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7 reasons why Apple iPhone 5s is not obsolete

Apple iPhone 5s

New versions of popular gadgets hit the market more quickly than most of us can keep up with. Of course, the newest model is always the biggest, boldest, fastest option on the market, but wise users try to let their bank accounts air out between major purchases. It’s possible that the iPhone 5s could continue to meet your needs for a while longer, depending on how you use your phone.

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Caviar designs gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

Italian luxury phone maker Caviar have designed an exclusive gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Designed by Elijah Giacometti, the jeweler got the inspiration for designing the phone from the enchanting beauty and color of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan while he was travelling the captivating country in Central Asia. The gold-plated iPhone Caviar Kazakistan comes engraved with main attractions of the capital such as Astana Pyramid of Peace and Accord and the, Bayterek tower, a popular tourist attraction whose shape represents a poplar tree holding a golden egg. Along with that, the luxurious phone is also decorated with many national symbols.
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Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case plugs to any electrical outlet

Cordless iPhone 5 5S Charging Case

Those who want to have an iPhone 5/5S case with a built-in charging option have come to the right portal. The Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case is a tactically designed iPhone housing that not only provides protection from falls but also a plug for charging on the go. The flip out prongs on the back side of this case can be directly plugged into any electrical outlet. Although charging your phone via an electrical outlet with wires might become a thing of the past in coming years with wireless charging coming onto the scene in a big way, but still there are times when you need to charge you phone and you have forgotten your wireless charging kit or the supplied charger at home. This is where Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case is very useful as you can just flip out the prongs and plug it into any electrical outlet.

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Hadoro’s plush iPhone 5s crafted from 18K gold, with 3D printing tech

Hadoro's Gold iPhone 5s

The impending glory of the bling! We have finally come across a plush iPhone 5s extravagantly bedecked with solid gold. Hadoro, the French craftsmen team behind this opulent project are already known for their expertise in dabbling with precious elements and Swarovski for decorating Apple mobile devices. This time around, they have opted for a substantial 125 g of 18K gold for ornamenting the smartphone. The figure might make more of an impression on you when we say the original iPhone 5s is only 112 g in its total weight. So, the gold usage easily crosses the threshold of the commercial product’s mass, which says something about the high level of lavishness showered by the creators. And, even beyond the bling factor, the designers utilized 3D printing to achieve a finer degree of elegance that is usually not found in ostentatious electronic objects.

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Touch sensitive iPhone 5/5S Moshi Sensecover flip cover case preserves your smartphone

Touch sensitive Moshi Sensecover flip cover case for iPhone 5 and 5S

Moshi has crafted a case cover for iPhone 5/5S that lets the user take a peek-a-boo at the incoming notifications without even flipping it over. Moshi SenseCover case for iPhone 5/5S is a touch-sensitive cover that protects your smartphone from the back as well as front. The leatherette cover comes with SensArray pads that provide you seamless facility of answering calls, look at notifications, swipe off alarms or check date & time without even opening the cover. The cover of this case stay putt held by a magnetic clasp that can be folded back when you open the cover. On the back side, Moshi SenseCover is made from brushed titanium and hard shell polycarbonate material that protects the camera and phone body from any kind of damage.

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CES 2014: Ascent Solar’s Surfr case powers iPhone with solar energy

Ascent Solar's Surfr phone case

Ascent Solar Technologies are already known for their advanced thin-film photovoltaic modules that are incorporated in the EnerPlex collection of electronic products. And, now the company is all set to debut their special Surfr phone cases at the CES 2014, as the lynchpin of the EnerPlex series. Envisaged specifically for iPhone 5 and 5s, the contrivance is touted as the world’s only phone case that utilizes both conventional battery and ‘clean’ solar technology. This innovative combination obviously goes beyond the ambit of just protecting your Apple device. It will also directly cater to the much improved charging scope of the mobile device.

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iQi Mobile wireless charger for iOS devices

iQi Mobile wireless charging kit iphone 5

Wireless charging and near field communication are here to revolutionize the technology arena in a big way. So how could someone not make a wireless charging kit for iPhone 5? You, wouldn’t bet against that as iQi Mobile, a wireless charging kit for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 5C, 5S and iPod touch is here to solve your predicament. Eliminating the need of wired charger for iOS smartphone, Qi wireless charging standard has been adopted by this ultra-thin wireless charging solution. iQi Mobile wireless charger is smaller than credit card and fits effortlessly inside your smartphone’s case courtesy of the ribbon-style lightning adapter which is further connected to a Qi coil. Loaded with a beep notification feature for times when your smartphone is not in sync with the charging pad makes it stand a step above other similar charging pads for other smartphones.

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Mipwr Dynamo iPhone5/5S case with hand powered 400 mA battery

Mipwr Dynamo protective case with battery and hybrid charger

Is there a chance that you go hiking or cruising or get stuck outdoors with no power on the smartphone? Well, iPhone users who get caught up without power on the go, now have a reason to exult, they would soon have Mipwr Dynamo as great addition to their emergency kit. Mipwr Dynamo is an iPhone 5/5S protective case with a 400 mA backup battery and hybrid charger. The case uses electromagnetic induction to create additional power when mobile users need it. Read More…

Apple unveils iPhone 5S: Blazing fast smartphone with fingerprint sensor, amazing camera

Apple iPhone 5S

Finally all rumors and speculations surrounding the new iPhone can be put to rest. The Apple frenzy world expected a flagship phone and Apple delivered the iPhone 5S. The new flagship Apple smartphone takes the core of its predecessor (iPhone 5) and enhances it with a new speedier processor, a new feature camera, innovative biometric security and ultimate software and hardware upgrades. There is no major design change from the iPhone 5. iPhone 5S will come in a high-grade aluminum exterior in silver, gold and space grey colors and will run on the latest iOS 7. Read More…