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Kissenger iPhone accessory simulates a kiss in real time

Kissenger iPhone accessory

Smartphones have really changed the way in which you interact with your friends, family and lover. It has made possible on the go video calling capabilities over the internet, so that you never feel alone, especially in a long distance relationship. But there comes a time when you long for physical intimacy. Perhaps, you desperately need Kissenger, a kissing messenger that simulates the caress of a real kiss.
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Drone delivering flowers to lover – Valentine’s Day idea perhaps!

Flower Drone delivery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, literally! A Hong Kong based flower delivery start-up “Gift Flowers Hong Kong” has come up with a very unique way to spread love this Valentine’s Day. They are using DJI drones to deliver fresh flowers to your loved ones in Hong Kong to express affection in a very tech savvy way. AS you can see from the video clip below, the company shows how the drone delivers a bunch of roses to the intended location without hitch.
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True Love Tester bra unhooks only when true love is in the air

Ravijour True Love Tester bra_2

Making love is eternal and when it is satisfying for both the individuals nothing can be better. But there are times when a woman ends on the receiving side of forceful sex or physical abuse and it is very uncool. There have been plenty of lingerie gizmos in the past that help to prevent forceful sex or abuse and it was time before a Japanese fancy lingerie would make it to the charts. As a part of the Ravijour’s 10th Anniversary under the Mood Up Campaign a new kind of techy bra has been introduced that only unlocks the hook when the women is in true love or wants to get physical with someone special. The True Love Tester bra by Ravijour cannot be unhooked without true love as human sexuality specialist and doctors say that when we are in love the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine which affects the autonomic nerve and stimulates the heart rate.
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LED engagement ring is a geek’s expression of love

LED engagement ring

Things that you do in love, you can only do in love. Proving it all right Ben Cokes has done something for the love his life by creating a LED engagement ring that is studded with diamonds and illuminated with bright blue LED light when they both are close together. Apparently this is the world’s first smart LED engagement ring which is made from titanium and 23 precious stones that are embedded along the circumference of the LED ring.
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OZAKI O! Coat Lover iPhone 5 case deepens your love

OZAKI O! Coat Lover iPhone 5 case

Specially designed for people in love, OZAKI O! Coat Lover case for iPhone 5 comes in a pair of two so that you can have a sense of love while keeping your smartphone with you. The iPhone 5 case has a rubber coating on the surface and is lined with a special surface for easy grip. The iPhone 5 case is made in such a way that when the two cases are put together it looks from the back side as if a boy and a girl are kissing each other. Now that is a cool way to express your love! It is the ideal present to gift someone on Valentine’s Day, Birthday or anniversaries.
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Arcade Cabinet Candy is perfect gift for geek lovers this Valentine’s Day

Geeks also need love, and so do they need candies to bring sweetness in their otherwise busy life. Is your other significant half is too bunched up being the smart one, or if there is someone who likes geek stuff but doesn’t give much significance to chocolates or red roses, then why not express you love to them with this geek nectar. Go on, gift them a pocket full of these Arcade Cabinet Candies and they’ll surely fall in love with you this Valentine’s Day. Aracde machines are always dear to geeks and it reminds them of the good old childhood days when a quarter was worth more than gold, just because it could be pumped into the cabinet to play classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-man. Well, this Arcade Cabinet Candy is perfect for gifting a geek you love as it comes only for $3 per tin.
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Edible Valentine’s Day card: Let your lover eat your heart out with joy

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and probably for the other significant too. That is why London-based medical artist Emily Evans has created an edible Valentine’s Day card from edible stuff and the writing ink that is edible too. Using potato starch, vegetable oil and water this edible card can be eaten without any fear of your tummy going bad. The card is completely blank and thus gives you the opportunity to put your heart out to the loved one in words, drawings and special signs that you two find important to your relationship.

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Steampunk Love Machine will set all you ladies on fire, literally

Brace up ladies because if you want to go on a pleasure ride making love to yourself in those dark lonely nights then you very well do it the Steampunk way. Steampunk Dildo is made completely from hand using stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, brass and other material. To get this furious looking Steampunk Love Machine going all you have to do is add fire and start the onboard stirling engine (real one) which will shoot you to seventh heaven.
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