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Hardwrk Massive Dock for iPhone is handmade from concrete

Massive iPhone 5 Dock by Hardwrk

What is the best thing you can have on your desk to allow your iPhone to stand safe? It’s the Massive Dock by Hardwrk, if you ask us. The concrete dock for the iPhone, the Hardwrk Massive Dock is equipped with a Lightning connector and can be optimally used with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Handmade from concrete, the Massive Dock has micro-suction pads on the bottom, which allow the dock to adhere itself to the desk. Since the dock sticks to any flat surface, taking the iPhone out of it with one hand is really simple.  Weighing in at only 570g, the dock’s accuracy to house the iPhone and its brilliant finished surface is beyond compare.

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iReliquary 1.0 iPhone 5 dock themed on ancient architecture

iReliquary 1.0 iPhone 5 dock

An iPhone docking speaker system that reminds of the Age of Empires and the much epic Game of Throne series, this blokes is the iReliquary 1.0 dock for your iPhone 5. Having a 2.1 channel speaker system with 35 W output and subwoofer under the dome, this masterpiece is created by Georg Dinkel after 6 months of hard work. Made from rhinestones, gold powder, silver powder, wood and polymer clay, this Bluetooth sound dock is deemed as the ultimate worship space for iPhone lovers. Your iPhone 5 sits comfortably on the throne, which is the lightning connector and thereafter you can enjoy music with the cool sound system. The overall length of the iReliquary 1.0 dock is 80 cm and it measures 65 cm in width. Have a look at the video below to learn more about this niche iPhone 5 sound dock.
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iPhone resting dock cradles your phone in concrete pillow

Pillow iPhone dock by Snarkitecture

It isn’t really easy to fool our eyes when it comes accessories that we use every day. But Design firm Snarkitecture has hand-casted an iPhone dock from gypsum cement, which does fool the eye. The iPhone resting dock deceptively looks like soft, fluffy pillow – its only appearance, don’t dare use it for a pillow fight with your sibling. Dubbed the ‘Pillow’ the dock is designed to work as a resting place for your iPhone when the iPhone is charging or not in use. Read More…

iPhone 5 Concrete Docking Station by Zeitgeistfactory


As if concrete clothing and concrete watches weren’t enough for innovation, a Massachusetts-based company, Zeitgeistfactory has designed a Concrete Docking Station for the iPhone 5. You sure have used some really unique iPhone cases in the past; yet, this concrete dock will find a place in your house for its sheer brilliance. The Concrete Docking Station is completely handmade and is created with a blend of cement and recycled stone dust – a by-product of countertop industry. The concrete dock features a concrete peg which fits comfortably in place via a pair of silicone o-rings and can be used in vertical or horizontal orientations. There is no word on the price or when the dock will be available in the market.  Read More…

Humanoid iPhone 5 stand dances to your tunes

Tomy iPhone Stand

After having seen some really innovative iPhone accessories to enhance music experience, if you thought there wasn’t anything getting better Japanese are out with Tomy iPhone Stand-an iPhone 5 dock that dances to your tunes. Compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 the humanoid-shaped Tomy iPhone Stand moves its limbs to the beats of the music played. Using the iPhone Stand is easy, just attach the iPhone to the stand, turn on the music and your buddy is good to dance.
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iPhoneBooster – DIY Trumpet Cobra dock amplifies iPhone 5 sound beyond belief

iPhonebooster iPhone amplifer trumpet dock

In a market flooded with iPhone accessories, especially speaker docks, it is hard to find one that is simple yet amplifies your iPhone’s sound without the use of any external hardware powered by batteries or electric system. Now there is no need to look any further as this iPhonebooster called Cobra made by Vinnie Veen amplifies the sound of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 beyond belief. The iPhone sound booster is made from brass instruments and you can make one for yourself by just having a look at the design cues or contact the maker so that he is willing enough to make one for you. Have a look at the videos given below to learn more about the sound amplifying capabilities of this amazing iPhone 5 dock which in fact is a trumpet, playing the sweet chin music.

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German made iPhone 5 dock carved from plywood

For those of you looking out for a minimalistic yet attractive iPhone 5 dock, then this German made docking station is the one to really have. Made from birch plywood having a very classy surface coating in gloss finish, the dock is multiplex millimeter precision milled with a HPL coating on top. The lighting cable to charge up your iPhone 5 is tactically hidden beneath the rubber base in perfect position. The dock has been designed in such a way that it makes charging, synching or chat on FaceTime really easy for the user. On top of that the dock can have your name imprinted by a laser engraving to add that uniqueness.

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JVC Kenwood RV-S1-S iPhone 5 dock delivers deep quality audio

JVC Kenwood is all set to release a high quality iPhone/iPad woofer system that delivers thumping audio. JVC Kenwood RV-S1-S with its 130mm (80mm/5W +5W caliber) twin super woofers has a roundish cylindrical design and an independent 4 inch 40W amplifier to realize mid-range powerful bass and treble. The bass can be adjusted according to the listening environment desired and the dedicated 1.13 cm twin sub-woofer makes a punchy delivery for the digital audio streaming from your iPhone/iPod. The speaker dock is equipped with SD card slot and USB so that you can listen to audio by slotting in the SD memory card or plugging-in the USB gadget like MP3 player. The speaker dock weighs 6.3 kg and has dimensions 615 x 267 x 196 in width, depth and height.
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iPhone 5 sound amplification horn speaker costs only $6

Sound collecting Speaker is yet another iPhone 5 accessory that amplifies the phone’s in-built sound by 8 times and emits it from a horn like sound thrower. Also called Eco-speaker it doesn’t use any electricity, the amplification is done based on the simple sound amplification in hollow space. Simply place your iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S into the horn like speaker dock which also has space in case you want to connect the charging wire to the iPhone 5 while listening to music. Sound collecting Speaker can be used for outdoor parties, in your car, while in your living room or any place you like.

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