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Divine Music Box: Limited edition Westime MusicMachine with bright blue fuselage

Westime MusicMachine

If you even faintly remember the MusicMachine made by MB&F in collaboration with Reuge, then you’d definitely fall for the limited edition MusicMachines in bright blue fuselage. Created by California’s Westime this is simply an electrifying and colorful enhancement of the original MusicMachine, which if we may, is a high-end desktop music box with time-honored innards of a traditional music box. The MusicMachine is made in white or black lacquered walnut wood for sound amplification, and plays six songs on a pair of metal barrels – one of them is dedicated to sci-fi themes, and the other for rock and roll. Read More…

$3000 Leica X2 Gagosian Edition Camera draped in spotted colors

Leica X2 Gagosian Edition Camera

Leica has joined hands with Gagosian gallery to come up with a special edition version of the Lecia X2 camera released late last year. Since it is an exclusive high end camera therefore it will only be available to 100 lucky buyers for the price of $3000. Called as Leica X2 Gagosian Edition Camera, it has a very stylish black paint splotches and dots that cover the underlying white leather front panel. The camera hones a 2.7 inch LCD screen with 16.5 megapixel CMOS image sensor, 24mm f/2.8 ASPH lens and controls on the back side, just like the original Leica X2. The camera has a total weight of 12.17 oz and measures 12.39 x 6.9 x 5.15 cm in total.
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Blackberry Porsche Design P’9982 smartphone targeted for the rich and famous

Blackberry Porsche Design P’9982 smartphone

Blackberry might be losing its plot in the smartphone market with dropping sales and now it seems is a good time to play their last cards on the table. Pushed forward as their ace that will revive their dwindling fortunes, the limited edition Blackberry Porsche Design P’9982 smartphone that is themed on the less popular Blackberry Z10 smartphone and a predecessor of BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981. Made from exquisite high-quality material and a custom version of Blackberry 10.2 operating system the smartphone promises for a very personal experience that compares to none other. The rear panel is covered in Italian leather and the satin-look shell is redesigned using stainless steel for this 500 limited piece version of Blackberry Porsche Design P’9982 smartphone.
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Larger than life 3D metal & Mechanical Playing Card set by Dale Mathis

3D metal & Mechanical Playing Card by Dale Mathis

Dale Mathis, the master craftsman who has bamboozled the world with his unique creation has stepped up his professionalism by creating Dale Mathis Studio Inc. (DMSI) and his latest work under this division is awe-inspiring. The world’s first 3D Metal & Mechanical Playing Card has just a few hours left to go for funding on Kickstarter platform and amazingly managed to surpass the funding goal of $35,000 by almost 10 times the amount. Such is the exquisiteness and functionality of this awesome 3D metal & Mechanical Playing Card set that geeks couldn’t resist to pre-order their quota of playing cards that would be neighbors envy. With the option to pledge anything in the range of $1 – $2000 the playing card set is one of the coolest I have seen so far as it transforms into art form in the blink of an eye.

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MB&F releases the limited edition of HM5 with $82,000 price tag

MB&F's limited edition of HM5

We already had our tryst with MB&F’s exalted Horological Machine in its fifth edition (HM5). And, now the luxury watch maker has unveiled their limited edition of the HM5, re-conceived in the opulence of 18k red gold. The retro essence of the watch design is inspired by automobiles and other ‘futuristic’ contrivances from the 1970′s. Such assortment of influences is quite evident from the use of both titanium (replaces zirconium of the original design) and 18k red gold; while the verve is upheld by the glorious sapphire crystal prism that magnifies the hour and minute indicator discs from the trademark wedge shaped display.

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Star Wars themed Gold Darth Vader and Yoda Cufflinks by Neiman Marcus

Star Wars themed Gold Darth Vader and Yoda Cufflinks by Neiman Marcus

Going out for an exuberant party and looking for the right accessories to drape you in plush style? Then there can be nothing better than sporting high-end cufflinks to match your unmatchable suit or tuxedo. Since you are the geek type so your cufflinks should match your personality and that is why these Star Wars themed Gold Darth Vader and Yoda Cufflinks by Neiman Marcus are perfect for the occasion. These limited edition cufflinks from Nieman Marcus Christmas Book 2013 are made from 14 karat gold having either Darth Vader or Yoda heads on the front with round backs having Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance symbol, whichever you go for.
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Lamborghini Aventador: The sports car with unique fuel saving technology

Lamborghini Aventador with Cylinder Deactivation Technology

Lamborghini is known worldwide for its spectacular cars .With the unveiling of successor to the legendary Murcielago, the Aventador, the supercar manufacturer has demonstrated that the Italian brand has no intention of letting that reputation slip. Onlookers at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 were certainly impressed, so was one businessman in particular who had apparently shelled out £1.75 million (US $2.79 million) for the car before it had even been unveiled, having merely seen a few sketches of it. The Lamborghini Aventador is a fairly exclusive car, with little over 2000 models having been built since its release. If you are also an avid car collector or love to have a powerful V12 engine under the hood, then you can buy your very own Lamborghini Aventador on Carsales to complement your lifestyle and garage.

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Bathys Cesium 133 atomic wristwatch is the most accurate you’ll ever wear

Bathys Cesium atomic wristwatch

World’s first atomic wristwatch is here and it is accurate to a second every thousand years, probably the most accurate watch you’ll ever wear on your wrist. Made by Dr. John Patterson for Bathys Hawaii Watch Company, the wristwatch is called Cesium 133 and uses a small Symmetricon SA.45s CASC atomic clock on a chip. Although the watch looks too big for your wrist, it still worth sporting on your wrist in spite of its simple plain looks. The current prototype of Cesium wristwatch doesn’t need to sync with local government controlled atomic clocks which are only six in the world, rather it has its own atomic clock. According to John the final version of Cesium wristwatch will have LED status lights and an upgraded case. The current prototype is 60mm wide 50mm tall and 23mm thick making it too big for a small wrist. The purchasable version of Cesium will have improved battery life courtesy a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack installed inside.
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Scalfaro GTO 1962 Bizzarrini Edition Chronograph Watch has Nick Mason’s Ferrari GTO DNA

Scalfaro GTO 1962 Bizzarrini Edition Chronograph Watch

When it comes to exclusive chronograph watches, we have some of the best ones lined up for you. And this time around we have a very rare limited edition chronograph watch dubbed as Scalfaro GTO 1962 Bizzarrini Edition Chronograph Watch made from the DNA of Ferrari 250 GTO owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. The watch of course is a tribute to the legendary Italian designer Giotto Bizzarrini and Scalfaro created a limited edition of these watches in collaboration with L’Ingegnere Giotto Bizzarrini who played a major role in developing the GTO’s engineering bit almost 50 years ago. Each of these exclusive chronograph’s limited to 250 pieces only will have signature of Giotto Bizzarrini on the face of the watch.

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Limited edition Casio Exilim EX-TR15 camera rotates 360 degrees in your hand

Casio Exilim EX-TR15 camera

Are you self-obsessed and love clicking your portraits day in and day out? Or, are you someone who can do anything for a photograph with your gal and put it up as profile picture on Facebook or other social media websites? If so, then Casio’s new Exilim EX-TR15 is just the camera you wanted. Casio Exilim EX-TR15 is a 12 megapixel camera that features a specially made handle, which permits the 3-inch LCD screen to swivel 360 degrees and let your click that perfect self-portrait. Read More…