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Duo builds life-size LEGO ABB robotic arm that’s fully automatic [W/video]

Science and technology have come a long way, yet there is little interest for the same in kids and young adults. But with creations like the life-size LEGO ABB robotic arm there is a good chance that kids’ interest can be diverted towards engineering, science and technology. This is not the first, and surely not the last use of programmable Lego to create life-size robots, but detailed Lego ABB robotic arm made entirely from Mindstorms EV3 kit in eight months by two LEGO-building and robotics enthusiasts Kenneth Madsen and Lasse Lauesen, is surely the most spectacular robotic arm to behold. Made from 10,000 Lego bricks and six moving axis, the Lego ABB robotic arm is completely automatic. Read More…

Call of Duty fan fabricates detailed Ghosts weapons from Legos

Call of Duty fan fabricates Ghosts weapons

Playable dogs or not, Call of Duty: Ghosts is surely getting hammered by Metacritic user scores. However, that hasn’t stopped a presumably long time CoD fan (YouTuber ‘ZaziNombies’) from making replicas of almost all of Ghosts’ weapons. The chosen material for the video game induced project is of course the one-and-only Lego bricks. And, the end results are nothing short of boisterously bad-ass! As we can see from the above image, the hand held pistol replicates the Russian standard military-issue side arm MP-443 Grach. And, the best part is – the entirely Lego made recreation is not just cool on the aesthetic level, but also comprises of removable parts and actual slide action.

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