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Lexus turns 2017 IS sedan into a gesture-controlled music visualizer

Lexus LIT IS

You have driven fancy cars all your life or maybe if you are not that lucky, you did it in racing games. Four wheelers spark your desire to live life in the fast lane, and if your ride is the coolest in town, it’s an added bonus. Have a look at this 2017 Lexus IS, and it’ll become an object of your desire. Sadly money can’t buy it, as it’s been created as a one off piece. It is draped in 41,999 programmable LEDs which turn it into a canvas for a striking visualization. Frankly, if this was a street legal car, it would grab all the attention on the streets.

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Intel again fly 100 drones in sync with orchestra music in the night sky

Intel Drone 100 Light Show_1

Intel is always pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to micro-chips, but they are also keeping their options open when it comes to doing creative stuff. That was apparent from their record setting attempt to fly 100 drones simultaneously in Germany. Now the tech giant again collaborated with Ars Electronica FutureLab to spray their magic in the night sky with 100 drones.
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100 Drones syncing to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony set a new world record

Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously_2

Drones can be a menace, drones can be lifesavers. The way in which they are used determines your perspective for them. Whatever your perspective might be, this world record setting attempt by Intel will make you look at drones in a completely new way. And with respect I must add. Intel Corporation USA launched 100 drones in the sky in formation to set the new Guinness World Records, but that is not what stunned the crowd. Drones put up a show that is awe-inspiring and you’ll wish you watched it live.
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Spaxels – Fleet of Quadcopters spell-bound with their 3D light show

Spaxels light painting quadcopters by Ars Electronica

Quadcopters can be used for n number of tasks; right from surveillance to rescue operations. But the team of robotics over at Ars Electronica have given them a new dimension of light painting art too. Called as Spaxels, you might take the swarm of these 30 quadcopters for UFOs, as they take to the skies in pitch dark to create complex 3D shapes in the air. Although you cannot identify the art being put-forth by the naked eye, but later on when you see it on a camera with long exposure, the art comes to the forte.
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JBL Pulse wireless speakers with LED light show turn ordinary room into a disco club

JBL Pulse

If music is your life then grooving to your favorite tracks with cool visualizations is the best you can do to release your tensions. Keeping that in mind JBL has designed a new kind of wireless speaker that has embedded LED lights to put forth a light show to match your music being played. JBL Pulse is a wireless portable speaker that streams music from your device using Bluetooth connectivity and the programmed/customisable LED lights turn any ordinary room in to a place to party hard. You can choose from five pre-programmed light themes and the themes can also be customized by toggling the brightness and color options.
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EDF London Eye at Olympics will be first twitter-powered lightshow

Every nook and corner of Great Britain is undergoing revamp to deliver the best possible Olympics display. While the London’s Tower Bridge is being decorated with 1,800 LED lights to celebrate the occasion, there is the London Eye which will light up every night during the Olympics curtsey the Olympic-themed tweets you send.

Olympics sponsor EDF Energy with help of a specially designed algorithm developed by Sosolimited will illuminate the London Eye every night during the Olympics and Paralympics with a light show powered by tweets. All tweets #Energy 2012 hastag and others that will mention Olympics and Paralympics will be picked by a special algorithm and then divided into positive and negative categories to be depicted by different colors.

While the positive tweets will see the London Eye glow yellow, the negative tweets will make the Eye purple. The London Eye lightshow will also reflect achievement of Team GB, showing color of medals – gold, silver and bronze depending on the team’s performance.

Via: EventMagazine