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World’s only forensic jeweler identifies victims using a completely new technique

Forensic Jewellery Expert_3

Whenever a natural disaster or crime scene needs to be investigated, a forensic experts is called in to do the job. To identify the unrecognizable body of a person who has unfortunately succumb to the event, a forensic expert can literally dig the ashes and recreate what happened at the crime scene and help authorities get hold of the criminal. Now, a now kind of forensic method has come to the fore. 27-year old Maria Maclennan, a Scottish student has become the world’s first forensic jeweler who identifies victims from the jewelry they wear. This started as a part of her project at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design which involved identifying victims through their jewelry and helping police.
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MS Tech: A smart wearable for your Valentine

Chinese company develops Ms Tech necklace

Looking to gift something unique and stylish to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Although, the festival of romantic love is still about a month away, it better to be well prepared in advance with all the plans and gifts. Chinese tech startup MT is there to help you with the right choice of gift for your tech-savvy valentine. The company has developed MS Tech, a smart necklace that besides offering a sophisticated and graceful look also packs some advanced features. Unlike other hi-tech wearables which while focusing on advanced features don’t pay much attention to the look of the wearable, the MS Tech necklace looks pretty elegant and well-suited for formal occasions and casual parties as well.
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Solar powered ‘Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace’ from Lumen Electronic Jewelry

Solar powered ‘Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace’ from Lumen Electronic Jewelry

Lumen Electronic Jewelry has designed a wonderful Twinkling LED Dragonfly necklace, which is powered by tiny solar cells attached on the included circuit board. The blinking part is the focus, but more than that, the idea to use solar power is an additional compliment of this wearable jewelry. This piece of jewelry is a hard work of four years by the combo of a brother and his sister. Both of them are engineers and share great thought compatibility.

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Smart jewelry for the tech-conscious geeks

Smart jewelry for the tech-conscious geeks

Tech savvy jewelry that you’ll love

Wearable technology is all set to engulf majority of the geeky section around the globe and the trend is just setting into action. One aspect of wearable technology is the use of tech savvy smart jewelry that not only adds to your look but also lends some special functionality. It looks good and at the same time helps you in achieving certain goal like keeping track of the amount of calories burnt. Smart jewelry is most definitely going to dominate the fashion industry and trends in the near future which is going to be wearable technology infected. In the past we have had many examples of cool tech savvy jewelry impressing the readers, so it is high time we put some light on some of the best ones. Have a look at these digital age ornaments that shape the future of technology and fashion.
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Is Neclumi projection-based interactive necklace, jewelry of the future?

Neclumi projection-based necklace

Personally speaking, I don’t think anyone would be willing to trade gold and other precious metals for light; at least not in the near future. But, this is exactly what an ambitious jewelry project from a Polish design and art group panGenerator is demanding from us. panGenerator has designed Neclumi – a projection-based interactive necklace, believing projection-based jewelry and wearable devices could be the future. Read More…

Core Jewels One – NFC enabled diamond ring makes you a digital diva

Core jewels NFC diamond ring

NFC-enabled diamond ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and in this tech savvy era it should stay the same. Probably that is why a Tokyo-based jewelry maker Core Jewels has amalgamated the goodness of shining bright diamond ring with the modern technology of NFC (near field communication). Christened as One, the NFC-enabled diamond ring can be used by the user to unlock private information by just hovering it over the object. For example it can be used to unlock private files like pictures or video clips stored in the cloud. In the future it is expected to be used for making e-money payments, unlock smartphones or other functions too.
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Twist:ID lets you forget all your passwords

TwistID by Juliette Neveu

Remembering all the passwords of our different accounts across the web is a mindboggling task. Well, here is a simple solution that will free you from all the hassle of storing and memorizing your passwords. Twist:ID by digital designer Juliette Neveu is a connected piece of jewelry that manages all your passwords to access online data by accumulating a combination of shapes. Each account is linked to different shape of the cubes and each twist gives access to the user without having to use a password. Combining digital identity to the physical world, the smart gadget connects to any type of interface and stays with its owner all day along.
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Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner – Invasive jewelry that harnesses body energy

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner

Energy Addicts by Naomi Kizhner attaches to wearer’s body

We have been so rigorous in our consumption of non-renewable sources of energy that now it is renewable and also some unexplored sources of energy that we want to harness. With the rising demand of eco-friendly sources of energy, one intuitive designer has her own vision of harnessing energy. Naomi Kizhner, an industrial designer has put forth her vision of invasive jewelry called Energy Addicts which makes your body as the source of energy. The vision is to make jewelry that is embedded into the surface of skin to harness the kinetic energy generated from the flow of blood in the veins.

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Ringly buzzes on your finger when there is a notification on smartphone

Ringly Smart Ring

Forget smartwatches or other contemporary wearables as smart technology is now launched in a new shape with bling, especially for women. The New York start-up has recently unveiled Ringly, a stylish smart ring that alerts the wearer about smartphone notifications, texts or phone calls by vibrating and blinking a flash of light on its stone. Christina Mercando, CEO and cofounder of Ringly, created this smart ring to offer an easy solution to all busy women who usually miss out important phone calls, texts or notifications because they cannot hear the phone ringing in their purse. Read More…

Amulet Computational Jewelry connects seamlessly with fitness and health trackers

Amulet Computational Jewelry

Researchers from Clemson University and Darthmouth College have made computational jewelry that supports mobile health tracking applications from your wearable fitness devices and mobile devices. Called as Amulet Computational Jewelry, this wristband like device keep an extensive track of wearer’s physical activity and monitors overall body health. Not only that, the device is made in such a way that developers can create intuitive health applications that fit seamlessly into everyday life. They can develop apps that fully exploit the capabilities of your smartphone’ hardware and constricts the gap between the computing with a mobile device and wearable device.
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