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Interview: Sharad Mulchand, designer of Fleur de Leather iPhone cases


Market is flooded with leather iPhone cases, but not all of them come with multipurpose credentials. Taking a slightly different stance without losing form and key functionality of the object, a New Orleans-based architect-urban designer Sharad Mulchand has come up with a line of protective and functional leather cases with a country flair. The handmade Fleur de Leather iPhone cases not only house your handheld smart device but also offer a small storage space for credit cards, cash, etc. Multi-functionality is a term that rules our mind and forces us to browse through his complete custom -made collection. Meanwhile, we had a chance to converse with the designer, who answered our questions very genuinely and generously. Here is what he had to say.

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Custom-made Fleur de Leather iPhone cases by Sharad Mulchand

Fleur de Leather iPhone cases by Sharad Mulchand

When it comes to iPhone cases, we have seen a large share of them in different shapes, sizes, materials and makes. Yet, Sharad Mulchand, a New Orleans-based architect, designer finds a niche for his protective and functional cases. He has designed a line of handmade, custom-sized Fleur de Leather iPhone Carry Wallets in timeless classic designs.   Read More…