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These human-like robots are so real you’re eyes will fail to distinguish


We live in a world where distinguishing reality from illusion is becoming difficult to comprehend. Thanks to robotics and technology advancements, creating artificial humans is inching closer to the ultimate goal of perfection. The robots we were accustomed to see till now are no more just a piece of metal with flashing LEDS waiting for their master’s next command. In fact, now robots have become more human-like, both in looks and behavior. The day isn’t far away when robots are going to overtake humans which is kind of scary. For now though, let’s leave that for the future and have a look at some of the most realistic looking humanoids seen so far.
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Leonardo da Vinci robot is too real to believe

Leonardo da Vinci robot by Osaka University team

Recently there has been a growing trend for making humanoid robots that you can barely distinguish from a real human being. Now researchers at the Osaka University have taken this to a whole new level by developing an android which you would mistake for a real person if no one told you that it is actually a robot. To top it off this android looks exactly like Leonardo da Vinci and has facial expression that will make you go wow!
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