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DIY: The coolest wireless LED keyboard you can make at home

DIY LED Keyboard

Hackaday.io user [AnonymouSmst] has created this uber cool keyboard which is not only good looking, but also smart in many ways. This wireless keyboard is a whole console in its own rights with 62 Cherry MX mechanical switches, 68 RGB LED backlights, 2 joysticks, 128×32 pixel OLED display and RFID/NFC chips for the communication bit. The brain of this smart keyboard is ATMEGA2560 chip which keeps all the electronic components in sync for seamless experience.
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Logitech Create keyboard turns 9.7-inch iPad Pro into lightest laptop yet


9.7-inch iPad Pro, as Apple claims, has all the makings of a good laptop that until there is a keyboard. Many iterations of keyboards including Apple’s smart keyboard for iPad Pro have hit shelves, but none have been as impressive as the Logitech Create 9.7, which is ideally the most effective keyboard for the Pro. Tailor made for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the smart keyboard works with iPad’s smart connector. The keyboard instantly works as it is hooked to the smart connector – no pairing or charging required. Read More…

Microsoft’s Word Flow app makes one-handed typing a breeze on iOS devices

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app_1

As smartphone users we all like to have a keyboard app which can make meaningful predictions and also feels smooth to use. There are many options in both App Store and Google Play to download such applications. The popular one being SwiftKey which Microsoft acquired last month for $250 Million. Now Microsoft Garage project has made another exciting announcement for iOS users in US. The silicon giant has announced Word Flow keyboard for free in the Apple Store and unlike any other app this one is indeed focused on productivity and ease of use.
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LG Rolly Keyboard 2 is a hot accessory on my wish list this year

LG Rolly Keyboard 2

Last year LG came-up with a catchy rollable keyboard and riding on success of that cool accessory, LG has released the next version. Rolly Keyboard 2 has been announced by LG with a few changes that will please the proponents of this peripheral, including me. Instead of rolling into a square like the first version, Rolly 2 will roll into a pentagon because it has 5 rows of keys instead of the 4 in earlier version. The new key management means you have special characters and line spacing similar to that in a laptop keyboard.
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Apple patents MacBook touchpad surface design sans any keypad

Apple Keyless MacBook

Apple filed a patent in September 2015 and for some reason has made it public. This patent is about a trackpad for MacBook which replaces the keys and turns the machine into one big trackpad sans any keyboard. Titled “Configurable Force-sensitive Input Structure for Electronic Devices” the patent shows a division of the laptop area in four sections, all of which are touch sensitive. One big section where you would normally find a keypad, the center touchpad and two adjacent touchpads. The idea is to eliminate the need for any physical keys and have one huge configurable area where you can set the keys you want, and where you want them. Apple calls it a zero-travel input structure where the MacBook has no keys or moving surfaces

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$295 ErgoDox EZ keyboard won’t seem that pricy given its features

ErgoDox EZ keyboard_3

When I first saw this $295 keyboard on Indiegogo, I had my doubts. But the more I learned about it the more I thought it was worth every penny. ErgoDox EZ mechanical keyboard can be labelled as the world’s most ergonomic keyboard that has been funded 179% of its original goal. Good news is, you should prepare yourself for this open source keyboard design which is easy to put together and tailor to your specific needs. It has two different adjustable wing pieces for resting your wrists and four metal legs which help in setting up the ergonomic position which is great for people like me who have to write a lot using the keyboard.
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Microsoft to launch Windows Phone Word Flow Keyboard for iPhone

Word_Flow_keyboard for iPhone

According to an email sent out to select Windows Insider testers, Microsoft could soon be looking to make its famed Word Flow Keyboard available for other OS platforms, beginning with iOS. The email does not suggest when the Word Flow will be released publically on iOS, but we learn Microsoft is already set to test the keyboard broadly on iOS, which suggests the innovative keyboard could be coming to the iPhone in coming months. The benefit of Word Flow keyboard is that it’s far more fluid, easy to use and more accurate than the default keyboard on iPhone. Read More…

NEC develops ARmKeypad – Augmented Reality keyboard for your arm

-NEC-ARmKeypads Augmented-Reality-Keyboard

Fancy a scenario wherein Iron Man style you could control your mobile devices from a keyboard on the forearm? If you do, NEC has just made it possible with their keyboard for the sleeve of your hand called the ARmKeypad. According to NEC, a user can project an augmented reality keyboard on their forearm using eyeglasses and a smartwatch. The special pair of glasses allows the user to see the keyboard projected on the arm, which will not be visible to anyone else. Read More…

iPad Pro announced with Apple pencil and smart keyboard, everything you should know

12.9-inch iPad Pro

If you are someone who always dreamt of a gigantic iPad; Apple granted your wish true at its mega press event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco – welcome the ‘iPad Pro’. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iPad Pro is the “biggest news in iPad since the iPad.” The latest edition of the iPad tablet (as rumors suggested) features a 12.9-inch display and comes with a complementing stylus and a keyboard. The iPad Pro with the keyboard seem to be designed to inroad the market left vacant by the Microsoft Surface. Read More…

Portable LG Rolly Keyboard with tactile feedback is the upcoming hot accessory

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

The demand for mobile accessories is already on the high and it will only grow further owing to the increasing demand of mobile devices. Seeing this as a chance to cash-in, LG has introduced the world’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard which will be shown-off at the upcoming IFA 2015 even in Berlin, Germany. The LG Rolly Keyboard (KBB-700) folds along the four rows and takes the shape of a rectangular stick which can be carried easily in your pocket or bag.
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