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Moskito smartwatch turns into bike speedometer when needed

Moskito smatwatch

As reality has hit the tech community, it has become evident that smartwatches are not as popular as they were initially intended to be. But who says that a smartwatch should only do the fancy fitness tracking stuff? Moskito, a start-up company from Berne, Switzerland has created an analog watch that doubles as a handy accessory for your bike. It shows the current speed, distance travelled and the average speed over a designated route. While doing all that it stills beams notifications from your connected mobile device.
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With BRISE your loved ones will breathe healthy air

Rise air purifier_3

Do you know that the air inside your home can be more polluted that the outside air? The tiny, invisible particles of pollution can trigger severe health hazards like asthma, allergies, lung problems, chronic headaches and frequent dizziness. BRISE, is an intelligence air purifier that takes charge of the air you and your loved ones breathe indoors. Plus it will blend perfectly to your home décor, with its aesthetic looks.
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HyperDrive reclaims every missing port in new MacBook Pro

HyperDrive MacBook Pro accessory

The new Apple MacBook Pro came with a hefty price tag minus all the essential ports that you need in your daily routine. For people who rely heavily on the USB, SD card reader or HDMI ports, Apple MacBook Pro 2016 comes with 3 Thunderbolt ports and 2 USB-C ports. That means you have to carry a lot of dongles to get the intended functionality. Thankfully, an accessory promises to solve your woes in the most practical way possible.
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Crowd favorite Airblock modular drone also doubles as a hovercraft

Airblock drone hovercraft

Lately, self-assembled drones which teach you a good bit of electronics have made the headlines. After-all, it is all about making the kids learn basics of electronics in a fun way. Flybrix did it successfully, and now Shenzhen, China-based Makeblock is offering Airblock on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It is a modular drone which comes with individual components which stick together with the good old magnetic power. The drone apparently, also doubles as a hovercraft that glides on smooth ground.
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Hands-on review: Smoovie pocket-sized video stabilizer for smartphone and action camera

Smoovie pocket-sized video stabilizer for smartphone and action camera_3

It’s time for another review, and this time, it’s about a video stabilizer for your smartphone and GoPro. On first look, it might not look that useful, but this accessory is worth every penny. Smoovie pocket video stabilizer is ideal for people who like to create video content using their smartphone or action camera. The idea is to make smooth, jitter-free videos in the most seamless way possible. So let’s have a look at how this compact video stabilizer performed.
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$99 Superbook turns Android smartphone into full-fledged laptop

Superbook turns smartphone into a laptop

There have been previous attempts by HP and Motorola to turn a smartphone into a laptop. For some reason the experimentation didn’t fall in place. Taking that for example, Andromium has launched Kickstarter campaign for Superbook – a laptop shell that comes with a keyboard, multi-touch trackpad, built-in battery and screen, but requires an Android phone to be connected via USB for processor. The Superbook will then use the processor, storage and operating system of the smartphone. Read More…

OvRcharge wireless charger levitates your smartphone in mid-air

OvRcharge levitating wireless charger

Wireless chargers have been around for quite some time now, and there’s nothing special when a new one rises over the horizon. But things are different when a wireless charger levitates you phone in the air. Now, that’s a cool wireless charger to own, don’t you think so? But, there is a downside to the OvRcharge wireless charger too. That being, it charges your phone very slowly while in levitating mode. If you are ready to bear with that hassle, you’ll have a cool looking phone that levitates in mid-air. And mind you, the base can even levitate a light-weight tablet.
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BauBax Apparels – Clothing wirelessly charges your gadgets without any hassle

Baubax wireless charging apparel

More often than not you find yourself stuffing things in pockets of your clothing, and then later on searching them with the hand. These days everyone wants to have clothing which can accommodate things in an organized manner and also do much more than that. Seattle based startup BauBax has got a very interesting line of clothing for all you out there. Clothing that can charge all your modern day gadgets wirelessly. The company has over a dozen wearable technology embedded clothing products right from jackets to wallets which wirelessly charge your smartphone, smartwatch and other compatible devices.
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Used to listening subwoofer bass? Now feel it with Basslet wearable

Basslet wearable_1

Berlin-based startup Lofelt is on its way to change how you listen to music. For audiofiles who like their bass to be crisp and thumping, this new way could be feeling (rather than listening) the bass generated. Basslet is a wearable gadget that can be worn on the wrist and enjoy bass in the music. So, you can call it a wearable subwoofer which is apparently first of its kind in the world. It’s more like feeling the deep sensation of bass in audio, rather than listening it through your ears. Basically it adds another dimension to your gaming or audio listening experience, perfect for people who want something unique.
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Bike Mine alarm scares bicycle thieves with 150 dB explosion


Almost a half of active cyclists have their bikes stolen at some point in time. Startling but true! Generally police departments have other sensitive issues to deal with, so once gone, only 2.5 percent of stolen bikes are recovered. Irrespective of lack of infrastructure, bike parking facilities and police commitment, the problem of bike theft is not trivial. Bike hacker Yannick Read based out of London understands this and has therefore developed a deafening alarm in Bike Mine. When thieves attempt to move your bike, Bike Mine detonates a 150 decibel blast sound leaving behind smoke and sparks. Read More…