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Researchers in Korean develop e-skin with sense of touch and smell

smelling e-skin korean researchers

We are not new to the concept of ‘e-skin’ aka electronic skin. It’s electronic material which is like human skin in one or more ways. There have been many previous attempts to arrive at an e-skin which is closest in form to the largest human organ; but it’s this latest research from South Korean engineers which has actually achieved something that wan not possible before. The “smelling” e-skin developed by soft electronics researchers in Korea not only senses touch but also olfactory sense. Read More…

Samsung Galaxy Round – Curved OLED screen smartphone promises excellent viewing experience

Samsung Galaxy Round

After seeing the curved OLED display panels that give a much better viewing experience, now Samsung has unveiled their much rumored Galaxy Round smartphone that has a 5.7 inch 1080p HD super AMOLED screen that is curved. First of all, the design is ergonomic as it feels good in hand, and secondly it gives a better view of high resolution content on the phone. The smartphone is powered by a 2.3 GHz quad core Krait processor, 3 GB RAM and features 32 GB built-in memory. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it has a very classy leather back stitched very elegantly. The curved screen of this phone allows for a unique function called Roll Effect which shows date, time, battery level, missed calls, notification etc. when the screen is tilted slightly over towards one side when the home screen is off.

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