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Pixel Vision foldable game console links present with the past 

Love Hulten Pixel Vision portable game console

Arcade games are never going to go out of fashion, and seasoned modder Love Hulten is keeping the love alive with his creations. Latest in his collection being the Pixel Vision – a pocked-sized game console that can store over 10,000 different games. The handheld emulator system is made completely from solid walnut, and is designed to provide that arcade-style gaming console in your hands. The foldable console is inspired by Game boy Advance SP and has been modelled after the likes of NES, Game Boy and Atari 2600, including others, to revive the love of consoles from yesteryears. Read More…

Nostalgic Macintosh 128K draped in wood and steampunk flavor

Love Hulten Golden Apple

The Macintosh 128K which was also known as Apple Mackintosh personal computer made appearance some 3 decades ago, and that sounds like an eternity. Back then the PC wasn’t that eye-catchy and was made to have enough graphics performance to compete with other PC manufacturers. But little did we know what master craftsman and modder Love Hulten was making in his confines. A much better looking Apple Macintosh made from American walnut wood and some elements draped in gold-plated material.
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Battlecade gaming console by Love Hulten fits inside a small briefcase

Battlecade portable gaming console

Retro gaming consoles and their DIY counterparts always attract attention for all the right reasons. Simply because arcade gaming will never lose its essence, come what may. Modders like Ben Heck always push the envelope of modding and things possible with DIY projects. Not far behind is Love Hulten who has come-up with some really cool PC mods in the past and now he is back with yet another creation.
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Would you slash out €2,499 for the portable R-Kaid-R arcade machine by Love Hulten?

R Kaid R arcade machine by Love Hulten

Handmade arcade gaming machines always stand out from the rest of the DIYs that catch our attention and portable arcade machines are what we like. This hybrid of a Mame Machine and portable arcade machine, called as R-Kaid-R by the famous Swedish DIYer Love Hulten is something of a jackpot for gamers. Perfectly mixing the game physics of yesteryears when arcade gaming was the rage and digital spectrum of today’s gaming scenario; Love crafted this magnificent gaming arcade console with millimeter perfect detail.
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R-Kaid Revelation is beautiful gaming PC with thumping computing power

R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC

Gaming PCs should look as crafty as the games they are used to play. But normally that is not the case. Well, for a change someone did make an eye-popping gaming PC that makes all other gaming PCs look ugly. Love Hulten, a Swedish designer and craftsman has designed a gaming PC called R-Kaid Revelation that takes the shape of an arcade box crafted from walnut and copper. Pre-fitted with two joysticks for gaming extravaganza, the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC has a transparent see-through 22” backlit LCD screen that shows the inside engine in a cool red ambience which by the way is super cool. This water-cooled gaming PC has homemade motor driven blind/shade with limit switches and a built-in 500 ANSI LED projector for cinematic gaming experience. Joysticks of the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC are hidden in a chest like drawer that retract back when not in use and these joysticks can be charged through the USB attached on the backside.

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Water-cooled Shrine HTPC computer case is a real powerhouse

Concept HTPC mod

Renowned Steampunk modder Love Hultén a.k.a quizz-kid won Bit-tech’s mod of the month competition with his really solid walnut-made computer case dubbed ‘The Shrine’. The eye-catching 30x30x39cm HTPC case mod features a Corsair CX430 PSU, Neutron GTX SSD and Dominator RAM. Kept cool by a very prominent water-cooling system, the Shrine is based on the symbiosis of nature and technology. The HTPC computer case is quizz-kid best-ever project that has a clean and compact design. The case has been creatively divided into two parts: first, is the dome, which is stuffed in with the motherboard and other innards and the second the wooden base. Check out pictures of the awesome Concept HTPC mod from Swedish designer after the jump.  Read More…