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This gymnastics robot has got some sick skills

Gymnastic robot

Robots are really evolving into machines that are more convincing, efficient and have superhuman capabilities. If a robot were to challenge a world class gymnast, how would it fair in the challenge? By the look of things it would be a stiff challenge for the most agile gymnast out there, and it’s just the beginning. This Japanese robot has got some sick skills when it comes to being spatially aware, along with the agility to move lighting fast moves.

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Softbank opening exclusive phone store run by Pepper robot employees

Pepper Phone Store_1

Pepper, the cute robot companion just got a promotion by SoftBank Group Corp., and it is a responsible task to say the least. The Japanese phone carrier giant announced that Pepper Phone Shop is going to be staffed by the robot itself and that is a niche move to attract customers. The shop is scheduled to open from March 28 – April 3, 2016 during the business timings of noon to 7 PM and people can shop for new SoftBank smartphones or have a look at the new contracts by the provider.
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Rock-paper-scissors robot enjoys 100 percent success rate against humans


Researchers are not only working on robots that help make life easy for us. They are already building robots to compete with the humans and also amid themselves – ready for a robot war are you? Realistically, we have seen a ping pong robot nearly impossible to defeat; and here we have a rock-paper-scissors robot delivered onto us by researchers in Japan. The robot is not just good at the Janken (aka rock-paper-scissors), perhaps it’s the best humans have come to know. Read More…

Personal Carrier Robot – Automated electric wheelchair with collision avoidance system

Personal Carrier Robot wheelchair by Aisin Seiki

Aisin Seiki has developed a robotic wheelchair in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology and other companies including Nippon Signal Co Ltd. Under the Project for Practical Applications of Personal Care Robots. The wheelchair christened as Personal Carrier Robot can go at a top speed of 10km/h and is completely safe courtesy its collision avoidance system based on 3D range image camera, laser range sensors and a compatible software that does all the calculation.
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Auto-writing Japanese robot by Gakken

Automate writing robot by Gakken

Blokes from the Far East never seize to amaze us with their unique and useful creations that solve some inherent purpose. This time too, it is no different as Gakken and Maywa Denki as they have come up with an automated writing robot that captures our imagination. Dubbed as Automa-te, this auto writing hand is also known as Auto-Writing Machine which writes in Japanese. The machine works by having a combination of three plates that rotate and are caught by spring-loaded hand to draw the desired shape.
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Thought controlled robotic suit introduced by Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne though controlled exoskeleton suit

Pic courtesy AFP

Cyberdyne, a Japanese robot making company has made a thought controlled robotic suit that it released yesterday. This robotic exoskeleton suit is in-line with their existing expertise of making robotic limbs, joints, exoskeleton suits and cleaning robots. The current version is however one step ahead of all its other robotic products. A mind controlled suit that detects the user’s brainwave signals running through the skin, and then translates them into the right kind of movement like lifting objects or moving forward.
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Ankle Walking Assist Device – Robotic exoskeleton leg for people with walking ailments

Ankle Walking Assist Device

Walking is not as simple a task as it seems for the elderly who are aging and it is an everyday struggle for them. To assist those wearing legs the only option is to get a pair of crutches or wheelchair. But Yaskawa Electric in collaboration with Shibura Institute of Technology and Hiroshima University’s Space Bio Laboratories is set to change that with their latest development. Ankle Walking Assist Device (AWAD) is a kind of robot developed by these pioneering institutes to make life easier for aged people or people suffering from some kind of walking disparity. Made in the form of a boot with support up to the calf muscle and chins, this robotic walking assist also known as neuroprosthetic robot suit runs on a battery pack connected to the waist. The exoskeleton system functions by detecting the foot movement with the help of sensors and as soon as heel hits the ground the robotic system gives a boost to maintain forward movement.
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Autonomous robot cleans solar panels without water

When you have solar panels installed on the roof of a residential or commercial complex, the last thing you want is to have dust accumulated on them and have it impact their efficiency and power delivering capabilities. Understanding that cleaning solar panels can be a daunting task; Japanese have come up with an autonomous robot to help you do the dirty job. Developed by Japanese robotics company Miraikikai (the same guys behind the WallWalker – wall climbing robot) in collaboration with Kagawa University, the prototype robot is made to clean solar panels without using water. Read More…