cool designs are not just limited by their visuals; they also showcase their own brand of improved usability. In this regard, the Draw iPad case’s marl grey rope closure comes with a metal stopper to keep your tablet safe and secure. It also doubles up as a stand, when you fasten the rope around the tablet’s base and use one of the sleeve flaps as a back support (as shown in the above image).

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Thinner, lighter Apple iPad Air announced

Apple iPad Air

Apple has announced its latest addition to the prominent iPad tablet lineup as the iPad Air which is pitched as the thinnest and lightest iPad till date. iPad Air is a redesigned Apple tablet with an aluminum unibody design that surely promises to attract even more buyers and become part of the Apple legacy. Having a thickness of just 7.5 mm and a surprising weight of 1 pound, this Apple tablet has a 9.7 inch Retina Display (having 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution and over 3.1 million pixels) protected by a thin bezel glass. Powered by a 64-bit A7 processor, the tablet running on iOS 7 is almost two times faster in CPU performance and graphics when compared to its predecessor, and that too without any compromise in battery life.

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Modus III – First real productivity workstation for iPad and iPhone

Modus III iPad workstation

With the flood of apps, the iPad has matured into amazingly productive real-world tool, so much so that more than 50 percent of its owners say they use it as their primary computer. Tapping on this facet, Modus III has been introduced as a productivity workstation for iPad. This if a lot more than another iPad case or accessory which comes with a keyboard, it is basically a comfortable and private workstation which makes managing the iPad ever more convenient. Modus III comprises of a laptop size keyboard with iPad and iPhone dock and 180 degree adjustable screen viewing angle to glorify the pleasure of use. Read More…

myLED attaches to iPhone, blinks to indicate email notifications


Steve Job’s design idea behind the iPhone was to make a device that features few buttons and no indicator lights. But that may not necessarily be how you wanted the iPhone to be – especially when you get pissed with the annoying sounds iPhone makes to indicate a new email, Facebook or Twitter notification. Now, to make things a little like you’d fancy, Perfect Gear Agency (PGA) in Japan has introduced the myLED – an accessory to notify an incoming mail, Facebook or Twitter update using blinking LED light. Read More…

Enhance your iPad’s audio experience with 3D printed Sonic-Ear

3D printed Sonic-Ear iPad sound amplifier_1

We aren’t new to passive sound amplifiers for the iPhone and iPad, we’ve seen a plenty in our time. But 3D printed Sonic-Ear is definitely a fresh introduction to enhance the listening experience of the iPad. Compatible with iPad and iPad mini, the Sonic-Ear attaches to the iPad and makes the sound appreciably louder. The iPad and iPad mini have speakers on the rear, therefore the sound quality isn’t the best towards the front. The Sonic-Ear attaches to the iPad sans chords and redirects the sound towards the front making the iPad sound louder to the user. Hit the jump to see the video to make sense of what I mean. Read More…

Cocoon Innovations’ SLIM is most organized gadget backpack ever


Traveling could never be same fun if it wasn’t for the backpacks full of gadgets that we carry along – so, if backpacks are important, then the one you carry needs to be the best you can lay your hands on. With the introduction of SLIM – a stylish gadget backpack by Cocoon Innovations, you may soon find yourself trading your bag for this one. The most innovative tech backpack on the market, SLIM features luxurious pockets which can hold 13- or 15-inch Macbook Pro, iPad, smartphone and your important documents inside a water-resistant ballistic nylon bag with waterproof zippers. Read More…

Smartphone controlled wireless camera keeps home safe in your absence

Smartphone controlled Wireless camera

Maki Corporation has recently launched in Japan a wireless camera dubbed MK-IPC1. The wireless camera can shoot indoors and outdoors and can be controlled using a smartphone, laptop or tablet from just about anywhere. Being wireless remote controlled using a handheld the camera can be used to keep a check on children, elders or pets back home, when you are out for work. Featuring 270 degree viewing angle in horizontal position and 120 degrees view in the vertical, the camera can be installed anywhere inside the house or outside and its orientation can be changed remotely.
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Virtual Cycling is fitness bike which can run all over the world

Virtual Cycling fitness bike

What! You have a dream of riding a bike around the world? Well, thanks to Japanese manufacturer Key Value, you can do that sitting on a fitness bike inside the house. Virtual Cycling is a pretty normal fitness bike to look at, but a little too much in utility. The bike has a dedicated hardware that connects your iPhone or iPad to the fitness bicycle, and using Google Street View makes it possible for you to burn your calories cycling virtually anywhere in the world.

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