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Hybrid Power iPhone 6 Case packs more power, protection and sound

Hybrid Power iPhone 6 case

From my experience, iPhone 6 is practically the best phone you can lay your hands on. But it’s not all merry; the smartphone has poor battery life and is slightly slippery in the hand. As a solution to these problems, Live Work Play is working on a Hybrid Power Case for the iPhone 6. Touted as ‘the case Apple should have made’ – the Hybrid Power Case is meant to increase your phone’s battery performance, make the speakers sound better, and allows you to use iPhone 6 handsfree for Facetime or Skype, thanks to its built-in kickstand. Read More…

iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessor, Bendgate won’t be an issue

iPhone 6S bend test

No one will ever know how many iPhone 6 Plus devices got affected by the bendgate issue near the power button/volume rocker. Some reported it after an extensive inspection, while others didn’t think of it as much of a problem. Even though most of the industry experts said that the issue affected only a small amount of users, but still Apple was a bit rattled by the whole fiasco. Proof enough is the change in casing of the iPhone 6S which has aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum and a thicker anodized coating as compared to iPhone 6.
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Lumenati CS1 cinematic case turns iPhone 6 into old school film camera

Lumenati CS1 case for iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 has by far the best camera on a smartphone. The high-quality camera is ideal for incredible photography and videography; but now the Lumenati CS1 wants to explore the iPhone 6’s ability as a cinematic camera. The Lumenati CS1 is world’s first cinematic smartcase, which is designed primarily to bring the joy of cinema style video shooting to the iPhone 6. Lumenati, a collective of artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers and inventors in Denver, Colorado, has designed the smartphone case to convert iPhone 6 into and old school cine-camera that you’d love to handle. Read More…

DxO One turns your iPhone into a DSLR camera for some stunning photography

DxO One for iPhone

You want your iPhone to shoot flawless photos but can’t accept the fact that it has its limitations when you compare it to a DSLR camera. This is where you need an accessory that can shoot DSLR quality photographs, so that your memories are as good as real when you check them out 10 years down the line. Guys, this is DxO One accessory for your iPhone that is probably the best in its class when it comes to shooting high quality photos from your Apple smartphone. And stay rest-assured that it will click the most amazing panoramas, selfies and wide angle photos and videos that you’ll simply watch over and over again.
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Craziest iPhone 6 cases for the ultimate geeks out there!


iPhone 6 is going great guns as far as sales are concerned and consequently the demand for its accessories is also rising. There are innumerable add-ons for your Apple iPhone 6 in the market, but only a handful can be labelled as crazy. This time around we present to you the most outrageous and out-of-the box iPhone 6 cases that will certainly grab others attention once you adorn your Apple smartphone with them. So without getting into much conversation, let’s head straight over the collection of crazy iPhone 6 cases that you can grab right now.
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JBL D44000 Paragon – Limited Edition iPhone 6 dock that will soothe your senses

JBL D44000 Paragon iphone 6 docking station

It’s been a long time since we came across a unique iPhone docking station for you. Thankfully that jinx has been broken with the JBL PARAGON D44000 iPhone 6 dock which is an exact miniature model of the JBL D44000 Paragon, a one-piece stereo loudspeaker introduced in 1957 by JBL. The 1/13 scale model of the iconic loudspeaker system is going to be available in limited edition of 168 units only, and boy is it going to rock!
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$50 Delorean iPhone 6 case is as crazy as you’ll get!

Crazy Case Delorean Time Machine iPhone 6 accessory

If you though the Crazy Case Batmobile was cool, then you got to have a look at this Crazy Case Delorean Time Machine iPhone 6 accessory by Japanese case manufacturer Bandai. This iPhone 6 case is an exact replica of the iconic DeLorean from the 1989 movie. As you can see from the video transcript below, the case looks cool and is very tactically built in the form of a DeLorean with slots opening up to reveal the camera lens and other functional buttons of the iPhone 6.
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How to make your iPhone 6 a dual SIM phone

iPhone 6 Dual SIM Adapter

Do you always wish that your iPhone 6 had dual SIM functionality? Well, you might think that is not possible in any way, just hold on and read. iPhone 6 Dual SIM Adapter is the accessory you need to get hold of and break that jinx of your iPhone 6. This ultra-thin card adapter lets you add another SIM card slot to your existing card with an external caddy that hangs outside the phone’s body. In combination with a compatible software your iPhone 6 is now ready for dual SIM functionality without any hitch.
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Burj Al Arab commissions limited edition gold-plated iPhone 6

Gold iPhone 6 for Burj Al Arab dubai

Limited edition iPhone 6 in black and yellow gold.

When we talk about plush gadgets, iPhone 6 is right on top of the list and it comes as no surprise that it has been draped in gold flavor many a times in the past few months. Be it the gold-plated iPhone 6 by Brikk or the 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite by Goldgenie. But the top of the list is gold-plated iPhone 6 by Gold & Co. that apparently is the world’s first 24k gold-plated iPhone 6. Now Burj Al Arab in Dubai has collaborated with Gold & Co. to make limited edition iPhone 6 units in black and yellow gold.
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World’s first pink iPhone 6 coming this Valentine’s Day

Amosu pink iPhone 6 on Valentines day

Whatever may the technology reviewers like us think about the iPhone 6 but it is a hot gadget alright. The iPhone 6 accessories and news concerning the smartphone always sells as hot cakes in the market. This also gives opportunity to third-party manufacturers to come up with iPhone 6 variants that are a bit different from the league. Amosu, a renowned luxury-brand company has come up with a limited edition Apple iPhone 6 in pink flavor. Deemed as the world’s first pink iPhone 6, the custom-made Apple iPhone draped in pink color will be launched on Valentine’s Day.
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