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This bike water bottle collects vapors from humid air and makes it drinkable

Fontus solar powered water bottle filter

As a biker you are constantly in need of hydration and water is the best source to go for. But what happens when you have been pedaling for miles and there is no water in your sipper or anyplace nearby? To get over this problem Austrian startup Fontus has developed a water bottle that extracts water vapors from the air and then filters it to give you one less worry while on your adventure. The solar-powered water bottle has a hydrophobic surface which sucks any traces of water particles from the air and then filters it at the rate of 0.5 liters per hour.
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Student develops Express Dive, a lightweight underwater breathing system

Express Dive System by Cathal Redmond

Cathal Redmond, a 26-year-old student at University of Limerick has developed a portable and lightweight underwater breathing system. Called the Express Dive System, this innovative product will allow divers to breathe underwater for up to 2 minutes. The dive system which recently won the 2015 Irish James Dyson Award is a step forward for small scuba systems. It comes packed with an air tank, air regulator and a compressor which will allow divers to enjoy and explore the underwater world in a better way.
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Battery-powered upper body exoskeleton Titan Arm wins James Dyson award

titan arm

Two things that really fascinate me about exoskeletons is the ease with which they assist the differently abled and the way these increase human strength immensely. Following the application and its design magnificence, Titan Arm – a battery powered robotic exoskeleton has won the 2013 James Dyson award, which signifies that the future of humans with super-strengths is finally nearing reach. Developed by four mechanical engineering students at University of Pennsylvania (who will get $45,000 with additional $15,000), the prototype robotic arm augments the upper body strengths by almost 40 pounds and being customizable, the exoskeleton can be tweaked to handle a lot more. Read More…

Hand gesture controlled Rumble speaker

Rumble Speaker

A very new kind of wireless speaker with no buttons or switches has been created by Fredrik Waernes from Switzerland which is an altogether different approach to developing high quality audio gadgets. The inspiration for making this speaker came from the way in which we interact with forms in our daily life, moreover Fredrik wanted to take a detour from the usual way of experiencing music. And hence came into existence the Rumble speaker which in itself is the switch and button to control the audio properties like play, pause, volume up and volume down. By transferring the motion and interaction into the speaker itself, a new kind of solution to controlling sound came into existence. With the use of Bluetooth and three axis accelerometer technology, he managed to create a speaker that in itself is the switch and button for actuating properties of audio played.
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Hop automatic moving suitcase follows you wherever you go

What would be the next step in evolution of a suitcase? A self-driven one which follows its user at the airport so that one has to never ever bother about lost luggage. Rodrigo Garcia has invented prototype version of a suitcase called Hop that follows its user wherever he/she goes. The design is intuitive and it also made to final leg of James Dyson Award purely because of its application in the various situations like if you have lost your suitcase and if it happens to be the Hop, you will find it in no time. Boosted with three build-in sensors which triangulate position of the user’s mobile phone which is sending signals via an app, Hop suitcase automatically starts to follow the user. Movement of the suitcase is actuated by a microcontroller which provides input for the caterpillar system having compressed air.
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