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iPhone 5 Sandals case

iPhone 5 Sandals case

Got bored of the same old iPhone 5 cases that vouch for the same thing. Then you got to have a look at this iPhone 5 case that turns your smartphone into a sandal. iPhone 5 Sandals Case by a Japanese manufacturer is offbeat way to provide your smartphone protection and give it a funky look. When you hold the iPhone 5 in your hand with this case on, your hand slip right into the grooves of the sandal, much like your feet would slip right into a real sandals. The rubberized form of this iPhone 5 case ensures that your phone is safe from any scratches or hits. Moreover the grooves of the sandal function as a stand in any desired direction for your smartphone while watching multimedia content.

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iReliquary 1.0 iPhone 5 dock themed on ancient architecture

iReliquary 1.0 iPhone 5 dock

An iPhone docking speaker system that reminds of the Age of Empires and the much epic Game of Throne series, this blokes is the iReliquary 1.0 dock for your iPhone 5. Having a 2.1 channel speaker system with 35 W output and subwoofer under the dome, this masterpiece is created by Georg Dinkel after 6 months of hard work. Made from rhinestones, gold powder, silver powder, wood and polymer clay, this Bluetooth sound dock is deemed as the ultimate worship space for iPhone lovers. Your iPhone 5 sits comfortably on the throne, which is the lightning connector and thereafter you can enjoy music with the cool sound system. The overall length of the iReliquary 1.0 dock is 80 cm and it measures 65 cm in width. Have a look at the video below to learn more about this niche iPhone 5 sound dock.
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Clone iPhone 5 into fully functional stabilized camcorder with AB Grip

AB Grip DN 84841 iPhone 5 camcorder accessory

Holding your iPhone 5 in landscape position and shooting memorable recordings that are priceless can be the best thing. But the key is to hold your iPhone 5 (or earlier) in the landscape position with minimal shake and also not to forget the time frame for which you have to hold the smartphone for recording. Donya as usual is up for the challenge and released an iPhone accessory that works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as it converts your smartphone into a camcorder. Although the worse part about reviewing Japanese products is to figure out the real name of the product but Donya really got us this time as the only thing we could figure out about this cool accessory was the model number DN-84841 and the name as AB Grip.

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Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 Case turns smartphone into bread slice

Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case_1

With so many iPhone 5 cases out there it sometimes gets hard to choose the best one depending on the price, usability and protection criterion. This prompts creative geeks to come up with iPhone cases that are different from the league and still manage to provide premium protection to your smartphone. No doubting that this iPhone 5 case comes straight from Japan which now can be proclaimed as the land of unique gadgets. The Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 Case turns your smartphone into a slice of bread while providing protection from accidental falls and other elements. Shaped like a Memory Bread, the case is made from soft elastic urethane which is easy to grip and protects the iPhone in case it slips from your hand.
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Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 provides protection and Lego building fun all-in-one

Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 by Belkin_1

This is an iPhone 5 case that also doubles as a platform for building Lego creations on the back side making it an interesting proposition. Created by Belkin and Lego Group themselves the Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 provides premium protection to the smartphone, just like any other good case while adding a bit of fun as you go on building cool Lego creations on the back side in your free time. Made from official Lego Base Plate and co-molded hard plastic, the Lego case has scratch resistant and shock absorption in the event of a fall, which is provided with semi-flexible outer frame.
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i Control Bluetooth keyboard doubles as handset and remote control

i Control iPhone 5 keyboard and headset

After seeing the compact keyboard with mouse for iPad and iPhone 5 it was hard to imagine that anything better would be made. The i Control is a 3-in-one gadget accessory for your iPhone 5 that functions as a wireless keyboard, remote control and Bluetooth headset for multiple functionality and it is fits comfortably in your palm for easy portability. For the Bluetooth headset function, i Control connects wirelessly with your iPhone and features noise and echo cancellation for crystal clear voice quality while answering calls. While the QWERTY keyboard lets you type text easily even in the night time as it has illuminated buttons.
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ShellPhone Loudspeaker – iPhone 5 acoustic speaker amplifier made from conch shell

ShellPhone Loudspeaker iPhone 5 speaker amplifier

Everyday we see hoard of iPhone 5 speaker amplifiers being released, some being real cheap and others virtually worth a fortune. But the question is why don’t we seek nature to do the magic for our loved iPhone 5 and amplify its sound way beyond what is possible? This is when an iPhone 5 speaker amplifier made from conch shell can be really resourceful. WAAM Industries is out with a $75 iPhone 5/4S/4 and iPod touch speaker amplifier called ShellPhone Loudspeaker that seems like a very cool idea for amplifying sound being close to Mother Nature. If you don’t want to buy this iPhone speaker amplifier and the idea of making one for yourself already struck you mind, then amigo, go ahead, take the visual clues from what you see in the pictures and make it yourself.
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iPhone 5 case camera case doubles as a cool stand too

iPhone 5 interesting case EEA-YW940 Series

This iPhone 5 case has the exterior body in the shape of a trendy camera and it actually turns your smartphone into a camera with more zoom under your belt when needed. Not only that it functions as a stand too while watching videos, playing games, enjoying pictures and movies with a slight tilt that comes courtesy the extendable lens part. Called as the iPhone 5 interesting case it only weighs 58 grams and comes with a neck strap to carry around your iPhone 5 morphed into a cool retro camera for fun. The case itself has a smooth felt cloth lining so as to prevent injury.
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OZAKI O! Coat Lover iPhone 5 case deepens your love

OZAKI O! Coat Lover iPhone 5 case

Specially designed for people in love, OZAKI O! Coat Lover case for iPhone 5 comes in a pair of two so that you can have a sense of love while keeping your smartphone with you. The iPhone 5 case has a rubber coating on the surface and is lined with a special surface for easy grip. The iPhone 5 case is made in such a way that when the two cases are put together it looks from the back side as if a boy and a girl are kissing each other. Now that is a cool way to express your love! It is the ideal present to gift someone on Valentine’s Day, Birthday or anniversaries.
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Identity Will iPhone 5 speaker case to amplify sound

Just how many times in the past have we seen iPhone docks and passive sound amplifiers, which have been specially designed to amplify the audio coming out of the iPhone 5? Now, if you were looking for a more portable and more personal sound amplifier for your iPhone 5, just go out and grab on to this 2,480 yen, about $25 Identity Will iPhone 5 speaker case which amplifies the phone’s audio by almost 10 to 15 percent sans electricity. Read More…