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CES 2014: iPhone 5/5s Mophie Space is a battery and storage reserve in protective casing

Mophie Space Pack iphone  5 and 5s CES 2014

As an iPhone 5/5s owner you always crave for more storage space on your phone and if you happen to be one who likes to take lot of pictures, download videos and music then nothing is enough for you. And it can get a bit tricky at times when you have to delete certain files to accommodate more space for storage. That is why Mophie created the Space Pack that doubles as a battery case, storage hub and protection for your iPhone 5/5s. Mophie Space Pack, the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone was shown-off at CES 2014 in two models, 16GB and 32GB. The iPhone case is a thoughtful charging solution that provides you with added backup storage space if you do happen to max out your iPhone 5/5s storage space. So, in a way it is a reservoir of storage space apart from the maximum storage space in the phone.

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Supercool Batmobile Tumbler case for iPhone 5/5s

Bandai Batmobile Tumbler iPhone 5 iPhone 5s

You think that you have seen the coolest iPhone 5/5S case? Well, hold your breath and have a look at this Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler by Bandai Toymaker. Having seen the liking of fans around the world for Batmobile, Batman’s ride of choice, Bandai from Japan have come up with their own version of a Batmobile, but for a smartphone. It is not just a non-movable iPhone 5/5S case that you dress your smartphone with. In fact is something that your friends will envy once they see it in your hands. It has a projector to project a variety of signs like Batman itself from the jet exhaust and the microphone & Thunderbolt holes become part of the exhaust system too. The iPhone case has its own flashlight and even the front tires are movable and convert in an instant fighting machine.

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Draw iPad case and stand fuses classiness with usability

Draw iPad case and stand

If subtle elegance is your style number, the Draw iPad case and stand from Hard Craft is surely the way to go. Harking back to the retro classiness of stitched leather, the sleeve case also nonchalantly features inner felt lining for snugly keeping your device and a rope closure that adds to the exquisiteness of the scope. Of course, as always, cool designs are not just limited by their visuals; they also showcase their own brand of improved usability. In this regard, the Draw iPad case’s marl grey rope closure comes with a metal stopper to keep your tablet safe and secure. It also doubles up as a stand, when you fasten the rope around the tablet’s base and use one of the sleeve flaps as a back support (as shown in the above image).

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iPhone 5 Sandals case

iPhone 5 Sandals case

Got bored of the same old iPhone 5 cases that vouch for the same thing. Then you got to have a look at this iPhone 5 case that turns your smartphone into a sandal. iPhone 5 Sandals Case by a Japanese manufacturer is offbeat way to provide your smartphone protection and give it a funky look. When you hold the iPhone 5 in your hand with this case on, your hand slip right into the grooves of the sandal, much like your feet would slip right into a real sandals. The rubberized form of this iPhone 5 case ensures that your phone is safe from any scratches or hits. Moreover the grooves of the sandal function as a stand in any desired direction for your smartphone while watching multimedia content.

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iPhone 5 case with 1,800 mAh battery and built-in alcohol tester

iPhone 5 case with 1,800 mAh battery and built-in alcohol tester

If you’re someone who owns an iPhone 5 and loves getting drunk to the core on those late night parties, then this iPhone case with built-in 1,800 mAh battery and alcohol checker from Thanko is an accessory you’d probably been looking for. The slim and compact case measure only 15mm thick and weighs as light as 72g so there is no extra weight added to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 case with 1,800 mAh battery has a built-in alcohol checker to measure your alcohol consumption levels before you take to the driver’s seat.

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Rabbit Horn & Donut Horn iPhone 5 case amplify audio and much more

Rabbit Horn and Donut Horn case for iPhone 5

Looking for a geeky iPhone 5 case that amplifies your smartphone’s sound too? Then you are at the right place as the Rabbit Horn and Donut Horn case for iPhone 5 will surely make your smartphone look goofed up, and at the same time give it that megaphone effect for amplified sound. The ultra-flexible iPhone 5 cases have their own additional specialties as the Rabbit Horn iPhone 5 case has the cute little horns that can be used as earphone holder and the Donut Horn iPhone 5 case can function as the stand for the smartphone itself. Each of these iPhone 5 case comes in three color options; blue, red and orange making them a very attractive proposition.

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Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 Case turns smartphone into bread slice

Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case_1

With so many iPhone 5 cases out there it sometimes gets hard to choose the best one depending on the price, usability and protection criterion. This prompts creative geeks to come up with iPhone cases that are different from the league and still manage to provide premium protection to your smartphone. No doubting that this iPhone 5 case comes straight from Japan which now can be proclaimed as the land of unique gadgets. The Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 Case turns your smartphone into a slice of bread while providing protection from accidental falls and other elements. Shaped like a Memory Bread, the case is made from soft elastic urethane which is easy to grip and protects the iPhone in case it slips from your hand.
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Moon-themed Luna iPhone 5 case is concrete strong

Luna iPhone 5 case

When I come across some iPhone case made from an unusual material, I often ask myself, is the case meant to protect the iPhone or simply make it look better than maybe what the guys at Apple thought it to be. But the irony is; I never find an answer to my question. Taking my bewilderment a notch further, a Korean company by the name of Posh Projects has designed a strikingly unique moon-themed iPhone 5 case. Made from semi flexible concrete (presumably), each Luna iPhone 5 case (as it is called) comes with a different surface (crater pattern), which means no two Luna cases will be the same – so if you are someone who likes to stand out in the crowd, then this is the iPhone cover you were looking for. Read More…

Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 provides protection and Lego building fun all-in-one

Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 by Belkin_1

This is an iPhone 5 case that also doubles as a platform for building Lego creations on the back side making it an interesting proposition. Created by Belkin and Lego Group themselves the Lego Builder Case for iPhone 5 provides premium protection to the smartphone, just like any other good case while adding a bit of fun as you go on building cool Lego creations on the back side in your free time. Made from official Lego Base Plate and co-molded hard plastic, the Lego case has scratch resistant and shock absorption in the event of a fall, which is provided with semi-flexible outer frame.
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Phogo Case for iPhone 5 comes with dedicated tripod hole

Phogo case for iPhone 5

There are so many innovative iPhone 5 cases we’ve seen in the past, but this one dubbed the Phogo Case is perhaps the best for photographers, who love clicking everything possible with their amazing smartphone. The Phogo Case for the iPhone 5 features a tripod hole in the body, which allows the iPhone to be used for taking pictures by installing it on any type of tripod. The easy to install feature allows photographers, and amateurs like you and me to mount the iPhone on to a tripod and shoot amazing photographs making the most of iPhone 5’s 8 MP camera. Read More…

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