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US teen builds laser-based automatic baseball umpire to become better pitcher

Laser baseball umpire

There is an endless debate on use of robot umpires to replace or assist on-field umpires to call ‘ball or strike’ in baseball. That however has not stopped a 13-year-old Virginia-based soon-to-be eighth grader from developing an automatic umpire to help him and other young baseball players to become better pitchers. There are thousands of kids across the United States who play baseball at some level; unlike most of them content with the present facilities, Nick Anglin built himself a laser-equipped umpire called Strikey Sensors that indicates a ball or strike. Read More…

This Iron Man laser glove can induce serious damage

Iron Man Laser Glove

When it comes to making impressive laser weapons and other DIY stuff, Patrick Priebe has no matching rivals who can provide some competition. In this edition of his laser weapons, the German DIY’er has come up with a damage inducing Iron Man Glove inspired by The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie that is absolutely cool. This dual laser firing glove is complete with light, sound and an ejecting shell to make all those simple Iron Man glove DIY’s seem lame.
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LazeeEye turns your smartphone into a 3D camera

Lazeeeye 3D camera for smartphone

Want to turn your smartphone into a 3D camera? Then you’ll have to do LazeeEye (Laser and Eye) some justice. A project up on Kickstarter morphs your smartphone into a 3D camera by using laser illuminator hardware and stereo vision processing app that makes your smartphone camera see like you would do in a real life situation. Let me explain, we see with two eyes and the image created is a 3D vision of the actual world but smartphone camera only has one lens to see from and therefore the image is a 2D interpretation of the real world. So, to counter this LazeeEye makes tricky use of laser illuminator to create a virtual second lens.
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Patrick Priebe’s homemade laser rifle burns through glasses and ice

Patrick Priebe's homemade laser rifle

A few days, ago we talked about how DIYers have created a bevy of replicas from the Call of Duty: Ghosts arsenal. However, this time around, things take a more real (and hence, ominous) turn with a homemade laser rifle. Crafted by Patrick Priebe, who already has the distinction of creating ‘working’ contraptions like the Iron Man Gauntlet and the wrist mounted laser crossbow, the rifle does allude to the dictum – form follows function. In this regard, we are witness to the robust aluminum body of the laser gun that houses a 7 watt infrared burning laser, complemented by a 2 milliwatt red aiming laser. And, what does the setup do? Well, it is capable of burning and cutting holes through glass, ice blocks and Styrofoam!

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Fujitsu’s prototype Laser Headset challenges Google Glass

Project Glass is still only a fancy and we are yet to have a pair of Google Glass rock the market. While Google Glass is probably the best adaptation of glasses-type display, there are other manufacturers who want to post some competition for the might Google Inc. Case in point is Fujitsu who in collaboration with University of Tokyo and QD Laser Inc. has created a head mounted display (HMD) dubbed Laser Headset, which was showcased at Fujitsu’s booth at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2013. Read More…