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Kissenger iPhone accessory simulates a kiss in real time

Kissenger iPhone accessory

Smartphones have really changed the way in which you interact with your friends, family and lover. It has made possible on the go video calling capabilities over the internet, so that you never feel alone, especially in a long distance relationship. But there comes a time when you long for physical intimacy. Perhaps, you desperately need Kissenger, a kissing messenger that simulates the caress of a real kiss.
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Hitcase iPhone case by S3 Performance turns your smartphone into a GoPro

S3 Performance Hitcase iPhone Case

There’s an inherent risk in taking a selfie while you’re in a kayak that’s floating in the middle of a lake or sea—your iPhone may get drenched in water. Even when you’re not close to large bodies of water, there’s always the risk that you may be caught in the rain unprepared which will most likely spell ‘game over’ for your iPhone if it comes into contact with the slightest contact with water. You should remember that any damage caused by liquids is not covered by Ap­ple’s warranty, so it’s best to opt for a protective casing such as the S3 Performance Hitcase, which is engineered for the ultimate adventurer.

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Interview: Suman Mulumudi, creator of Steth IO iPhone case that doubles as a stethoscope

Steth IO by Suman Mulumudi

A few weeks back we showed you one of the most innovative technology by a teenager that uses iPhone as a stethoscope. The Steth IO case for smartphone, developed by Suman Mulumudi who unearthed the hidden capability of iPhone’s microphone to detect heart beats very precisely, can even better a stethoscope. So we had to get an interview done with this ingenious kid who is on the course of making the most tech savvy stethoscope that you could ever imagine of. A stethoscope that is actually your iPhone case. So read on for what Suman had to say about our inquisitive queries and you’ll surely be amazed by his intellect.

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15-year-old creates 3D printed iPhone case that doubles as stethoscope

Steth IO iPhone case by Suman Mulumudi

In the age when other teenagers are busy with their homework or catching up with friends on Facebook, 15-year-old Suman Mulumudi has created a 3D printed iPhone case which turn the smartphone into a stethoscope. Dubbed as Steth IO, the stethoscope in a smartphone provides audio and visual data about heart sounds, which possibly results in better diagnosis. To use, slot the iPhone into the case, then using the advanced microphone of the iPhone, the case can assist in hearing, visualizing and recording the slightest sound of a heartbeat. This means, the Steth IO iPhone case transforms the smartphone into a better stethoscope than the conventional one used by doctors, all thanks to the addition of visuals and finer audio data of even the quietest heartbeats. Read More…

Shoot 360 degree photos of 3D objects with your iPhone

If you want to shoot flawless 360 degree photo sequence of objects with your iPhone then this is the best thing you can bet money on. Kurumiru 3D 360 degree photo style platform is up on Zenmono crowd-funding platform for its future prospects. This Japanese product is one accessory that all iPhone users who are passionate about photography will appreciate, as it gives a very different and eye-pleasing profile of products/objects/toys etc. Kurumiru has an extension arm to hold the iPhone and a rotating platform to create all this magic. The accessory is perfect for creating 3D profile of products for online shopping portals or 360 degree view of your own creations.
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Christmas gift ideas: Perfect gifts for photographers

Gifts for photographers

As a photographer and geek who loves to capture everything that you see, nothing can be better than getting a cool camera and a complimenting kit of lenses to explore every ounce of your shooting talent. And what better time than Christmas Eve to get yourself the most high tech shooting camera and accessories that will turn you into a sensation as everyone will want to get themselves clicked by you. Even if you are a nature lover or action sports lover; getting a good camera and the right camera accessories is determinant in the end resulting photographs on paper. We embarked on getting you some of the coolest cameras and their accessories that your friends would envy, so take a ride into the world of high-end photography with this compilation of some of the coolest cameras and camera accessories.
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Ultra-portable Nova wireless flash for iPhone

Nova wireless external flash for iPhone

iblazr external LED flash for smartphones really shocked us with its functionality and universality.  With a motive to tap into the similar market but with a little more focus is the all new external iPhone flash – the Nova. Nova wireless flash is a color temperature adjustable credit card sized external flash, which syncs with the iPhone using Bluetooth. For now the Nova is only compatible with the iPhone, Android compatibility for Bluetooth 4.0 devices could be included soon. It is extremely portable, yet something every photographer would want, thanks its light quality and brightness control facet. Read More…

myLED attaches to iPhone, blinks to indicate email notifications


Steve Job’s design idea behind the iPhone was to make a device that features few buttons and no indicator lights. But that may not necessarily be how you wanted the iPhone to be – especially when you get pissed with the annoying sounds iPhone makes to indicate a new email, Facebook or Twitter notification. Now, to make things a little like you’d fancy, Perfect Gear Agency (PGA) in Japan has introduced the myLED – an accessory to notify an incoming mail, Facebook or Twitter update using blinking LED light. Read More…

Mutator shuts down all the sounds of your iPhone when needed

Mutator for iPhone

If you are bugged by your iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch that does nothing more than muting the ringtone and ignores all other sounds from apps, sound effects for camera, voice memos or Siri then you need to get the Mutator. It is a physical switch for your iPhone that mutes all sounds and can be really useful for business meetings, funerals, concerts, movies or any other situation where your iPhone coming alive with loud sound can be a real downer for you as well as others around you. A simple little accessory designed by Ron Adair of Salt Lake City, Mutator does so by blocking the headphone port of your smartphone as it fools you phone into thinking that the sound has to be channeled through the 3.5 mm jack.
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Humanoid iPhone 5 stand dances to your tunes

Tomy iPhone Stand

After having seen some really innovative iPhone accessories to enhance music experience, if you thought there wasn’t anything getting better Japanese are out with Tomy iPhone Stand-an iPhone 5 dock that dances to your tunes. Compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 the humanoid-shaped Tomy iPhone Stand moves its limbs to the beats of the music played. Using the iPhone Stand is easy, just attach the iPhone to the stand, turn on the music and your buddy is good to dance.
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