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iOS 9 overview: 11 most Integral features to know before upgrading

Important features of iOS 9

Apple has made some serious product launches this past week and it was at the Hey Siri event we learnt that new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices was rolling out on September 16. Living up to the expectation, Apple launched iOS 9 on schedule. iOS 9 runs on the same hardware as iOS 8, it is not visually very different and it also feels almost like iOS 8 – but still, there are host of difference, which you must know before upgrading. Read More…

iPod nano and shuffle get colorful touchup, might launch in two weeks’ time

Apple iPod

When iPod Classic was released in 2001 it revolutionized the portable music player industry. But in the last decade or so its popularity has been shadowed by all the fancy new mobile devices that do much more than just playing music. So much that Apple no longer considers it a priority in its scheme of things for the long run and therefore has also removed a direct link to the iPod product page from their official website. However the Silicon Valley giant has made it clear through an update to the iTunes 12.2 software that iPod still sits in the back of its mind.
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Apple’s approach to retail is truly inspiring

Apple retail store

It’s no secret that Apple has transformed itself into a juggernaut of the retail and tech world, building its customer base with staggering numbers each successive year. The real secrets to Apple’s success are in the minutiae of its operations, and the processes it employs to keep itself at the top of the scoreboards. With practices revolving around interconnected digital worlds, evolving tech, and paying attention to market demands; Apple has given itself a name and unmistakable brand in the eyes of consumers. The real question is how can you apply these genius tactics to your own business? What makes Apple’s operation so profitable? And is your business primed to take up the mantle with its own twist? Read below to find out what Apple is doing, why it works, and how you can implement these strokes of genius in your own business.
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iPod controlled digital scarecrow prevents animals and rodents from destroying your crop

High tech Scarecrow

Are your crops getting destroyed by wild animals? A constant fear of the crop being raided by monkeys, rodents or elephants always plagues your mind? If you are on the receiving end of such crop raids then a research group from Western Kentucky University and collaborators in Africa could have the apt solution. They have developed a new age digital scarecrow that uses an iPod to deter wildlife from destroying your crops by keeping them off your fields. The project being funded by National Science Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ BREAD program uses a motion-activated scarecrow that is connected to an iPod capable of playing sounds that wild animals don’t like too much. Along with the deterring sounds to amplify the warning effect flashing strobe lights and scents from predator’s urine, alarm the animals to keep off the territory.
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Philips DCM5090/10 Docking system delivers thumping audio for Apple devices and more

Philips has been a pioneer in field audio technology for decades now and it was eminent that they came up with an iPhone docking system that delivers high-fidelity immersive audio with extended support for CD’s and USB devices too. With capability to produce thumping 3.1 surround sound at 200W power output the Philips DCM5090/10 Docking system has a hidden subwoofer for those low frequency deep music vibes. Loaded with advanced pure digital sound processing technology the performance of this speaker system is exponential compared to other docking stations currently up in the market.
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PodKit Watch and ClipClok are the new age iPod watch accessories

Simon Kwan, an American-Taiwanese product designer originally from Quincy, Massachusetts has come up with PodKit Watch + ClipClok watch accessories that will change western world’s perception about Chinese products. The PodKit Watch is a perfect amalgamation of personal geeky gadget with a flavor of classic gentlemen’s pocket watch which has two chains so that you can wear it as pendant, accessory for bags or clip it onto clothing. The design comes with a spring loaded cover which protects iPod Nano’s touchscreen display and when you open the cover it changes the display mode from power saving sleep mode to active one and then the user can press the power button to check time.
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Keep on Turnin’ features Vinyl player, CD player and iPod dock all-in-one

Turntables now are only a common site in museums, shops selling antique stuff and luxurious homes, but with keep it turnin’ you could have one decent stereo system to grace your abode and fill it with melodious sounds. From the house of Valerie Hebel, the keep it turnin’ turntable cum iPod dock, brings back the pleasure of music in a very retro modern style. Read More…

iXoost docking audio system for iPhone and iPod is orchestra of sound and metal

Have a look at this hand-built iPhone/iPod docking station and your eyes will surely pop-out from the sockets. Called as iXoost, this has to be one of the best combinations of elegant design, form factor, audio performance and the intuitiveness of the designer Micro Pecorari. The name itself is inspired from English pronunciation of the word ‘exhaust’ and being the brain child of Matteo Panini this iPhone/iPod is one that will completely blow your nuts out. Designed completely by craftsmen based in Modena gives the iXoost a unique feel and look which cannot be matched by any other docking station so far. Having a 140 W active subwoofer the music is amazing with acoustic details providing an unparalleled listening experience.
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8 Ball Audio Sideball replaces your speakers, iPod dock for good

Talented audio engineers and dedicated designers have immaculately designed the really impressive 8 Ball Audio Sideball audio-video furniture. For some reason if you have been looking for an alternative to replace your conventional TV stand and furniture, then 8 Ball Audio Sideball, with iPod slot on top is actually the piece of furniture worth drooling over. Measuring 120cm wide, 40cm deep and 30 cm high, the Sideball (with spacious top to accommodate your TV, and iPod integration) incorporates ultimate hi-fi quality speakers, emitting brilliant stereo separation for a full engaging sound quality that can well travel at a ramge of 39Hz ~ 20Khz.

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Turntable Rider morphs your BMX bike into a turntable for DJ’ing on wheels

A team of creative engineers at Cogoo – a Japanese bike-sharing service – has given a BMX bike an amazing facelift that turns it into a turntable. The pair of wheels, using a DJ toolkit that comes packed in a Pelican hard suitcase, creates real deep beats as the rider jumps and plays tricks on the bike. The project is named ‘Turntable Rider.’ The project transforms wheels of the bike into jog wheel, brakes in to sound samplers, and the handlebars into a crossfader.
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