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Draw iPad case and stand fuses classiness with usability

Draw iPad case and stand

If subtle elegance is your style number, the Draw iPad case and stand from Hard Craft is surely the way to go. Harking back to the retro classiness of stitched leather, the sleeve case also nonchalantly features inner felt lining for snugly keeping your device and a rope closure that adds to the exquisiteness of the scope. Of course, as always, cool designs are not just limited by their visuals; they also showcase their own brand of improved usability. In this regard, the Draw iPad case’s marl grey rope closure comes with a metal stopper to keep your tablet safe and secure. It also doubles up as a stand, when you fasten the rope around the tablet’s base and use one of the sleeve flaps as a back support (as shown in the above image).

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Hot rod draped in Canadian wood bison leather from inside out

Hot rod draped in Canadian wood bison leather

You might have seen cars draped in gold, diamond and other outrageous materials but rarely do we see a car draped up in Canadian bison leather that gives it a very bison like appeal. Created by automotive junkie known as Rustam from Moscow, Russia this hot rod is completely covered in Canadian wood bison leather from inside out. To enrich the look, expensive natural fur has been added to the interiors apart from the bison leather that is everywhere except the wheels. The hood, dashboard, seats and even the engine has been enclosed in specially treated bison leather that can withstand high temperatures and according to the maker comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not only bison leather, but the car also has Swarovski crystals giving it that distinctive royal feel.

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