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Expand iPhone 6s storage with SanDisk iXpand Memory Case

SanDisk iXpand Memory Case for iPhone 6s_1

Apple don’t provide the iPhone with expandable memory storage option and that’s their USP. Although the latest Apple phone, the 6s Plus do have ample memory space, but at certain point you are going to run out of it. The large app size, recording videos in UHD and HD photos are going to choke your phone’s inbuilt memory and you are going to be forced into deleting some data. To avoid that SanDisk has an iPhone 6/iPhone 6s case which provides added memory for the phone and also comes with an optional battery pack which fits into the case itself.
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Hybrid Power iPhone 6 Case packs more power, protection and sound

Hybrid Power iPhone 6 case

From my experience, iPhone 6 is practically the best phone you can lay your hands on. But it’s not all merry; the smartphone has poor battery life and is slightly slippery in the hand. As a solution to these problems, Live Work Play is working on a Hybrid Power Case for the iPhone 6. Touted as ‘the case Apple should have made’ – the Hybrid Power Case is meant to increase your phone’s battery performance, make the speakers sound better, and allows you to use iPhone 6 handsfree for Facetime or Skype, thanks to its built-in kickstand. Read More…

Lumenati CS1 cinematic case turns iPhone 6 into old school film camera

Lumenati CS1 case for iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 has by far the best camera on a smartphone. The high-quality camera is ideal for incredible photography and videography; but now the Lumenati CS1 wants to explore the iPhone 6’s ability as a cinematic camera. The Lumenati CS1 is world’s first cinematic smartcase, which is designed primarily to bring the joy of cinema style video shooting to the iPhone 6. Lumenati, a collective of artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers and inventors in Denver, Colorado, has designed the smartphone case to convert iPhone 6 into and old school cine-camera that you’d love to handle. Read More…

Nikola Labs launches iPhone 6 case that charges your phone using RF signals

Nikola labs iPhone 6 case

We are in an age where our mobile devices have become our lifeline. In such a setting, it’s important for our devices to remain powered all the time. Sadly, that’s not the case because we still rely on electricity to power our devices. But this could change if the Nikola Labs new iPhone case could see the light of day. This iPhone 6 case converts Radio Frequency (RF) signals such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE, into electricity (DC power) which can be used to extend battery life of the iPhone 6 by almost 30 percent. Read More…

Crazy Case Batmobile – Cool looking case cover for your iPhone 6

Crazy Case Batmobile case cover for your iPhone 6

Got bored with the usual iPhone 6 cases out there? Then you got to consider draping your Apple iPhone 6 in this Batmobile Tumblr case by Bandai from Japan, who have made such cool cases for iPhone 5/5S too. Similar to the Bandai iPhone 5/5S case, the Batmobile iPhone 6 case has a really cool look and comes with nifty changes and additions when compared to previous versions. Dubbed as Crazy Case Batmobile, this iPhone 6 case lends your smartphone a very cool look and premium protection.
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popSlate iPhone 6 case blesses your smartphone with a low-energy secondary display

iPhone 6 popslate case

So, just got your new iPhone 6 and looking for a case cover to protect the smartphone? Hang-on then, just don’t jump the gun and go for any ordinary iPhone 6 case out there. popSlate case cover for iPhone 6 makes any case cover out there look ordinary with its self-powered 4-inch E-paper screen (e-ink display) on the back panel which gives you an added screen for the phone. Of-course it acts as a case cover for protection and courtesy its own battery power, microcontroller chip and on-board memory.
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Protect your iPhone 6 from water, dirt, snow and shock with LifeProof fre case

LifeProof fre case for iPhone 6

Are you afraid of taking your iPhone 6 to an adventurous trip or a sports meet due to safety issues? Well, not anymore as a LifeProof case offering four-proof protection for your iPhone 6 is here. Manufacturer of protective and stylish cases for smartphones and tablets, San Diego-based LifeProof designs have come up with new iPhone 6 case. Called the LifeProof fre, it will offer super protection to your smartphone from water, dirt, snow and shock. The case is waterproof to accidental spills and splashes and is submersible to 2 meters for one hour. It also exceeds U.S. military standards for shock and impact protection and can survive drops from up to 2 meters.
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Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 provides added 3200mAh power reserve

Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 Battery Jacket for iPhone 6

Battery Jacket for iPhone 6

So you’ve just got yourself the all new Apple iPhone 6 and looking for some cool accessories that’ll make it even more fun to use. Thanko Inc. Japan is up for the challenge and come up with a Battery Jacket for iPhone 6 that provides you added 3200mAh of power reserve in case you run of battery in the middle of nowhere. The battery jacket doubles-up as a case protector for the iPhone 6 and facilitates in hassle free charging of your phone which can be a real hassle with portable battery banks.
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Say goodbye to bendgate with Gresso aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6

Gresso aluminum iPhone 6 case

Bumper case cover for iPhone 6

Amidst all the Bendgate fiasco iPhone 6 accessories seem to be pouring out in number, owing to the popularity of the Apple smartphone for so many years now. Gresso is looking to cash-in on the opportunity and has come up with a case for iPhone 6 that protects it from any bending or pulling out your hair which is called as the Hairgate issue. Gresso aluminum bumper case for iPhone 6 is lightweight and protects your smartphone from nay bending problems when kept in the pocket. To be precise the case can take on weight of 300 lbs via its 2mm back panel made from CNC machined aluminum which is highly resistant to compression and bending.
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iPhone 6 case that morphs your smartphone into a lush green field

iPhone 6 grass case cover

Apple iPhone 6 has had its fair share of limelight for good and not so good reasons like the Bendgate issue. Owing to the popularity of the smartphone it was pretty much evident that there were going to be many case covers that come up for this mobile device. But none is as surprising and kind of niche as this one. A case cover that gives you iPhone 6 the look of a lush green grassy surface that is smooth to touch and feel.
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