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Gresso Regal Black Edition smartphone: Slimmest luxury phone worth $5000

Gresso Regal Black Edition smartphone

Gresso’s line of exclusive luxury smartphones has grown now with the addition of Gresso Regal Black Edition smartphone. Limited to only 999 pieces, the limited edition phone is made of 18k Yellow or White Gold that is engraved with Gresso logo and the limited collection number that can be specified by the user. To achieve the rich black color of the smartphone, PVD-coating is used which is customary to expensive Swiss watches and increases surface resistance. The phone is just 8.8mm thick making it the thinnest luxury phone in the market.
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GPS-enabled wallet that’ll ensure peace of mind

Royce Leather Freedom Wallet GPS Technology

Into the habit of forgetting your wallet? A habit that won’t die soon? Then you better consider buying the Royce Leather Italian Saffiano Freedom Wallet with GPS tracking technology exclusive to Macy’s. This GPS enabled wallet connects to your iOS or Android mobile devices to ensure the safety of your money. The wallet has a GPS range of 100 yards and when you activate it the GPS tracker pinpoints the exact location of the stolen wallet. To prevent identity theft there is RFID blocking technology by blocking waves from scanning devices.
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Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” mechanical belt buckle is smokin expensive!

Roland Iten Calibre R822 Predator mechanical belt buckle

When we talk about the perfect attire, belt buckles always compliment a perfect look. Roland Iten Calibre R822 “Predator” mechanical belt buckle limited to just 3 pieces is a testimony to that fact. This belt buckle is one of the most expensive ones out there carrying a price tag of 450,000 Swiss Francs (USD 466012) owing to the 167 components including 387 baguette, round cut diamonds, 18-karat white gold and titanium.
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Lamborghini Tauri 88 luxurious Android phone is feature packed

Lamborghini Tauri 88

When you buy the most expensive Lamborghini, a little twitch prompts you to think, how wonderful it would be if you could team the prized possession with a phone made ideally to go with it? Lamborghini seems to have overheard your thought, and the auto-maker has come up with a Lamborghini Android phone made from high-quality leather and steel. Dubbed the Tauri 88, the smartphone is designed by Tonino Lamborghini runs Android 4.4 and features a 5-inch Full HD screen, a quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, an exuberant 20MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera for that perfect selfie. Read More…

Apple Watch Gold Edition rumored to cost $5000!

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Apple Watch is all set to release in early 2015 and already the rumors about an 18-karat pink or yellow gold version are brewing up. The basic Apple Watch Sports version is going to cost around $349, but there is an Apple Watch Stainless Steel version that will cost $500. That is just a meagre amount when one considers the mind-numbing cost of pink or yellow gold version which is going to cost anywhere between $4000 to $5000 a-piece. The report comes from a French website iGen which got the news from an unnamed source.
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UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible costs a heart-pounding €1,000,000!

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 submersible

UBoat Worx have released yet another two person submersible dubbed as HP Sport Sub 2 after the successful Super Yacht Sub 3 submarine release. The streamlined designed sports submersible can be loaded onto your super yacht courtesy its ultra-low height of 1.36 meters and a total weight of 2,200 kg. The submersible is powered by six thrusters that are placed very tactically for superior maneuverability and control. The user-friendly control via the MANTA controller can be piloted by anyone, making it a very easy to drive submersible.
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Dartz Prombron Black Shark armored vehicle will have anti-paparazzi shock device

Prombron Black Shark armored vehicle by Dartz

Latvian-based designer and manufacturer of high performance armored vehicles Dartz is releasing their new hi-tech vehicle, which the company is calling world first real SpyKar. The ultra-tech vehicle is designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their ancestors, the Russian Motorized Infantry. Named after a Russian attack helicopter, the armored car is called Prombron Black Shark and is based on Mercedes-Benz GL-Class full-size SUV. The SUV will be offered with an option of a bi-turbo V8 from the GL63 AMG or a bi-turbo V12 from the GL65 AMG which will deliver a maximum power of 1,500bhp. The remaining details and specification of the Prombron Black Shark will be revealed on October 19.
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Magnat LZR 980 by Pininfarina headphones will burn a hole in your pocket

Magnat LZR 980 by Pininfarina headphones

Magnat LZR 980 by Pininfarina headphones

Magnat with more than 40 years of experience in development of high-end speaker systems has collaborated with Pininfarina to come up with the Magnat LZR 980 by Pininfarina over-ear headphones. Designed to look like a futuristic ear-pod, the headphones are in a class of their own as they have a very profound curvy lines that run through the entire headband. Keeping in mind the comfort level, these headphones have a formfitting shape of the ear cups which quite frankly is not seen in any other headphones that I have come across so far.
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World’s first gold-plated iPhone 6 goes on sale

24-karat gold iPhone 6 from Gold & Co.

Lots of high-end luxury companies are busy taking pre-orders of custom versions of the iPhone including gold-plated and diamond encrusted models. However, Gold & Co., UK-based manufacturers of limited edition gold plated products is already offering a custom 24-karat gold version of the iPhone 6 to the elite customers. Known to give a luxury makeover to the Apple devices, the jewelry store have attracted lots of attention from very big-name clients regarding the world’s first 24k Gold iPhone 6. Exclusive customers in the waiting list includes boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., heavy names from the music industry, business tycoons and number of United Arab Emirates royal family members.
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Oculus Technologies to launch Odyss infotainment device at Monaco Yacht Show

Odyss by Oculus Technologies

Oculus Technologies is a Netherlands based company which specializes in software and hardware development of infotainment products for luxury environments. The company has added a new device to its range of infotainment product in the form of Odyss. A bespoke devices for journey intelligence, Odyss will be launched by Oculus Technologies at Monaco Yacht Show. Encompassed in a timeless design, the device complements the yachting experience of the owners and guests along with elegantly sharing its intelligence. Odyss reveals, informs and puts you in control. Its intelligence, intuitive LeatherTouch interaction and inventive technology enriches every aspect of time spent onboard.
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