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How action FPS games are inspiring online casino gaming

Online Casino Gaming

The general perception of casinos has changed ever since online casinos came into the picture. Back in the old days, a casino was only associated with shady characters like gangs, marijuana smokers, mobs etc. Today, the image has completely changed as more people get used to the idea of gambling. In fact, now it is a place where people can mingle and play their favorite games to have some fun.
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DIY Iron Man helmet with motorized faceplate makes you look like geek dork on the streets

Solid, robust, hi-tech, and a life savior are the words that define the Iron Man. Here we will tell you about a project related to life-sized wearable Iron Man MkVI Armour from Iron Man 2. The faceplate and the eye lights are one of the most fascinating aspects of the Iron Man’s armored suit. The helmet can actually be duplicated with a little of know-how so as to make a motorized faceplate that look cool and too geeky.

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