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iPhone 7 might get 1960mAh battery, 15 percent larger than in iPhone 6s


There is no word from Apple on the forthcoming iPhone 7, yet, there are so many features we are already guessing the new iPhone will come packed with. One of the most important being a similar design to iPhone 6s sans headphone jack. That said, the iPhone 7 is expected to feature a bigger battery claims Apple leakster OnLeaks, who alleges the iPhone 7 will feature a 1960mAh battery. For comparison, the iPhone 6s has a 1715mAh battery. Read More…

Hacker 3D prints a case to run Android on an iPhone 6S [Video]

Android on the iPhone

Seasoned developer cum hacker Nick Lee is back at tinkering with Apple iPhone to run Android operating systems. After successfully hacking the Apple Watch to run Mac OS and running Windows 95 on the Apple Watch, Lee has gone ahead and found a way to run a full-fledged version of Android Marshmallow on the iPhone. The developer has cloned  Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to design a customized Android Marshmallow that can be run on the iPhone. Read More…

Stacked wireless charging case for iPhone 6s/6s Plus is far better than Apple’s official accessory

Stacked wireless charging case for iPhone 6s Plus and 6s_2

Apple’s own Smart Battery Case is a makeshift option to resolve your battery woes on the rocks. It is definitely not the best one out there but it will have many takers. Now, a third-party iPhone battery case wants to better that with better features and options. Stacked battery case for iPhone is far sleeker than the official battery case or any other options available in the market. It packs 2,750 mAh power and is available for the brand new iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone 6/6 Plus models.
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iPhone 6s Vs. Paper shredder – Watch who wins [w/Video]

iPhone 6s Paper Shredder test

Time and again it has been proved that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are very durable as their casing is made from durable aluminum 7000 series compound. There have been some extreme durability tests performed on both these phones and also their predecessors. Obviously iPhone 6s/6s Plus have both turned out to be quite reliable but iPhone 6/6 Plus has not impressed much. We knew something would definitely test these phones again and that is what the paper shredder is up for.
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Apple iPhone 6S Vs. Ferrari 458 Italia – Durability test of epic proportions

iPhone 6s vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Apple has made sure that iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessors, and all the gruesome testing has proved it right. But strength of iPhone 6S was slated to be tested to the limits by crazy people in this crazy little world. A Ukrainian guy has been doing some crazy experiments with gadgets and technology since 2009 and it was only time before he took iPhone 6S to the extreme torcher. Want to know how strong iPhone 6S actually is? Watch the video that follows and you’ll be surprised, guaranteed!
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Apple fanboys rejoice: Six Apple Stores opening in India for Diwali

Apple-retail-store opening in india

To tap into the every-growing Indian market, which is now a bigger taker of Apple devices than China; Apple has signed a deal with Tata-owned consumer electronics chain Croma to open six Apple Stores in the country as a pilot. The stores will be identical to 460 odd stores Apple has in 17 different countries, showcasing the entire range of products to simplify purchasing for Apple aficionados in India. Read More…

Apple is selling unlocked iPhone 6s and 6s plus online

Unlocked iPhone 6s and 6s plus

Apple is releasing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in Europe and some other countries beginning today; and alongside, Apple has very silently started selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in the United States. The new purchase option is available on its online store. Unlocked iPhone means – you can purchase a SIM-free iPhone 6s or 6s plus that is not connected to a wireless carrier. Read More…

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus teardown reveals pretty innards, insignificantly smaller batteries

iPhone 6s teardown

Many of us have had our hands on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus by now, and we kind off know how it feels in the hand. Since, we have learnt about the phones’ exteriors and features, it’s important that we know how the innards of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus fair, and how they will affect the repairability of the phones. To give us all a first real look inside the new Apple offerings – iFixit has ripped apart the iPhone 6s and 6s plus – this is what they have found. Read More…

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus won’t bend unless you are a hulk!

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus bend test

The anticipation for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was building up months before their release and the main agenda was Bendgate. Issue that bothered Apple beyond comprehension and it wasn’t surprising that for this lot of smartphones, iPhone choose a much stronger material that won’t bend. Prior to the phone’s release, Unbox Therapy managed to get their hands on the 7000 series aluminum casing which is almost three times stronger than its predecessor. Now that the phones have been released we’ve got another bend test thrown our way, but this time around not by Unbox Therapy.
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