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JVC Kenwood RV-S1-S iPhone 5 dock delivers deep quality audio

JVC Kenwood is all set to release a high quality iPhone/iPad woofer system that delivers thumping audio. JVC Kenwood RV-S1-S with its 130mm (80mm/5W +5W caliber) twin super woofers has a roundish cylindrical design and an independent 4 inch 40W amplifier to realize mid-range powerful bass and treble. The bass can be adjusted according to the listening environment desired and the dedicated 1.13 cm twin sub-woofer makes a punchy delivery for the digital audio streaming from your iPhone/iPod. The speaker dock is equipped with SD card slot and USB so that you can listen to audio by slotting in the SD memory card or plugging-in the USB gadget like MP3 player. The speaker dock weighs 6.3 kg and has dimensions 615 x 267 x 196 in width, depth and height.
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iXoost docking audio system for iPhone and iPod is orchestra of sound and metal

Have a look at this hand-built iPhone/iPod docking station and your eyes will surely pop-out from the sockets. Called as iXoost, this has to be one of the best combinations of elegant design, form factor, audio performance and the intuitiveness of the designer Micro Pecorari. The name itself is inspired from English pronunciation of the word ‘exhaust’ and being the brain child of Matteo Panini this iPhone/iPod is one that will completely blow your nuts out. Designed completely by craftsmen based in Modena gives the iXoost a unique feel and look which cannot be matched by any other docking station so far. Having a 140 W active subwoofer the music is amazing with acoustic details providing an unparalleled listening experience.
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