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iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro case with embedded charging cable on the back

Soso case charger for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro_2

Whenever you buy a new smartphone or tablet one thing that you instinctively look for in the package is charging cable. To keep your phone juiced up at all times you need to carry these charging cables with you which can be a hassle at times, especially when you have an ultra-busy lifestyle. So a phone/tablet case with charging cable embedded into it won’t be a bad option at all. This is Soso Charge Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus and iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini/2/3/4 designed to solve half of your woes with a USB charging cable embedded in the back of the case itself.
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Why are iPad Stands ideal for small businesses?

POS iPad Stand

We all enjoy our iPhone and iPads and we use them every day, especially if we run a small business. An iPad is perfectly compact, so it does not take up too much counter space and it is easier to move around or take with you around the shop. It also provides great accessibility for customers when you are out at shows or events for your shop, giving them the ability to order directly from your store. A perfect accessory for for iPad, an iPad stand lets you help move the iPad around easily and safely additionaly making the device aesthetically pleasing for both you and your customers. This article is going to take a look at why iPad stands are perfect for your small business and why you should consider purchasing one with your point of sale (POS) system. Read More…

iXoost Radical6 iPhone and iPad docking station designed like an aircraft engine

iXoost Radical6 iPhone iPad docking station

It’s been a long time since designer Micro Pecorari came out with the amazing iXoost iPhone/iPad dock. But there was always a gut feel that Micro would better on his own hand-made docking station. Now we present to you iXoost Radical6, an audio dock for iPhone and iPad that draws its design inspiration from aeronautics design right from the radial engine to the flaps. The docking station has been designed in collaboration with Avirex, the iconic military apparel brand founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975. iXoost Radical6 can be machined to your preference from alloy of aluminum in velvet, satin or raw effect while the exhaust manifold can also be crafted in polished or chromed look. While the sound is of top notch quality with iXoost’s patented technology and the large tweeters and subwoofers induced in the dock design.
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Clean iPad case made from recyclable cardboard costs only $5.6

Clean iPad case made from recyclable cardboard

In the vast sea of iPad accessories it is so hard to choose one that is genuine and vouches for what it is. So, why not have an iPad case that is minimalistic, good for the environment and won’t burn a hole in your pocket? This Cheap iPad case by Apple Pie is made completely from recycled cardboard in the USA and fits 2nd generation iPad or later. The iPad case comes in a pack of three as it lasts at-least 6-12 weeks and cost just $17 (for the pack of three) which comes out to be around $5.6 for one of these iPad case. Now, you would not find anything cheaper that this and it also provides premium protection to your iPad as it has been drop-tested and functions as a stand for the iPad too while watching multimedia content.

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i Control Bluetooth keyboard doubles as handset and remote control

i Control iPhone 5 keyboard and headset

After seeing the compact keyboard with mouse for iPad and iPhone 5 it was hard to imagine that anything better would be made. The i Control is a 3-in-one gadget accessory for your iPhone 5 that functions as a wireless keyboard, remote control and Bluetooth headset for multiple functionality and it is fits comfortably in your palm for easy portability. For the Bluetooth headset function, i Control connects wirelessly with your iPhone and features noise and echo cancellation for crystal clear voice quality while answering calls. While the QWERTY keyboard lets you type text easily even in the night time as it has illuminated buttons.
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Rollback iPad keyboard sleeve doubles as a stand

Rollback iPad keyboard sleeve

Looking for a cool iPad case that not only protects it from falls but also doubles as a writing stand with built-in keyboard? Then the Rollback iPad sleeve is the ideal solution for you. The idea is pretty simple, the protective front cover functions as a stand for the iPad and the integrated keyboard makes all your typing tasks easy. The keyboard can be charged up using the USB connection. Made from high grade leather material and felt body, the Rollback iPad keyboard sleeve is Apple aligned and a very good accessory to have.
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ProScope Micro Mobile is a professional microscope for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini

ProScope Micro Mobile for iPhone iPad and iPad mini

It’s not new to be acquainted with an iPhone/iPad accessory that functions as a microscope for zooming in on the Nano world. Like the Microscope with LED for iPhone 5 that provides 60X zoom a new one has arrived into the scene which provides a whooping 80X magnification courtesy its Edmund pro level glass optics. ProScope Micro Mobile by Bodelin Technologies for iPhone 5 (and earlier versions), iPad and iPad Mini can be deemed as the first ever professional level microscope that can be used in a variety of fields like science education, law enforcement and medical applications too. To avoid any kind of surface reflection ProScope Micro Mobile is powered by an onboard lithium ion battery providing 5 hours of continuous use.
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Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 – Control electronic appliances with your iPhone/iPad/iPod

Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 for iPhone and iPad

In this digital age every home is flooded with electronic gadgets and with those electronic consumer goods come remote controls. At times it can get cumbersome to keep all these remotes and you wish that you had one universal remote that could control all these electronic gadgets. Surely there are many universal remotes out there but wouldn’t it be great if you could use your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch as a remote control to control all your electronic appliances like TV, DVD player, amplifier etc.? It definitely sounds a good idea and you can convert your Apple gadget into a full blown remote control that can be used with a wide variety of electronic appliances whenever needed by plugging-in a dongle like accessory known as Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 into the headphone jack.
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BoxWave’s SoundBoost iPad case boosts iPad’s audio sans power

BoxWave SoundBoost iPad case boosts iPad's audio without power

When it comes to features and apps, iPad has maximum of both. But when we talk about sound, iPad doesn’t score much. Enter SoundBoost iPad case from BoxWave, now even your iPad will play audio in more sound than ever before. Compatible with new iPad and iPad mini, the form-fitted durable polyurethane leather case boosts volume output of your iPad without use of electricity or battery. This sound that the iPad deserves is made possible with the integration of new SoundBoost feature embodied into slide-out sound reflector tab in the smart case. Read More…

High-end iPad case cover collection by Cottin Paris for the elite class

iPad is a gadget that adds to your style statement and persona that is why so many people crave to lay their hands on it. There are so many buyers for this game changing tablet that it a become a bit common, that is why you need to beef up its look a notch higher, to stand out in the crowd. And what better than an iPad case that oozes high class persona. The high-end collection of iPad cases from Cottin Paris are hand-crafted using exquisite material and precious leather which makes them one of the most eye-catching iPad cases. The collection is spread across a wide variety of choice of material and you can have a look at it here.
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