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Watch: Franky Zapata takes hoverboard concept to new heights with Flyboard Air

Flyboard Jetpack

Water-Jet packs have suddenly started looking bulkier as we watched Franky Zapata’s new video showing him on new hoverboard – Flyboard Air. Instead of water jet, the Air seems to have used a jet turbine engine.  Zapata hasn’t revealed many specifications, but we still know that this thrilling machine can take a man as high as 10,000 feet with a maximum top ground speed of around 150 kmh. With available fuel-pack, that Zapata appears to be wearing as backpack, can keep a man airborne for 10 minutes.
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New Martin jetpack prototype P12 is ready for manned test flight

Latest Martin Jetpack prototype P12

Martin Jetpack isn’t a new story, it is a tale we have always longed to be realized. Thriving on the great response makers have achieved, Martin Aircraft Company has developed another personal jetpack that could make it to stores anytime soon (most likely by next year).  New Zealand–based personal aviation brand has created the P12 prototype, which has received approval for manned test flights. The P12 jetpack under testing features a gasoline engine that powers twin-ducted fans necessary for flight. Read More…

Homemade water propelled jetpack by Chinese father-son duo has precision flight

After featuring the five coolest water powered ways to fly we were sure there are going to be many more in the coming months and this jetpack created by a Chinese father-son duo certainly impressive. Xu Furong and his 26 year old son Xu Tiehong have made their own water propelled jetpack which is tandem-operated contraption using the very basic principle of action-reaction to propel a human being 30 meters above the water surface. The jetpack was shown off on Monday at Haining, Zhejiang province and the jetpack is now being dubbed as Fly Man.
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5 coolest personal water powered ways to fly

Water Powered Ways to Fly

You love water sports and you hate traffic jams, but you need a solution? Well, water powered device to fly you over the traffic congestions could be one outright solution. No, it’s no future, water powered jetpacks and bikes have been made and it’s just matter of time before you’d be flying in one of your personal jetpack or a water powered bike. Though, the technology is really juvenile and nothing besides the likes of a Jetlev-Flyer or a Jetovator has enticed us so far, but it is surely the future of transportation. Hit the jump to see 5 most fascinating water powered ways to fly. Read More…