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Chevy unveils life-sized Lego Batmobile made from 340,000 bricks

Life-sized Lego Batmobile from the Lego Batman Movie

Chevrolet is not a name you’d generally associate with Legos. But the automotive giant has done the unthinkable. In collaboration with Lego Masters, Chevrolet has debuted a surprising new life-size Lego Batmobile modeled after the Batman’s Speedwagon from The Lego Batman Movie. The Lego Batmobile measures 17-foot long and is made from over 340,000 Lego bricks. The Batmobile weighs over 1,695 pounds with the four tires tipping the scale at 100 pounds each. Read More…

1,100 LEGO bricks used to make Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns from Overwatch

LEGO Reaper's Hellfire shotguns-1

YouTuber ZaziNombies is renowned for recreating famous arsenal, from famed video games, completely out of LEGO bricks. His latest creation on the lines is a set of weaponry from Overwatch. ZaziNombies has made Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns using 550 LEGO bricks each. The highly detailed shotguns aren’t the only Overwatch projects he has made. He recently created a 15 pound replica of Reinhardt’s hammer from 4,500 LEGO bricks. Read More…

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft orbits Jupiter with three LEGO minifigs aboard

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft orbits Jupiter with three LEGO figures aboard

On July 4, after approximately five years of journey to Jupiter, NASA’s Juno Spacecraft managed to successfully enter the orbit of the largest planet in our solar system. Considering NASA scientists are at the helm of the project, there was no doubt Juno would make it to Jupiter successfully, what’s strange then – the spacecraft has three logo minifigs onboard. The three mini passengers are – Roman god Jupiter, Jupiter’s wife Juno and the famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.    Read More…

Lego Mark II SkyTrain steals the show at BrickCan

LEGO SkyTrain

At the BrickCan – B.C.’s biggest ever public Lego exhibition – Willing Fong, a Vancouver man and a public transit infrastructure enthusiast attracted a lot of attention for his Lego version of Mark II SkyTrain for which he gave four years (one in making) of his life to this project.

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Life-sized Lego Bat-Signal calls Batman at the Times Square

Lego Bat Signal by Nathan Sawaya

Turn on the Bat-Signal and your superhero will come to save you. That’s the notion we all have lived with being inspired from Batman in Gotham City. Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has built a Lego version of the Bat Signal which you can expect to give a distress call to a Lego Batman in town. Well, that sounded quite imaginative, but this life-sized Lego replica of Bat-Signal inspired from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes you believe so.
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Rolling BB-8 robot with hand-cranked Lego base could be yours one day

Rolling Lego BB-8

We all love Star Wars BB-8 droid don’t we? The Sphero toy gave us a reason to enjoy weekends drooling over the cute little thing and the fun just never ends. Now, two geeky boys give us a reason to want another BB-8 that is going to be so cool. Mark Smiley and James Garrett have made a BB-8 which rolls in its position with a rolling Lego base made from Lego components of a standard set. The mechanism is hand-cranked which makes the BB-8’body roll in one direction. Its head stay in position thanks to the magnets on the inside and outside of its body.
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Innovation award for Lego prosthetic arm that lets children design their own hand


It’s not the kids alone who are appreciative of the IKO Creative Prosthetic System. Jury at the prestigious digital technology summit Netexplo organized in Paris was equally approving and awarded the Lego prosthetic arm, which disabled children can customize to their need, with an innovation award.  The Lego prosthetic system designed by Colombian designer Carlos Arturo Torres of the UMEA Institute of design that allows children to custom build their own Lego accessories won the Grand Prix award at the event.  Read More…

Autonomous Lego Paper Plane Machine saves you the labor of love

Lego Paper Plane Machine

We all love paper planes and the mention of them brings back old memories, doesn’t it? The same can be said about Legos which let loose your imagination to create anything you want. Lego modeler Arthur Sacek has built a reputation for himself as one of the best tinkerers of Lego bricks and perhaps the perfect man for this project. What you see above is a Lego machine which turns any paper into a paper plane, and also shoots it in the air.
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Fully-functional LEGO Fat Man is big and intimidating

LEGO Fat Man from Fallout 4

We have been big fans of YouTube veteran ZaziNombies here at Damngeeky. Alongside all the previously created artwork, the recently developed shoulder mounted mini-nuke launcher the “Fat Man” from game series Fallout 4 has us floored yet again. The fully-functional combat weapon is created from 2,500 plus LEGO bricks. All Fallout fans will be versed with the Fat Man – the most iconic weapon in the game series – and its replica in LEGOs here is the closest man has got at attempting the shoulder mounted nuclear catapult for real. Read More…

Project Fi subscribers get surprise Lego charging stand kit from Google

Google Project Fi Lego charging stand_3

Google’s take on how you use mobile phone networks known as Project Fi has given a fresh start to the users who want quality. Partnering with Sprint and T-Mobile, Project Fi has already proved its worth in the select markets where it has been rolled out. Now the proud users of Google Project Fi have received a surprise gift for the holidays. A Lego charging stand for your Nexus device that can be assembled and used easily.
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