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DFDS employees build world’s largest LEGO ship to celebrate company’s 150th anniversary

World's larger LEGO ShipDFDS, largest shipping and Logistics Company in Norther Europe, is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The employees at the DFDS created world’s largest LEGO ship “Jubilee Seways” using 1.015 million bricks to complement the occasion. You can listen to more details on a video posted by the “Beyond The Brick” in which LEGO artists Warren Elsmore and Julie Broberg of DFDS explained their efforts behind building world’s largest LEGO ship. Read More…

Tom Yoo recreates Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Pirate Edition” sneakers in Legos

Lego Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Edition sneakers_1

Tom Yoo is no stranger to creating Lego sneakers, and some of his previous creations have been impressive. This time around he gives the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 a good Lego replication which looks absolutely eye-catching. Earlier he surprised us with the Lego replica of Jordan XI Concord by Tinker Hatfield and Jordan Carmine VI having catchy white and red colors. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 on the other hand comes in classic all black and white looks. Called as the Pirate Black edition of this popular pair of sneakers, Tom has replicated an Adidas shoe for the first time ever.
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Tony Stark fan builds cool ‘LEGO Iron Man’ glove for himself


Tony Stark gadgetry is coming more handing with every sequel to Iron Man and Avengers series Marvel films. Remotely controlled suite that can dissemble and assemble itself in Iron Man 3, and now a Iron Man glove that hands out of Stark’s wristwatch in yet to be released “Avenger : Civil War”. Second trailer of the film shows Stark stopping a bullet using his handy glove he was wearing as a watch. That sounds cool. Read More…

Large-scale Lego sculptures of DC comic characters to debut in Sydney [In Pictures]

The Art of the Brick - DC Comics -2

If you have an obsession for Marvel comics and Lego bricks, and for an obvious reason want to see the two under one roof – head over to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia, where the world’s largest collection of DC Comics-inspired LEGO artwork is at show. The Art of the Brick: DC Comics, which summons all super hero and super villains is world is work of seasoned Lego artist Nathan Sawaya and is scheduled to open to public on November 21, and it’s expected to remain there until May 1 before going off to a world tour. Read More…

Fully-functional Lego computer seen at BrickCon 2015

Lego Computer by Jeffrey Tom

At the 14th BrickCon this year in Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Jeffrey Tom showed-off his fully-functional Lego Computer paired with a home media server. Joshua Hanlon from BrickPodcast got hold of Tom and asked him about this amazing PC mod which recreates a whole Lego movie like scene on top of this PC. Made from one complete base, the desktop is running Windows 7 OS and the home server running a Windows Media Server 2009.

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Life-size Lego Batmobile crafted from half a million Lego bricks

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

Lego Batmobile by Nathan Sawaya

New York-based Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has been fashioning Lego creations for 10 years now, and his love for Lego artwork provides him a medium to channel his creativity when he is not a corporate lawyer. His best master-piece yet just got revealed and it draws inspiration from Batman’s famous ride, the Batmobile. It is not surprising that someone has made a full-sized replica of Batman’s crime fighting machine, but mind-you it is the first time one has crafted a Lego Batmobile of such huge proportions. To make this 18-feet long Batmobile sculpture, Sawaya took help from acclaimed DC Entertainment Co-publisher and artist Jim Lee.
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