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Lebanese designer build’s world’s first bulletproof headscarf


Celebratory gunfire is an unchecked crime in many countries including Lebanon. While hundreds of people become victim to this problem each year, countries are not ready to take this problem seriously. Thankful, one designer based out of Beirut has addressed the issue in his own creative way. The designer called Salim al-Kadi has developed a headscarf (keffiyeh locally) using Kevlar, a material used in bulletproof clothing and vehicles. Dubbed the K29 Keffiyeh 001, this new invention by Kadi is billed as the first bulletproof headscarf ever made. Read More…

US Army will get blast-proof wallpaper to secure temporary hideouts

Blast-proof wallpaper US Army

Generally, soldiers prefer to take shelter in abandoned brick or cinderblock structures instead of building temporary structures themselves. These are good hideouts only until a missile or some other projectile comes ramming into the structure blasting shards of brick and mortar to kill the occupants. To save lives of troops in such defensive hideouts, engineers at U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) have developed all-new blast-proof wallpaper that is lined with Kevlar fiber threads and is embedded in flexible polymer film. When blast occurs, the wallpaper installed on the walls of the structure, acts as a net to catch the rubble, which would otherwise blast out in all directions to seriously injure soldiers inside. Read More…

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by O.A.M.C. is toughest pair money can buy

Kevlar Radial Low Shoes by OAMC

Not that if I fear being shot in the feet someday, but I definitely love the kind of protection these only-of-its-kind Kevlar Radial Low Shoes offer. Developed by Over All Master Cloth (O.A.M.C.) in collaboration with well-known French shoemaker Atelier Heschung, the dress kicks are made from bullet-resistant material, Kevlar, which is used primarily in body armors and ballistic protection gear. The specially crafted Kevlar Radial Low Shoes feature lightweight Kevlar upper construction, and accents along the collar and the heel are made from supple calf leather. Read More…

Socks that will never wear out thanks to military grade Kevlar carbon matrix material

What is the primal reason to replace your socks and buy new ones? They have small hoes, drooping fabric or worn out bottoms because of frequent wearing. Now wouldn’t it be great if you wear a pair of socks that never ever worn out no matter how frequently you wear them in any kind of environment? Surely that would be cool and for this very reason Socrates socks are up for crowd funding on Kickstarter and by the look of things will achieve the funding goal easily so you can expect to wear the cleverest socks ever in the coming months. Made from military grade Kevlar-Carbon Matrix which is flexible and incredibly comfortable these socks will never let you down as they are specially tailored for casual or business attire.
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Adastra Luxury Superyacht dances to the tunes of an iPad

The world (especially industrial designers) tends to look at superyachts as future of our transportation that will overtake conventional means of commuting in coming years. Though they are helping their case very well by designing such amazing yachts. Adastra superyacht, for example, that mimics a trimaran, is a 42.5 meter long luxury yacht commissioned by a Hong Kong-based shipping industry billionaire Anto Marden. The yacht that hit the headlines back in 2011 took more than five years to complete, and saw the day light on the 12th of April in China’s Pearl River.
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Carkoon car seat protects your child in event of accident and automatically dials 911

Child safety is a very serious matter while driving a car. Taking this subject into consideration, a British inventor has created a baby car seat with active airshield technology that cocoons the child during a car accident. Built-in fold-over airbags open up on impact and wrap the infant in bubble without chocking off the air supply. The cocoon, unlike a conventional car airbag, stays swollen and stiff enough to protect the child from falling objects. Also, the integrated trigger system automatically dials the emergency number 911.
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Liquid body armor that hardens on impact is much lighter and stronger than traditional armors

Global defense, aerospace and security firm BAE Systems have developed a liquid gel material that can be used in body armor for soldiers to ward off bullets and knife stabs. This new revolutionary material is known as ‘Shear Thickening’ liquid which can be stuffed inside ten layers of Kevlar which is 45% thinner than the conventional body armors made from Kevlar layers, approximately 40 layers. What this does is, it makes the body armor much lighter and flexible to wear especially in hot and humid regions like Afghanistan or Iraq giving soldiers much more freedom in movement and reducing the fatigue time considerably.

The most interesting property of this material is that it has special molecules which collide and stick to each other whenever they are disturbed, and more the disturbance the more tightly they stick to each other producing an impregnable layer of liguid goo which expands the area over which impact energy is dispersed. This way it decreases the probability of injury due to bullet pieces forcing the traditional body armors inside leading to painful bruising, cracked bones or ribs and trauma to internal organs.

At this point in time the body armor can withstand bullets from 9mm handgun and the next step is to render bullets impotent from other powerful weapons like AK-47.

Via: FoxNews/TGdaily