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8 meter tall robotic dinosaurs debut in a hotel hall in Japan

Robotic dinosaurs

A Japanese company has brought to life one of the largest and heaviest animals to ever walk the earth. The company called On-Art Corp unveiled large human-controlled robotic dinosaurs at a hotel hall in Japan, where the dinosaurs stomped and roared loudly to impress one all with the realism of might and structure. Modeled after fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs, the realist replicas are made from carbon fiber. Read More…

Drones dancing to traditional Japanese music with Mt. Fuji as the backdrop

Sky Magic Drone Entertainment show at Mount Fuji

When you look at drones, they are a glimpse of the future dominated by flying machines. These semi-autonomous gizmos have captured the imagination of every geek out there, and the possibilities of what can be done with a drone are very much endless. In the latter half of last year we saw the mesmerizing Guinness World Record set by 100 drones swaying to the tunes of Beethoven. Now, it’s time to head Far East and watch a group of drones spray their magic with Mount Fuji as the backdrop during sunset.
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Goku gliding on Flying Nimbus in the streets of Taipei

Gku Flying Nimbus Cloud in Taipei

Hoverboards have not been in the good books in the last few weeks for all the trouble they have got into with explosions and setting on fire. Perhaps, this is the best time to employ them in rocking props which amaze the crowd and create a lot of buzz. Inspired by the Aladdin Magic Carpet that took New Yorkers by surprise, this Flying Nimbus brought a smile to everyone on the streets of Taipei. Yes, the yellow cloud which Goku uses for commuting in Dragon Ball Z made a surprise appearance in the city, thanks to Youtuber Yes Ranger dressed as the animated hero.
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Japanese kid gets a 3D printed hand thanks to mom’s herculean effort

Seigo 3D printed hand

3D printed prosthetics have gifted many kids around the globe a new lease of life which is great for humanity. The kind of costs involved in making 3D printed prosthetics is far economical to the more hardcore prosthetics which are almost out of the reach of many people. One such company that has been helping kids with new economical prosthetics is e-NABLE and their first such initiative was helping Liam, a South African boy with missing fingers back in 2013. Incidentally, Yukako from Japan came across the story and found out that her son Seigo had a similar hand to the boy. Thankfully she decided to go for the 3D printed prosthetic hand and since then Seigo has been having a good time with the new artificial hand.
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Self-driving taxis coming to Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics

Robot Taxi

Self-driving cars are emerging to be the prime vision of the near future where automated vehicles will rule the streets. That dream is inching closer to reality as we have many prototype self-driving cars that promise safe ride even in the crowded streets that are not getting less busy in the coming years. Yet another development is taking place in Japan where a company Robot Taxi is on the verge of bringing robot taxis to the streets by 2016. The company is a joint venture between internet company DeNA and self-driving car technology company ZMP with support from the Japanese government.
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Rock-paper-scissors robot enjoys 100 percent success rate against humans


Researchers are not only working on robots that help make life easy for us. They are already building robots to compete with the humans and also amid themselves – ready for a robot war are you? Realistically, we have seen a ping pong robot nearly impossible to defeat; and here we have a rock-paper-scissors robot delivered onto us by researchers in Japan. The robot is not just good at the Janken (aka rock-paper-scissors), perhaps it’s the best humans have come to know. Read More…

Unique rubber transistor is highly flexible and ideal for smart clothing

Rubber-based transistor AIST

When it comes to fabricating smart clothing, right choice of transistors for embeddable sensors has been one of the major challenges for researchers and developers. Now, a transistor that claims to be soft and flexible like clothes has shown a new ray of hope. The transistor made from rubber is a research work of scientists from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. AIST transistor has been confirmed to have very high tensile strength, which makes it highly resistant to bending, stretching and breaking. Read More…

Don’t fall for Erica dude, she’s just a hyper-realistic robot

Erica robot

Erica – A humanoid robot that feels so real

Japan as a nation seems to have an upper-hand when it comes to developing life-like robots. Impersonating human body language, speech and facial expressions is not an easy task and perhaps the ultimate goal is to create a humanoid robot that is somewhat close to what was shown in the movie Ex Machina. To our surprise an extremely human-like robot has just been revealed in Japan and it is downright impressive.
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Machine VS. Human: Can this one-armed robot match the skills of a master Japanese swordsman?

Yaskawa Bushido Project

Yaskawa Motoman MH24 robot arm against Isao Machii , Iaijyutsu Master

Robotics has fast evolved into a field that in a way is the flashback of human evolution, looking up to a future that will be assisted by machines in more ways than not. These mechanical machines are eventually going to evolve and match us humans, and for good I hope. However we are still in that metamorphosis phase and another example of a robot matching the complex skills of a human is demonstrated by the Yaskawa Bushido Project which puts Yaskawa Motoman MH24 robot arm against Isao Machii , Iaijyutsu Master a 5 times Guinness World Record holder in sword cuts. Read More…

Henn-na: World’s first hotel staffed by robots to open soon in Japan

Henn-na is the world's first hotel staffed by robots

A very unique hotel is all set to open on July 17, 2015 at Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan. Named Henn-na Hotel which translates to Strange Hotel in English, it will be the world’s first hotel to be staffed by robots that will look like humans. During the first phase of the project, we will see the opening of a two-story hotel with 72 rooms in July this year. If the experiment comes out as a success, there are plans to open a similar robot-powered hotel with 72 rooms in 2016.
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