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6 tech-filled pumpkins for a geeky Halloween

Firebreathing pumpkin

Halloween is come around again. We like Halloween and jack-o-lantern. But, just in case, you are bored of the good ol’ jack-o-lantern sitting on your porch, start carving some tech-embedded pumpkins for tomorrow. If you’re thinking where to start, here are six inspirational pumpkins to begin with. Just be sure of preserving the pumpkins before you fit them with electronics or explosives. Hopefully, this time you’ll love your geeky jack-o-lantern. Read More…

Fire breathing Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin for this Halloween

Fire breathing Jack-O-Lantern

All Hallows Eve also called as Halloween, as we know it, is here and people will show off their own props and makeups to celebrate the remembrance of people who have deceased. [Rick] has created his own fiery version of Jack-O-Lantern which is darn easy to make as it uses an automated air freshener dispensing flammable spray. The pumpkin thereby breathes fire 4-5 inches of fire, a tell-tale sign of danger for anyone who comes near. The distance of fire being thrown is controlled by a trigger that is actuated by an Arduino and Parallax Ping))) sensor.
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