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Leggage laptop case offers foot massage during long distance travels

Leggage laptop case

Foot massaging laptop case

Leggage is a unique laptop case that along with carrying your stuff to your destination will also serve as massager for you. Offering an innovative solution to provide comfort to the travelers during long distance flights, the one of a kind laptop case comes with a relaxing massage exterior surface. The sleek and eye-catching laptop case has been under development for more than two years and now is available to the market. Long distance travel can result in poor blood circulation due to lack of motion. Leggage massage exterior surface helps in increasing blood circulation and help you relax in comfort.
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Wireless mouse that is a relaxing body massager too

EMS Wireless mouse for muscle relaxing

Japanese never seize to use their imagination in making innovative gadget accessories that actually do solve some inherent purpose. This time also it is no different as EMS Wireless Mouse Muscle which doubles as muscle exercise and relaxing gadget took me by surprise. It is a wireless mouse that has Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with electrodes that stimulate the muscle and then relax it. When you feel fatigue in stomach, arms, thighs, neck or shoulder while working on your desktop/laptop, simply hook the electrodes to the ailing muscle. Then select the start button on your mouse, intensity of the electrical stimulation from six modes and level of adjustment from 10 stages. To make sure that you don’t get an extra dose of EMS the stimulator electrodes are cut-off from receiving any power after 15 minutes of use.

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Revitive Circulation Trainer helps recuperate leg muscle pain

Revitive Circulation Trainer

With age come various ailments and once they hit you your life changes more often than not. Having that numb feeling in your legs or having swelling can be quite dangerous as it gives rise to the risk of Varicose Veins. For all of you out there who are suffering from poor blood circulation in the legs and feet, a Norwegian based gadget could be the answer. Revitive Circulation Trainer is a new age massager/pain reliever that improves blood circulation drastically, fights pain/swelling, counteracts cold legs and most importantly keeps you secure from the risk of Varicose Veins. Also know by alternate names as Revitive Circulation Coach or Revitive Circulation Exercise, this innovative product with ISO Rocker technology causes the muscles in the legs to tighten and relax, thereby pumping blood into the feet and improving circulation of blood.

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Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager relaxes your tired muscles

Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager

After a grueling long day’s work what does one crave for? A smooth relaxing massage to release all body ache and tension in the muscles so that one can start afresh next day. Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager is one such product that relaxes your body by enhancing blood circulation, relieving fatigue, subduing tension in the muscles, providing relief for muscle pain and neuralgia. With a built-in heater the user can experience cozy massage like never before and the V suspension design provides depth to the movement of conventional planar ball fir having spring mechanism at the bottom. You can use it for your neck, back, arms, waist, shoulders, thighs and calves for that relaxing feel which can really relax your mind and body for a fresh feel.

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