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How about a gold-plated iPhone 6?

gold-plated iPhone 6 by Brikk

If you don’t want to stand in a long waiting line to put your hands on the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 when it finally gets launched, we have an interesting option for you. Pre-order a gold-plated version right now! Brikk, Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturers of couture products and accessories have put a luxurious line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 up for pre-order on its website. The Lux iPhones line will be offered in 14 high-end versions by the company with a price ranging from $4,495 to $8,795.
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Parrot BeBop Drone provides in-flight virtual reality view with Oculus Rift glasses

Parrot BeBop Drone with SkyController for Oculus Rift

Drone manufacturer Parrot is looking to up the ante with its line-up of drones and the new entrant in this elite league is BeBop drone. This high-end drone is loaded with a 14MP fish-eye lens (6 element) capable of shooting high definition 180 degree wide-angle shots with amazing image stabilization. The quadcopter has WiFi connectivity option which extends its flight range to a distance of 2km and although it has battery life of just 12 minutes on one charge, it is still a photographer’s delight. Parrot BeBop Drone can be controlled with iOS or Android mobile devices with Freeflight 3.0 app, making it ideal for shooting short clips or breathtaking aerial views.

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Hitcase iPhone case by S3 Performance turns your smartphone into a GoPro

S3 Performance Hitcase iPhone Case

There’s an inherent risk in taking a selfie while you’re in a kayak that’s floating in the middle of a lake or sea—your iPhone may get drenched in water. Even when you’re not close to large bodies of water, there’s always the risk that you may be caught in the rain unprepared which will most likely spell ‘game over’ for your iPhone if it comes into contact with the slightest contact with water. You should remember that any damage caused by liquids is not covered by Ap­ple’s warranty, so it’s best to opt for a protective casing such as the S3 Performance Hitcase, which is engineered for the ultimate adventurer.

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DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer at early stages

DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer

Having cancer can be the worst thing that can happen to an individual and if it is skin cancer then it is even worse. Efforts to detect skin cancer at the earliest possible stage is something that researchers around the globe are looking for, and Hyperspectral Camera is one example of that. And now George Zouridakis, a professor of engineering technology at the University of Houston has developed an app that uses your iPhone as a skin cancer detector. DermoScreen app that functions with an accessory that goes by the name Dermoscope, magnifies the iPhone camera view and tracks for any signs of melanoma.
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Useful gadgets that fit into your wallet with ease

Gadgets that fit inside your wallet

Wallets are traditionally meant to store all your money, business cards, banking cards etc., but in anyone’s wildest imagination, cannot hold everyday gadgets. Wait, did I just say gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, but yes, your wallet can hold gadgets too. Thanks to the nifty DIY’s and inventions aimed to make gizmos and everyday usable tools small, your wallet can in-fact hold a plethora of gadgets depending on your needs. Of course you cannot hold them in your wallet at the same time, but still can find space for one or two to fit in. So which gadget would you want at all times inside your wallet from the ones given below?
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Interview: Matteo Panini, maker of iXoost iPhone docking station

Matteo Panini iXoost dock for iPhone

A dock that is made from car exhaust parts! Yes, that is what a high-end, out of this world docking station for iPhone looks like. Taking stellar motivation from the inspirational designs of the most exotic sports cars, Matteo Panini has collection of some of the most impressive mobile docking stations thus far. He calls them “iXoost” which sounds like “exhaust” and very apt for the design. We got the chance to get one-on-one with Matteo Panini, and dig deep as to what iXoost really is, and how it came into existence.
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Power Box – Smartphone-controlled vehicle tuning device boosts performance and fuel efficiency

V Tech Power Box car tuning kit smartphone controlled

For all you geeks, obsessed with cars and their tuning, a Polish-based company V-Tech has come up with a Power Box tuner that attaches to your car’s engine component, and thereafter it is all about man and machine. The tuning component reduces the fuel consumption and escalates the engine power by up to 20 percent, which is quite a lot. This tuning box literally gives your car a power boost and makes me think about the grueling races in NFS games. V-tech claim it is the world’s first car power booster controlled by iPhone and Android which is so damn cool.
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Teenage inventions that are changing the world we live in


While most of the teenagers out there are busy enjoying their life to the fullest, a small bunch of them are always putting their mind into overdrive for innovative solutions to problems the world is plagued with. They don’t tinker around with fancy gadgets or upbeat toys, rather they make gizmos that even a veteran would be proud of. These kids might look innocent but what’s churning up in their mind is for all to see. And what’s important is that they rejoice every moment invested in creating these game-changing innovations. So, Let’s see what these teenage prodigies are doing to change the world we live in, and will one day become the pioneering entrepreneurs that world will remember for a long time.
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Interview: Robert Macauley, mind behind LifePrint printer for mobile devices

LifePrint photo printer for mobile devices

Robert Macauley with a photo printed by LifePrint

How about printing photos from your smartphone instantly, as and when you click them? The ability to get a quality photo print of your most cherished memory captured in the frame of time? Well, if all goes well for LifePrint WiFi photo printer for Android/iPhone & Instagram on Kickstarter, then this fact could be a normal happening for users worldwide. The ability of LifePrint to connect via Bluetooth extends the possibilities even further as it prints photos to your friend’s LifePrint printer anywhere in the world. All you have to do is send photos directly to LifePrint printer and it is all done.
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iXoost Radical6 iPhone and iPad docking station designed like an aircraft engine

iXoost Radical6 iPhone iPad docking station

It’s been a long time since designer Micro Pecorari came out with the amazing iXoost iPhone/iPad dock. But there was always a gut feel that Micro would better on his own hand-made docking station. Now we present to you iXoost Radical6, an audio dock for iPhone and iPad that draws its design inspiration from aeronautics design right from the radial engine to the flaps. The docking station has been designed in collaboration with Avirex, the iconic military apparel brand founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975. iXoost Radical6 can be machined to your preference from alloy of aluminum in velvet, satin or raw effect while the exhaust manifold can also be crafted in polished or chromed look. While the sound is of top notch quality with iXoost’s patented technology and the large tweeters and subwoofers induced in the dock design.
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