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CES 2015: Tonino Lamborghini unveils 88 Tauri luxury smartphone

Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri smartphone at CES 2015

Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri smartphone at CES 2015

Tonino Lamborghini Mobile, luxury personal technologies manufacturer have unveiled a $6,000 luxury smartphone at CES 2015. Dubbed the 88 Tauri, the ultra- luxury phone is obviously not for common people like us. Instead, it is designed for those who have Lamborghinis parked in their garage and can splash such huge amount of money on a smartphone. This luxurious device, nothing less than a gorgeous piece of art is a 5-inch high-end Android smartphone that is made from handcrafted calfskin leather, automotive-grade stainless steel and glass.
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Lamborghini Tauri 88 luxurious Android phone is feature packed

Lamborghini Tauri 88

When you buy the most expensive Lamborghini, a little twitch prompts you to think, how wonderful it would be if you could team the prized possession with a phone made ideally to go with it? Lamborghini seems to have overheard your thought, and the auto-maker has come up with a Lamborghini Android phone made from high-quality leather and steel. Dubbed the Tauri 88, the smartphone is designed by Tonino Lamborghini runs Android 4.4 and features a 5-inch Full HD screen, a quad-core Qualcomm 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage, an exuberant 20MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera for that perfect selfie. Read More…

How about a diamond encrusted iPhone 6 for $48.5 million?

diamond encrusted iPhone 6 by Falcon

FALCON SuperNova iPhone 6 encrusted with Pink Diamond

As now the long awaited Apple iPhone 6 has been officially launched, it is quite predictable that we will see some custom made models of the iPhone 6 from various luxury mobile manufacturers. Falcon, a US-based manufacturer of luxury phones are one of those who are taking pre-orders for their ultra-luxury variants of the iPhone 6 which also includes a pink diamond supernova model that comes with a retail price of $48.5 million.

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Caviar designs gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan

CAVIAR iPhone 5S Kazakistan

Italian luxury phone maker Caviar have designed an exclusive gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Designed by Elijah Giacometti, the jeweler got the inspiration for designing the phone from the enchanting beauty and color of Astana, capital of Kazakhstan while he was travelling the captivating country in Central Asia. The gold-plated iPhone Caviar Kazakistan comes engraved with main attractions of the capital such as Astana Pyramid of Peace and Accord and the, Bayterek tower, a popular tourist attraction whose shape represents a poplar tree holding a golden egg. Along with that, the luxurious phone is also decorated with many national symbols.
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How about a gold-plated iPhone 6?

gold-plated iPhone 6 by Brikk

If you don’t want to stand in a long waiting line to put your hands on the much awaited Apple iPhone 6 when it finally gets launched, we have an interesting option for you. Pre-order a gold-plated version right now! Brikk, Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturers of couture products and accessories have put a luxurious line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 up for pre-order on its website. The Lux iPhones line will be offered in 14 high-end versions by the company with a price ranging from $4,495 to $8,795.
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Vertu’s new Constellation Candy Collection is a mix of glamour and functionality

Elegance has evolved. Manufacturers from around the world set a contemporary lifestyle with a combination of elegance and luxury, starting with innovative cellphones that are designed in a way to complement communication procedure. Vertu, England based luxury phone making company, has introduced its new collection of cellphones that are being designed keeping in mind the taste of affluent people and idea of furthering company’s reputation and brand value. The new collection that hasn’t received major technical overhaul comes tinted in vibrant colors making it perfect gadgetry for female buyers.
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BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 drenched in 24ct gold looks stunning

Superior BlackBerry performance coupled with Porsche’s elegant design and 24ct gold plating makes the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 a smartphone unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The sublime smartphone forged in stainless steel, finished in leather and adorned in 24ct gold plating by Goldgenie, doesn’t just lure the luxury-stuffed heads alone, but is also a great enticer for any gadget freak, this courtesy the smartphone’s 1.2 GHz CPU and 8GB of memory onboard. Available in Gold and Platinum makes, the limited edition smartphone only has 100 units for sale each priced at £3,895 ($6260 approx.), and will come complete with a 16GB microSD card, BlackBerry charger and a user manual.

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