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Giroptic iQ will turn your iPhone and iPad into 360-degree VR cam for €250


Another 360-degree-camera will arrive in consumer market in January 2017 that is offering to turn iPhone and iPad into VR device. Giroptic, a San Francisco-based company has unveiled a small 360-degree camera that provides VR-ready media that can be instantly shared on social media platforms. The camera is of the size of a ping-pong ball and connects to iOS devices through lighting port. The cam offers photos and video recording at a resolution of 4K, which is higher than other competitors in market. Read More…

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle iPhone case is not for everyone

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle iPhone case

Louis Vuitton fans would remember the Petite Malle mini luxury trunk bag introduced by the luxury brand in 2014. At the Paris Fashion Week this year, Louis Vuitton creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere unveiled the Petite Malle iPhone case that caught the attention of just about everyone at the event. The still-coveted Petite Malle trunk bag is already a hit amid the fashion flock, and with this seriously chic phone case Louis Vuitton is slated to bring the charisma of fashion and luxury to tech accessories. Read More…

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera with Pictar

Miggo Pictar iPhone accessory_1

No matter how good the smartphone cameras get, you’ll never be able to get the feel of a real camera buttons. That is all set to change with the Miggo Pictar accessory for iPhone. This camera-like housing for your phone has a shutter release button, zoom ring, cold shoe mount, dials for tweaking the camera shooting settings and much more. The software of this accessory communicates with your iPhone to lend a camera like functionality which you can actually feel while taking photos.
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Best iPhone 6S/6S Plus accessories to grab this season


Every smartphone needs compatible accessories to realize its potential to the fullest. There are a lot of different options for iPhones on the market, so it’s quite difficult to choose those which are really effective. To make things a little bit easier for you, I conducted a survey among DesignContest professionals (those who use iPhones, of course) on the matter of the most useful accessories they use. Let’s go through what I’ve got for the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
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iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro case with embedded charging cable on the back

Soso case charger for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro_2

Whenever you buy a new smartphone or tablet one thing that you instinctively look for in the package is charging cable. To keep your phone juiced up at all times you need to carry these charging cables with you which can be a hassle at times, especially when you have an ultra-busy lifestyle. So a phone/tablet case with charging cable embedded into it won’t be a bad option at all. This is Soso Charge Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus and iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini/2/3/4 designed to solve half of your woes with a USB charging cable embedded in the back of the case itself.
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Just in Case you want to record voice calls on your iPhone

Just in Case iPhone case_3

Ever felt the need to record calls on your phone? For any reason, be it problem with your spouse or someone threatening you over the phone? There are any number of reasons for which you might want to record a call so, you’d say phone recording software is a good option but it has a large set of limitations and impracticality. That is the reason why an Israel-based firm has developed an iPhone case which has independent call recording features. With Just in Case JIC case you can stop and resume call recording feature anytime you want. The accessory can be important for journalists, undercover agents, spies and other people with such intentions.
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Tesla reveals iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leather case for just $45

Tesla Design leather iphone case

Tesla Motors is making a lot of electric cars with a vision to change the complexion of automotive technology in the coming decades. The interiors of these cars are obviously draped in world-class upholstery and there must be a lot of waste leather that can be put to good use. Elon Musk has put the waste leather retrieved from Model S car seats into making iPhone cases that look appealing. A very nifty idea indeed and great for Elon’s business as he’ll make more money by selling these cases under the division Tesla Design.
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Belkin Charger Dock charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously

Belkin Charger Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

I know you would be very proud of owning both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. But how do you charge the two – ah, different cables, different points. To give you single point option, Belkin has launched a Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone – first-of-its-kind dock that lets you charge both your prized Apple gadgets from the same dock. Read More…

iPhone screen protector that magically removes grease from the surface

e-race screen protector that removes oil automatically_1

Every time we touch our smartphone or bring it near our faces to listen to calls, the dirtier it gets. More of this activity and you keep depositing grease, dirt and other impurities on your phone’s screen which can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause illness. Keeping this in mind, a research team from William Carey University has contributed in the development of a screen protector that cleans itself. Called as e-RACE, this product from Reactive Surfaces Ltd. has a special natural enzyme which breaks down grease and eliminates it from the glass surface to banish any fingerprint marks.
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Znaps transforms smartphone’s charging slot into magnetic port for easy charging

Znaps magnetic charging adapter-1

Almost all life’s easiest solutions are coming through Kickstarter it seems. Latest project is for an easy way to revolutionize your smartphone charging. As MagSafe connector user, we’re sure you are not aware of the charging issues; but others will be familiar with frayed charging cables and the struggle of finding the slot to plug in the charger. Znaps, a new kickstarter campaign is type of MacBook’s MagSafe-style charging adapter, which transforms your mobile phone’s charging port into a magnetic connection. Compatible with almost all mobile devices including iPhone and Android, the Znaps supports both MicroUSB and Lightning cable. Read More…