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Innovation award for Lego prosthetic arm that lets children design their own hand


It’s not the kids alone who are appreciative of the IKO Creative Prosthetic System. Jury at the prestigious digital technology summit Netexplo organized in Paris was equally approving and awarded the Lego prosthetic arm, which disabled children can customize to their need, with an innovation award.  The Lego prosthetic system designed by Colombian designer Carlos Arturo Torres of the UMEA Institute of design that allows children to custom build their own Lego accessories won the Grand Prix award at the event.  Read More…

Three DIY Lego prosthetic limbs customizable to user needs

Superhero Lego Prosthetic arm

There are many prosthetics out there; still many people prefer to go without them. There are two reasons – either these prosthetics are too expensive or they are heavy and uncustomizable. The idea to model prosthetics from Lego is to provide users useful, fun and appropriate alternative which can typically be used by both adults and children. Let’s check out the three most exciting Lego prosthetic limbs that are customizable i.e. they adapt well to variety uses. Read More…

Lego prosthetic arm for kids that doubles as a tool to play with

IKO prosthetic system by Carlos Arturo Torres from the UMEA Institute of design

The thought of hooking on prosthetic limb can be sometimes mentally stressing for kids. It is related to self-esteem and the bad perception that kids have around artificial arms. That is what Carlos Arturo Torres from the UMEA Institute of design believed and wanted to fix as soon as possible. Hence he came-up with the idea of IKO prosthetic system (in collaboration with Lego FutureLab and CIREC) that gives disabled kids the freedom to let loose their creativity and use their prosthetic as a child’s play. In-fact it releases them from any negative thoughts and also attracts attention of other kids who just want to get the chance to play with this cool Lego prosthetic.
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