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Fully functional, life-size Iron Man suit is the best thing to own right now


If you’re an Iron Man fan, here is the most special New Year gift for you, provided you have deep pockets of course. The Chinese toy manufacturer Toys Asia has created a life-size fully automated model of Iron Man’s Mark 43 armor spotted in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Toys Asia that has been designing licensed life-size Marvel toys since 2014, has spent over two years developing 1:1 scale model of the Iron Man suit. Read More…

Indian engineering student builds real-life walking Iron Man suit

Vimal Govind Manikandan iron man suit

The cheapest of exoskeletons cost thousands of dollars, but that could stand to change with the new creation by an Indian engineering student who has built a low cost wearable walking-assist. A real-life walking Iron Man suit, this is created by Vimal Govind Manikandan, of MES College of Engineering in Kerala. The battery-powered, functional exoskeleton is capable of lifting heavy objects, and is built on a budget of $750 (approx. ₹50,000). Read More…

What’s moving this incredible 9-feet tall laser shooting Hulkbuster?

Hulkbuster costume

At first sight this might seem like a huge prop, but be advised there is a man inside it. Of all the Iron Man-inspired DIY suits that we have seen thus far, this one is visually more intimidating and bigger too. This Hulkbuster suit by Thomas DePetrillo is almost 9-feet and 6-inches tall and it took the maker around 1600 hours over a period of one year to make. As big and bulky as it does look; quite amazingly the costume is lightweight enough for Thomas to move around in real time.
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I bet you’ve not seen anything like this Iron Man armor before

Asgardian Iron Man armor by Prince Armory

I have to be very honest with this (without sounding promotional) – having seen endless number of Iron Man costumes in time, I will have to hand this with top slot for being the best out there. Designed and developed by Samuel Lee of Prince Armory; the Asgardian Iron Man full body armor is made from leather and brass hardware. Like me, you may want to own this suit, but sadly, this is one-off and is not for sale; however, you can be lucky, since Prince Armory is ready to discuss custom orders. Rest assured you will need bloody deep pockets to own it. Read More…

Chinese Iron Man suit looking for its superhero, as the maker is bit too chubby!

Chinese Iron Man

Iron Man Suit begging for an owner!

Cheng Chen, a 27-year old engineering graduate, has fabricated his own iconic Iron Man body suit by just spending £55 (approx. $83.75 USD) in six months, just to find out that he is bit too flabby to fit in it. Chen is a movie buff and while watching Iron Man movie with his younger brother, this idea struck him to build his own personal Iron Man body suit.

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Iron Man suit complete with arc reactor made from cardboard

Peter Bruce Iron Man costume made from cardboard

30 August is an epic day of geek culture. Fans of sci-fi, gaming and comics will all gearing to get a glimpse of some of the neediest cosplays at the CamCon event in Cambridge. One cosplayer who is certainly going to impress one and all at the geek culture convention is 28-year-old Peter Bruce. Peter, a cinema worker by profession, has crafted an Iron Man suit from cardboard and papier mache and has painted it in the Iron Man colors. Read More…

Homemade animatronics Iron Man suit rivals the real thing

Homemade Iron Man MK-III suit

Out of all the Iron Man Suit DIY projects that we have features so far, this one impressed me the most, simply because it is fully functional animatronics version of the real Iron Man MK-III. Professional jeweler Jerome Kelty who is an avid prop maker for movies, as a hobby, took over the suit made from fiberglass by his friend Greg Hatter who needed help in completing the suit. This homemade Iron Made Suit has 20 servo-motors, digital sound board and 4 Arduino micro-controllers that control the various sections of the suit individually.
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20-year old Taiwanese student makes wearable Cardboard Iron Man Suit

DIY Carboard Iron Man suit by Kai-Xiang Xhong

The world is fascinated with the idea of Iron Man, and no wonder why so many creative beasts are embarking on the idea of making their version of Iron Man suits and accessories. 20-year old cardboard artist and student from Taiwan, Kai-Xiang Xhong has made Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit using just corrugated cardboard. What’s even more surprising is that it can be worn and one can walk freely or move body parts while wearing it. This artistic student took time from his free hours and made this amazing Iron Man suit over the course of one year which is a herculean effort considering he is a full-time student.
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Chinese dad creates Iron Man suit for his little kid

Iron Man suit DIY

In this fast paced life working parents get very less time to interact with their kids, only on weekends perhaps. But an intuitive DIY can compensate for all that lost time as your kids get overwhelmed with joy at the niche creation. A Chinese dad, Huang Chu from the Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province who didn’t get much time to spend with his son apart from the few minutes of bedtime stories in the evening decided to give his child a gift that is priceless. An Iron Man suit with his own creative twist that cost him only 300 Yuan (US$49) and a month to put together.
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Iron Man suits to be mass produced with injection molding technology?

Mass produced Iron Man suits

We have prattled about a myriad of Iron Man related DIY designs, with the latest one being talked about in today morning itself. However, as veteran geeks, we are seriously bamboozled by this tidbit coming from the vast realm of the net based grapevine. According to sources, there is a bold design proposal to commercially produce Iron Man suits with their ‘bells and whistles’ of electronic features. Christened as the Iron Man Mark III project, the crowd funded endeavor will be undertaken by the so-called Iron Man Factory, a design team/company (with expertise in injection molding) based in Shenzhen, China.

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