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Flybrix: DIY Lego drone which makes you better at electronics

Flybrix Drone

Sure you can buy all the fancy drones out in the market these days, but where is the fun in that. It would be more exciting to build your own drone, and fly it high. Flybrix wants you to do with its Lego drone kit which can be assembled from scratch. The biggest advantage of making this drone is that you won’t have to bear the huge repair costs in case you break the drone. All it takes is around half-an-hour to assemble the Lego drone, and soar it in the sky. Moreover, it enhances your DIY abilities too, when it comes to electronics.
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Tom Yoo recreates Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Pirate Edition” sneakers in Legos

Lego Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Edition sneakers_1

Tom Yoo is no stranger to creating Lego sneakers, and some of his previous creations have been impressive. This time around he gives the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 a good Lego replication which looks absolutely eye-catching. Earlier he surprised us with the Lego replica of Jordan XI Concord by Tinker Hatfield and Jordan Carmine VI having catchy white and red colors. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 on the other hand comes in classic all black and white looks. Called as the Pirate Black edition of this popular pair of sneakers, Tom has replicated an Adidas shoe for the first time ever.
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Lego Mark II SkyTrain steals the show at BrickCan

LEGO SkyTrain

At the BrickCan – B.C.’s biggest ever public Lego exhibition – Willing Fong, a Vancouver man and a public transit infrastructure enthusiast attracted a lot of attention for his Lego version of Mark II SkyTrain for which he gave four years (one in making) of his life to this project.

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Lego Imperial Star Destroyer having three level interior

Lego Tyrant Star Destroyer

Original Star Wars movie’s opening scene showed the Imperial Star Destroyer make an intimidating entry and the fans love it. For that very reason this Star Destroyer named ISD Tyrant is so popular for so many years now. Imgur user [Doomhandle] looks like a fan of the Star Wars series and that is why he has created a 4feet long Tyrant Star Destroyer from Legos. The replica is so huge that he had to create it in three levels, and not to forget it is almost 70 pounds in weight.
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Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 car is a 1:15 scale model of the real one

Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 car_2

Formula-1 2016 season just concluded its 3rd race in China and although it was ugly for team Ferrari in the opening lap when Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen collided. However, both of them finished in top 5 and it was a good ending to the race. That shows the capability of this year’s Ferrari SF16-H F1 car for the team. Perhaps this is a fitting time to come-up with a replica of the racer. Even better how about a Lego replica?
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Tony Stark fan builds cool ‘LEGO Iron Man’ glove for himself


Tony Stark gadgetry is coming more handing with every sequel to Iron Man and Avengers series Marvel films. Remotely controlled suite that can dissemble and assemble itself in Iron Man 3, and now a Iron Man glove that hands out of Stark’s wristwatch in yet to be released “Avenger : Civil War”. Second trailer of the film shows Stark stopping a bullet using his handy glove he was wearing as a watch. That sounds cool. Read More…

Life-sized Lego Bat-Signal calls Batman at the Times Square

Lego Bat Signal by Nathan Sawaya

Turn on the Bat-Signal and your superhero will come to save you. That’s the notion we all have lived with being inspired from Batman in Gotham City. Lego artist Nathan Sawaya has built a Lego version of the Bat Signal which you can expect to give a distress call to a Lego Batman in town. Well, that sounded quite imaginative, but this life-sized Lego replica of Bat-Signal inspired from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes you believe so.
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DIY – Lego Butterfly Knife from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Lego Butterfly Knife from the Call of Duty Black Ops 3

ZaziNombies is back again with another Lego replica weapon. This time around he has made a Lego Butterfly Knife made from around 75-100 Lego pieces and Technic pins for ergonomic handle which folds into itself. Yes the same knife that you encountered in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The Lego replica measures 25 and-a-half cm channel constructed mechanism and the blade is quite stable. It has a dark grayish finish with other detailing which gives it a very futuristic look. He has given enough visual clues in the video for you to make one for yourself.
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