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Kinect-powered physiotherapy app Vera gets FDA approval

Kinect-powered physical therapy app

San Diego, California-based Reflexion Health recently received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) go ahead for its Microsoft Kinect for Windows-based motion tracking application for physical therapy. The app called Vera with the approval becomes one of the only few FDA certified digital medicine companies to use innovative methods and tools to impart care more effectively and in an engaging manner. Designed to use Kinect’s motion sensor and camera to help people with their physiotherapy, the app will have a positive effect on patients and doctors. Read More…

Microsoft Xbox One will come minus the Kinect controller for $399

Microsoft Xbox One gaming controller comes without Kinect

In a move to give the stagnated sales of Xbox One gaming console a boost, Microsoft has thrown in the towel and decided to sell the Kinect controller separately. As you would know, the Kinect motion sensing controller came bundled with the gaming console, but due to stiff competition from Sony PlayStation 4, they have decided to sell Kinect individually to give the shave of around $100 off their gaming console. Microsoft will sell Xbox One gaming console for US$399 from June 9, which is almost same as the Sony PS4 controller, and hopes to revive their dwindling sales soon.
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Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle keeps driver’s distraction level to zero

Toyota Drive Awareness Research Vehicle DAR-V Sienna

Geeks following LA Auto Show 2013 will be keenly looking forward to seeing power-laden sportscars, luxury coupes and technology embedded into the vehicles for a better experience. And to quench the thirst of automotive fanatics Toyota is going to show their latest technology that seeks to minimize the driver distraction even before stepping into the car. Toyota’s Drive Awareness Research Vehicle (DAR-V) made from Toyota Sienna car in partnership with Microsoft Research looks to prevent accidents by developing a way to sustain driver’s attention and awareness on the road ahead rather than other things like changing the song of the playlist being played. According to Chuck Gulash, Director of Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC), cars these days have so many HUDs and gauges demanding user’s attention that chances of accident increase on roads.
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CakeRobot – Gesture controlled robot that you can also make

CakeRobot by Anoop Madhusudanan

This robot christened as CakeRobot is a gesture driven machine designed by Anoop Madhusudanan and the unique thing about it is the ability to maneuver it around using arm and hand movement. Using Kinect for the controller this Arduino powered robot is wirelessly connected to the system using Bluetooth connectivity and a compatible app. Anoop has listed all the hardware needed and the method to build this cool gesture controlled robot yourself which is generous offering by this Arduino and Raspberry Pi enthusiast. According to him even if you don’t have a Kinect then also you can go ahead with the project as you can use a Windows, Android or iOS smartphone instead.
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Iris interactive monochrome LCD display is new kind of futuristic technology

Have a look at this media canvas having matrix of conventional information display technology having a monochrome LCD that is developed by Korean collective Hybe. Called as IRIS the display can create an amazing spectacle of patterns by controlling the amount of light passing through each circular black liquid crystal capable of opening and closing within a split second. The system is based not on the emission of light from the panels but by controlling the amount of light passing through the panels itself making it an interactive medium for visual simplicity. This is indeed a very innovative concept for futuristic displays which are not dependent on emission of high intensity of light but rather the manipulation of how much is allowed to go through these black liquid crystals.
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Audi City Kinect-powered showroom lets you customize your dream car with gestures

Audi has opened a news dealership near London’s Piccadilly Circus but this one is no ordinary. To everyone’s delight, this is world’s first showroom without any cars. Don’t get surprised; this is a state-of-the-art showroom that lets you select your Audi virtually in Minority Report-style using gestures – thanks to Microsoft’s Kinect and multitouch screens. Read More…

Ford Mustang laden with Microsoft Windows technologies is one hell of a roadster

What do you get when a raw American hot rod muscle car, latest technologies and cloud connectivity are all combined into one? You get the thumping 2012 Mustang retrofitted with Dynacorn’s 1967 Mustang fastback replica body and fitted with latest Microsoft technologies which have never been used in automobiles before this. Also known as the Project Detroit, the heads up display inside the car is laden with augmented reality right in the windshield and Kinect on front and rear provides skeletal tracking along with streaming of videos.
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BoxingBots can pack a heavy punch in the boxing ring

Fighting robots were always on the slated list of technology tycoons and these BoxingBots that can knock the hell out of each other are perfect examples of robotic prowess and agility. Built by the team at Coding4Fun that specializes in coding projects, these six-foot bots use pressurized gas stored in two separate 2.5 gallon tanks having compressed air at 150 psi for mechanical motion. To control these fighting bots players take control with Kinect for Windows-enabled PC which maps the movement of the players themselves.
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