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Caviar designs gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

Italian luxury phone maker Caviar have designed an exclusive gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Designed by Elijah Giacometti, the jeweler got the inspiration for designing the phone from the enchanting beauty and color of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan while he was travelling the captivating country in Central Asia. The gold-plated iPhone Caviar Kazakistan comes engraved with main attractions of the capital such as Astana Pyramid of Peace and Accord and the, Bayterek tower, a popular tourist attraction whose shape represents a poplar tree holding a golden egg. Along with that, the luxurious phone is also decorated with many national symbols.
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How about a gold-plated iPhone 6?

gold-plated iPhone 6 by Brikk

If you don’t want to stand in a long waiting line to put your hands on the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 when it finally gets launched, we have an interesting option for you. Pre-order a gold-plated version right now! Brikk, Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturers of couture products and accessories have put a luxurious line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 up for pre-order on its website. The Lux iPhones line will be offered in 14 high-end versions by the company with a price ranging from $4,495 to $8,795.
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£9,960,000 Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold cot embraces your baby in the lap of luxury

Suommo Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition crib

Do you think your baby is special? A gift from god that needs the best things in the world? Then you better have look at this golden crib that will make you think otherwise. Made from 24 carat gold, the Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition crib is the world’s most expensive cot to embrace your special child in the lap of luxury. This special cradle weighing 188kg has an eye-popping price tag of £9,960,000 that will make your heart go numb. The cot measures 96 cm x 114 cm x 66 cm in total and is delivered worldwide with international shipping insurance.
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$75,000 Supercraft is sleekly designed high performance hovercraft

Mercier Jones Supercraft hovercraft

Chicago-based Mercier Jones has designed a two-seated hovercraft christened Supercraft that has style and luxury written all over it. Perfect blend of a marine vehicle that has a very compact form factor with sleek design inspired from the aerospace industry standards and supercars like Bugatti Veyron or Maserati Gran Turismo; the Supercraft has carbon fiber seats inspired from Formula-1 cars, making it a water/land craft worth riding. The open cockpit, front grills and side decks like a boat give it a very distinguished look that make the conventional hovercrafts look outdated in design as well as size. The thrust ports on the side give the hovercraft an extra boost of speed as it can reach a top speed of 128 km/h on land and 64 km/h on water.

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£2,600 Reinast toothbrush exudes style and high-end personal hygiene

Reinast toothbrush

A perfect combination between medical function and aesthetic beauty that symbolizes passing trends, the Reinast toothbrush is the result of German precision for making things flawlessly. The ergonomic design of Reinast toothbrush manufactured from solid titanium of the highest quality signifies its design exquisiteness. The toothbrush has a replaceable head that fits inside an anti-bacterial casing which means that it is completely hygienic to use and when you feel the need to replace it you have to simply swap the old toothbrush head with a new one. In effect the patented anti-bacterial protective layer protects your teeth from bacterial attacks for complete hygiene and this medical technology is state-of –the-art.
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Hadoro’s plush iPhone 5s crafted from 18K gold, with 3D printing tech

Hadoro's Gold iPhone 5s

The impending glory of the bling! We have finally come across a plush iPhone 5s extravagantly bedecked with solid gold. Hadoro, the French craftsmen team behind this opulent project are already known for their expertise in dabbling with precious elements and Swarovski for decorating Apple mobile devices. This time around, they have opted for a substantial 125 g of 18K gold for ornamenting the smartphone. The figure might make more of an impression on you when we say the original iPhone 5s is only 112 g in its total weight. So, the gold usage easily crosses the threshold of the commercial product’s mass, which says something about the high level of lavishness showered by the creators. And, even beyond the bling factor, the designers utilized 3D printing to achieve a finer degree of elegance that is usually not found in ostentatious electronic objects.

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MB&F Horological Machine HM5 watch On the Road Again

Have a look at this thumping timepiece from MB&F which takes its design cues from the much acclaimed Lamborghini Miura of the early 1970’s and is a bit different from the C3H5N3o9 watch theme. Unlike any other watch that has been featured here, this one truly stands out from the crowd with its unique dial and streamlined design that is irresistible. This is the fifth limited edition Horological Machine on offering by MB&F called HM5 On the Road Again, which also looks inspired from the era of 1970’s. The bi-directional (to set tie both forward and backwards) hour and minute displays have the indications inversed and reflected 90 degrees (using a sapphire reflective prism) in the vertical direction with a magnification (using a lens) of 20% making it look ultra-futuristic.

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Torgoen T18101 Carbon Fiber Watch is temperature, dust and shock proof

We rarely come across carbon fiber watches but when we do, we can’t go without mentioning them to satiate your creed. Therefore, the Torgoen T18101 Carbon Fiber Watch is a must for all geeks to see. Fitted in with a real carbon fiber non radiant luminescence dial, the watch has Swiss quartz chronograph movement and comes with a black Italian leather strap with white stitching. The T18101 Carbon from Torgoen’s T18 series of watches has a 45mm case, stainless steel back and is 300 feet water resistant. Read More…

Tag Heuer MikrotourbillionS watch with dual tourbillions and precision time accuracy

Double tourbillion watch by Tag Heuer that is very aptly named as the MikrotourbillionS is finally revealed and it surely looks impressive. This range of ultra-high frequency Chronographs with accuracy in the range of 1/100th second mikrograph to 2/10,000th mikrograph is powered by Mikro high precision platform. These two barrels give dual-frequency movement for the Mikro platform, one for the watch itself and other one for Chronograph. Coming onto the overall design of this watch, the conventional 45mm Carrera case finished in Rose Gold combined with black metal called Tantalum (used in capacitors of modern electronics) makes the watch highly corrosion resistant.
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A55 Dragon yacht is powerful under the hood and luxurious interior laden

In this world of yacht design concepts and latest yachts yet another intriguing one is the A55 Dragon which has world class comfort and performance to take you into the ride of your life on serene waters. A perfect combination of high class luxury, design cues with styling elements and laden with latest technology makes this yacht a sure fire head turner in the marina. A55 Dragon is fully equipped with WiFi connectivity, seating area, fully furnished interiors and everything that you could ask for in a luxurious hide away yacht.
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