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iPhone 6s Vs. Paper shredder – Watch who wins [w/Video]

iPhone 6s Paper Shredder test

Time and again it has been proved that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are very durable as their casing is made from durable aluminum 7000 series compound. There have been some extreme durability tests performed on both these phones and also their predecessors. Obviously iPhone 6s/6s Plus have both turned out to be quite reliable but iPhone 6/6 Plus has not impressed much. We knew something would definitely test these phones again and that is what the paper shredder is up for.
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Apple iPhone 6S Vs. Ferrari 458 Italia – Durability test of epic proportions

iPhone 6s vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Apple has made sure that iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessors, and all the gruesome testing has proved it right. But strength of iPhone 6S was slated to be tested to the limits by crazy people in this crazy little world. A Ukrainian guy has been doing some crazy experiments with gadgets and technology since 2009 and it was only time before he took iPhone 6S to the extreme torcher. Want to know how strong iPhone 6S actually is? Watch the video that follows and you’ll be surprised, guaranteed!
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What happens when MMA fighter tests iPhone 6S Plus in his own style [Video]

iPhone 6 Plus had bendgate issues and since release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, takers have been concerned whether new phones carry the same problem. Technically speaking, they shouldn’t. According to Apple, the new iPhones have toughened Ion-X glass screen and an aircraft grade aluminum casing, sounds tough enough. Few initial tests have proven the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to be tougher and better. But when MMA fighter Luke Rockhold puts them (along with their predecessors) through his roundhouse kick test, they don’t really fair that well. Video above. Read More…