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World’s fastest jet-powered 3D printed UAV clocks 150 mph

3D printed jet-powered UAV

With a goal to show the aerospace industry just how fast companies can design and develop their aircrafts in the future – Virginia-based Aurora Flight Sciences collaborated with 3D printing specialists Stratasys to develop what is now the world’s fastest 3D printed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ever created. The 3D printed jet-powered aircraft was recently showcased at the 2015 Dubai Airshow, where the UAV managed to achieve speeds of up to 150 mph (approximately 240 km/h). The high speed drone (if we may call it so) is built from lightweight materials, which make it only 15 kilograms in weight. Read More…

$36,000 jet-powered car is for one crazy, rich bragger

Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car

Whenever one hears the word jet-powered, the first image that comes to mind is a vehicle racing past you at break-neck speed. This isn’t different either, and is definitely for ones who have uncontrollable desire for speed that can burn a hole in your pocket. Bob Maddox who is one crazy DIYer when it comes to jet-powered stuff has created a new jetpulse car dubbed by Bob as Pulsejet powered Lakester hot rod show car, that is inspired by the post war years.
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Jet-powered Snowboard will make you experience the G-force

Jet powered Snowboard

For winter sports junkies who want an adrenaline rush without giving a damn about any safety issues, this DIY is ideal. A jet-powered snowboard that could cut your fingers or severe your face! Alright, enough about all the things that could go wrong while riding this power-boosted snowboard, and on to what could be the advantages. Imagine you are on a slope and want a thrill rush but can’t build enough speed to do so. Jet-powered snowboard is the apt gadget you need to do so.
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Rocket-powered bicycle shatters land speed record

Rocket powered bike Thermo Engineering Swiss Rockeman

Rocket powered bicycle breaks speed record at the Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France

The land speed record for a rocket-powered bicycle has been broken by François Gissy from France at the Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France. Thrusting at a speed of 333 km/h in just 4.8 seconds for a distance of 250 meters, he has now officially broken the Guinness World Record in the peroxide-powered rocket bike having three thrusters. The bicycle has the thrusters fastened to the frame of this ordinary looking bicycle that is a bit elongated to accommodate the boosters.
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Handheld jet engine propels creator to speeds of 50mph in Chasewater lake

Handheld jet powered engine

Jetpacks are good, but a handheld electric jet engine to propel you forward in water is something out of the ordinary. Doug Foden, who is an engineer has made an electric jet engine surfing device in his garage and it took 2 years for to complete. This electric thruster can propel a full-grown adult to speeds of 50mph in open water and needs quite a skilled rider to maneuver it around. That of-course Doug is good at as he took his handheld jet-propulsion device for testing to the Chasewater Lake in Staffordshire.
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Shockwave, world’s fastest jet-powered truck hits speeds approaching 400mph

Vehicle fitted in with jet powered engines are fast without doubt. And Neal Darnell’s Shockwave powered by three jet engines is the world’s fastest jet powered truck. Hitting speeds approaching 400 miles per hour, the Shockwave is a four ton, full size truck with 36,000 horsepower. Shockwave holds the world record for being the fastest truck at 376mph (605kmh), which makes it capable of leaving a Japanese bullet train behind in a mile dash. Read More…

Going 0-60mph in nine seconds on a jet-powered coffin car

jet powered coffin-car

When everyone else was busy making spooky pumpkin contraptions for Halloween, there was one man who was building a jet-powered coffin car. Bob Maddox, who has a passion for building amazing jet-powered bikes, cars and skateboard etc., had a long time fascination of building a jet-powered coffin car. The daredevil and DIY jet enthusiast Maddox has finally  built a jet-powered coffin car that does 0-60 in nine seconds. Weighing only 400 pounds, the coffin car draws power from a pulse jet engine.

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Boeing 502 jet engine powered dog house is a cat’s worse nightmare

Jet powered dog house Snoopy

We have seen super powered shopping cart and other things on wheels that no one else would dare to make, but this time around is a dog house that steals the show. Made by the duo of husband and wife based in Indianapolis, Indiana, this 1,000 HP jet-powered dog house boasts-of a 30 feet flame throwing Boeing 502 engine and can hurl to a speed of 75 mph. Paul Stender is aged 48 but still he and his sports entertainment team Indy Boys Inc. have the adrenalin rush to create this jet-powered dog house called Snoopy after being prompted by his school children to do so. Build on a go-kart chassis, Snoopy was put together with the help of his wife Therese aged 29 years. Since this bloke has made other jet-powered creation in the past too like jet-powered toilet and school bus therefore making a jet-powered dog house no big deal for him.

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OpenSky M-02J jet-powered glider could be a way to fly soon

opensky jet-powered glider by Kazhiko Hachiya

We’ve seen jet-powered gliders in a few movies including the Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind – an animated Japanese movie – but we never imagined it could be a reality someday. A man named Kazhiko Hachiya believed it was possible, and after a decade of hard work he has given us all a reason to believe flying high solo could be possible someday – so, after the jetpacks, our ancestors have yet another reason to envy our prowess to be fly like a bird. Taking leaf from the work of fiction in the Japanese movie (referred above) Hachiya has (since 2003) been testing and designing his very own M-02J jet-powered single-person glider, which is on display at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda Center in Japan, until September 16. Read More…

Colin Furze’s ‘garage made’ jet powered bike goes up to 50 mph

Jet powered bicycle by Colin Furze

It may seem a bit unfair on our part, but we have to say – jet powered bikes are not really novel anymore in the realm of vehicular technology. However, what is still exciting is the level of whimsicality one brings to the focus, especially with eccentric conceptions like the above pictured Colin Furze creation. A self-proclaimed ‘garage inventor’, Furze from Lincolnshire already has a few amusing Guinness World Records to his name – like, the world’s longest motorbike and the world’s fastest baby stroller. And, now the Britisher has created a jet powered bike that remarkably travels at 50 mph (around 80.5 km/hr).

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