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Fully functional, life-size Iron Man suit is the best thing to own right now


If you’re an Iron Man fan, here is the most special New Year gift for you, provided you have deep pockets of course. The Chinese toy manufacturer Toys Asia has created a life-size fully automated model of Iron Man’s Mark 43 armor spotted in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Toys Asia that has been designing licensed life-size Marvel toys since 2014, has spent over two years developing 1:1 scale model of the Iron Man suit. Read More…

Real-life Iron Man lifts off the ground in his homemade rocket propellers

Iron Man Rocket Propellers

We have following really cool Iron Man-themed stuff all this while. Some have been Iron Man Costumes while others have been arc reactors or similar stuff. But, no one ever thought of actually taking off like Iron Man powered by rockets producing 50 pounds of thrust. This DIY attempt almost fulfills that dream. The reason I say almost, because it would have landed him in trouble for legal reasons. And these responsible DIY’ers didn’t want to tinker with the law and took a detour. Iron Man won’t take on the law, would he?
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TRON Legacy’s World + Iron Man’s Style = TRONman action figure

TRONman action figure

TRONman action figure

Superheroes are nothing but a manifestation of our own craving. The liking to become a hero that the city loves, and of course you need to have superpowers for that. These desires have been age old and starting with their representation in comics, the modern day superheroes rule the silver screen these days. So do their merchandise and the mini-figurines which are very popular. These action figures are found in virtually every kid’s closet and even on the desk of die-hard superhero loving geeks. Sam Kwok seems to be one of them, but he has given the superhero of today a new refreshing twist.
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Tony Stark fan builds cool ‘LEGO Iron Man’ glove for himself


Tony Stark gadgetry is coming more handing with every sequel to Iron Man and Avengers series Marvel films. Remotely controlled suite that can dissemble and assemble itself in Iron Man 3, and now a Iron Man glove that hands out of Stark’s wristwatch in yet to be released “Avenger : Civil War”. Second trailer of the film shows Stark stopping a bullet using his handy glove he was wearing as a watch. That sounds cool. Read More…

Chinese Iron Man robot destined for space missions is a true superhero

Iron Man Robot Xiaotian

While Iron Man is all the rage in western world, Chinese are building one of their own behind secret doors. At the 17th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai, China’s aerospace agency showed-off their space robot which very closely resembles the Iron Man. They call it ‘Xiaotian’ which means Little sky. Unlike its superhero looks, the robot is destined to do some very responsible tasks like undertaking space station missions, mostly the unmanned space probes.
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What’s moving this incredible 9-feet tall laser shooting Hulkbuster?

Hulkbuster costume

At first sight this might seem like a huge prop, but be advised there is a man inside it. Of all the Iron Man-inspired DIY suits that we have seen thus far, this one is visually more intimidating and bigger too. This Hulkbuster suit by Thomas DePetrillo is almost 9-feet and 6-inches tall and it took the maker around 1600 hours over a period of one year to make. As big and bulky as it does look; quite amazingly the costume is lightweight enough for Thomas to move around in real time.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition phone annihilated in the name of bend test!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition phone annihilated in the name of bend test

Iron Man Themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one cool looking smartphone that is simply irresistible. Being a limited edition phone, this gadget has attracted quite a lot of attention and for the right reasons too. However, when you buy this phone limited to just 1000 units, and then treat it like a rag doll for no apparent reason, it’s complete insanity!
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Get these Iron Man themed gadgets and you’re already a superhero!

Iron Man Gadgets

One superhero that has captured the imagination of many out there is surely Iron Man. This modern day, one man army against the evil is super cool and inspires many to follow suite. So it is pretty obvious that gadgets inspired by Iron Man are quite popular and in plenty out there. So, let’s check-out our choice collection of the best Iron Man themed gadgets that are too hard to resist and you’ll like for sure.
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Iron Man themed PS4 controller that you can also make for just $50!

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

PlayStation 4 gaming console that looks intimidatingly cool, this is the first though that struck my mind as I lay eyes on this picture. It is the work of Reditt user [touchmeinthebeard] who used some smart work to turn an ordinary looking PlayStation 4 controller into an Iron Man themed controller that looks flashing gorgeous and would go perfectly with the Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The DIY is quite easy to accomplish and is not as extensive as the Steampunk PS4 project, so read on further.
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Chinese Iron Man suit looking for its superhero, as the maker is bit too chubby!

Chinese Iron Man

Iron Man Suit begging for an owner!

Cheng Chen, a 27-year old engineering graduate, has fabricated his own iconic Iron Man body suit by just spending £55 (approx. $83.75 USD) in six months, just to find out that he is bit too flabby to fit in it. Chen is a movie buff and while watching Iron Man movie with his younger brother, this idea struck him to build his own personal Iron Man body suit.

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