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This supercool Batman Gauntlet shoots blades and masks a knife

Batman Gauntlet DIY

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is just around the corner and no wonder Laser Gadgets is back with their take on it. Patrick Priebe the master DIYer has created this fully functional Batman Gauntlet which shoots blades, hides a knife and looks absolutely cool. The gauntlet has a spring loaded mechanism which works for both the batarang shooter and releasing the hidden knife. This DIY is all about understanding the complexities of weapons that work with spring loaded mechanism, so let’s read less and jump straight to Patrick’s video explaining everything about this Batman Gauntlet.
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The Kunai Twister 2600 gun launches knife at breakneck speeds

Kunai Twister 2600 gun

Whenever Joerg Sprave makes something new, we are ready to pounce on it. And there is good reason for it. This master weapon maker is so good at it after all. His new creation is a rifled knife launcher which by the way is first of its kind and he has named it the ‘Kunai Twister 2600’. The weapon has a rail system which is powered by a battery drill for quickly rotating the knife and a slingshot mechanism pushes it forward in a spinning motion. Joerg admits that the DIY weapon is still in need for some improvements, and I’m sure he’ll get it sorted. Anyhow, watch the Kunai Twister 2600 in action below.
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DIY – Lego Butterfly Knife from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Lego Butterfly Knife from the Call of Duty Black Ops 3

ZaziNombies is back again with another Lego replica weapon. This time around he has made a Lego Butterfly Knife made from around 75-100 Lego pieces and Technic pins for ergonomic handle which folds into itself. Yes the same knife that you encountered in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The Lego replica measures 25 and-a-half cm channel constructed mechanism and the blade is quite stable. It has a dark grayish finish with other detailing which gives it a very futuristic look. He has given enough visual clues in the video for you to make one for yourself.
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Crazy Colin’s functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

Colin makes functional Assassin’s Creed rope launcher and hidden knife

One of the most notorious and realistic weapons shown in video games of current era has to be the arm-mounted rope launcher and hidden knife. Today is the perfect day Colin Furze chose to show-off his fully-functional rope launcher and hidden blade developed in close quarters with Ubisoft. As today Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users and PC gamers will have to wait till November 19 to get their hands on this epic gaming title.
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Arsenal Gun Knife: Self-defense Ballistic knife that fires .22 caliber rounds

Arsenal Gun Knife A gun or a knife? It is both and very cool too. The Arsenal Gun Knife is a self-defense weapon that allows you to carry a knife that opens up to become a .22 caliber gun capable of firing 6 shots back-to-back before loading in more bullets. This AOW (All Other Weapon) ballistic knife made supposedly for the Russian Special Forces is very rare and only 200 (approximately) of these are made for purchase. You can use it as a knife and when you want to fire some rounds, simply pull up the trigger, fill in the .22 caliber rounds and close the lid. The gun has a barrel that can hold 6 bullets at one time meaning that you can fire 6 rounds in quick succession before you need to reload the weapon. Read More…

Functional Swiss Army Knife made out of Lego bricks

We’ve seen some really exciting Lego creations in our time, but there was still scope for a Lego Swiss Army Knife – yes you read that right! And Lego artist Robiwan_Kenobi has made it real with his Swiss Army Knife built out of LEGO Technic and Bionicle parts. Kenobi first built a Lego Swiss Knife back in 2010, since then he has been improvising on it and now he has a functional Lego Swiss Knife ready. The folding mechanism on this one works exactly like the real knife and all four tools fitted within are sort of functional.  Kenobi has put the Lego Swiss Knife on Lego crowdfunding website LEGO Cuusoo, so if you want to see it for real, you can go out and show your support. Read More…

Cut resistant shirt that takes personal security to the next level

Workplace related and other forms of domestic violence have become a matter of deep concern around the globe for quite some time now. For this very reason UK based PPSS Group has developed a cut resistant work wear which can take on sharp knives or broken glass any day, thereby reducing the risk of injuries and accidental injuries. The cut resistant clothing is made from Cut-Tex Pro, a revolutionary high-tech fabric material which could come very handy for personnel working in homeland security sector or private security firm. Designed specifically to comply with highest international standards when it comes to cut resistance clothing, the flip up zip able shirt made from this fabric was on display at Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) 2012.
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Electric Butter Knife finally serves perfectly buttered toasts sans any holes

Sometimes the simplest things in life can be hard to get around simply because there is no intuitive solution that is easily applicable. One such predicament is spreading of cold butter on crisp bread toast which more often than not results in the slice falling apart because that cold lump of butter doesn’t melt. But thankfully a new innovative knife is here to solve this problem.
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